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Note from the Editor | June 20, 2013

About 15 months ago when we announced we were moving our office and store to our current spot on North Dewey Street, we had a lot of people say things like, “Oh, a little off the beaten path, eh?” Sure, maybe a little. But we also ...

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The Rear End

Farewell, Barstow

downtown’s South Barstow is gone, long live South Barstow

This one goes out to Old South Barstow, everybody. Let’s hear it for downtown Eau Claire’s old main drag, last seen in one piece in the early morning light of May 28, right before the heavy machinery rolled in to do its dirty work ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 20, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Terry Meyer

“I paint large watercolors in subject matter that includes horses and land forms. My passion is for a bolder, edgier style of painting, a style that gives energy and motion to the work. ‘Red Painted Horse’ is one of my more stylized ..."

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Opening Shots

Two Strangers, One Album

Kids With Boats is a truly collaborative effort. The new Eau Claire based experimental rock group is made up of John Bowman IV and Eric C. Thompson, who met using a creative classified listing in Volume One. While they came from different ...

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Making a Joyful Noise

Nashville experience shapes teen’s third album

The Chippewa Valley is full of bright and talented musicians (even a few big names), but one rising star from Menomonie is starting to shine brighter and reach beyond Wisconsin ...

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Big Time Big Band

local drummer lands dream gig with Glenn Miller Orchestra

Mike Malone has been making his mark on the Eau Claire jazz scene as a drummer and band leader for the last few years, playing with UW-Eau Claire’s premiere group, Jazz I, founding his own group, Malonious Thunk ...

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Featuring a Variety

locals to stage variety show at Fanny Hill

Wisconsinites are a proud lot. Not only proud, but truly unique in our existence. Eau Claire’s Matt and Suzie Kendziera of the band honeyTree have found a way to highlight our quirky sense of pride and lifestyle by sharing the experiences ...

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Glassworks Improv

new improv group to expose itself

Recent (and hilarious) Memorial High School grads Alex Raney, Elliot Heinz, and Mack Chambers have formed their own group, Glassworks Improv, which will be making its official debut June 21 at the Grand Theatre in Eau Claire ...

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Oh, The Places You'll Go!

CVTG production brings classic Dr. Seuss characters to life

The fantastical stories of Dr. Seuss – filled as they are with hat-wearing cats, Christmas-stealing Grinches, green egg-gobbling Sam-I-Ams, not to mention assorted Drum-tummied Snumms, Fiffer-feffer-feffs, and ...

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Glenn’s Team

local baseball legend pens history of Eau Claire ball

Glenn St. Arnault moved to Eau Claire in 1946 at the age of eight. By 1954 he was coaching his first baseball team – part of the Parks and Recreation youth league – and he hasn’t turned back since. Arnault is renowned as an ...

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Visual Art

Art Creations Take No Vacations

school may be out, but students’ work gets summer gallery gig

High school students may have the next few months off, but the art created by a select group of them will be working hard all summer ...

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Local Lit

The Parade

We sit on the grass and watch a high school band blow past in plumed hats and maroon and yellow buccaneer outfits, followed by a caravan of old, two-cylinder John Deere tractors that go farting down the road. The parade is short but seems ...

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Local Look

Moooving On Up

Wisconsin Public TV likes local cooking show

Gather the family ’round the tube and break out the cheese curds because Around the Farm Table is coming to Wisconsin Public Television. That’s right, ATFT, which started as a Web series that takes place on a local organic dairy farm ...

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Thanks for Asking | June 20, 2013

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

"There’s been a lot of talk lately about Jackie Robinson and that got me wondering about a local baseball question. I have the “famed” 1952 Eau Claire Bears team photo poster in my house (which I got from V1 at The Local Store!) ..."

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Old Abe Trail Gets New Look

If the ride seemed a bit less bumpy during your recent trip down the Old Abe State Trail, it wasn’t your imagination: Late last year, a 10-mile stretch of the trail between Jim Falls and Cornell was resurfaced at a cost of $800,000 ...

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EC Gearhead Gears Up For Reality TV Series

Gentlemen, start your engines (and your DVRs): An Eau Claire gearhead is a contestant on a new racing reality series on the NBCSports Network. “Kwik” Kyle Johnson is among 24 competitors on Season 2 of Octane Academy ...

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Food / Drink

A Hot New Sub Shop

There’s a new sandwich joint coming to town, and it’s certainly turning up the heat. Firehouse Subs, a company that boasts 625 locations currently, will be making its debut in Eau Claire on July 2 at 5413 Prill Road ...

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Cultivating Local Tastes

chef Nathan Berg strives for a delicious balance

To put it simply, Nathan Berg is the kind of chef you need in a thriving community because he is simultaneously innovative and locally focused ...

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Eating Well

Menomonie café mixes breakfast with community

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states, “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity ...

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Oh, Yes You Can!

webinars teach ins and outs of home food preservation

When it’s summer in the Badger State, it’s time for a jarring experience. No, we don’t mean a gut-twisting ride on the county fair Tilt-A-Whirl or a harrowing glance at your air conditioning-engorged electric bill ...

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Kid Culture

That's A Story-able

children’s boutique features topical summer storytimes

Well, story time just got even cooler. Beginning this summer, That’s Adorable! Children’s Boutique in downtown Eau Claire is bringing in special guests (including some local celebs!) to read to kids and their grown-ups each week ...

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Free-use Floatation

Every summer there are tragic headlines about deaths on some of the many waterways in Wisconsin, deaths that often are entirely preventable. A new loaner life jacket program is aimed at keeping these waterways safer ...

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New Place to Skate

skateboard plaza coming to Lakeshore Park

When city of Eau Claire parks officials created Phoenix Park a decade ago, they intended to build a beautiful, functional gathering place for the public at the confluence of two rivers – and they did that ...

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A Truly Ultimate Adventure

duo hits the road to document Ultimate Frisbee subculture on video

For some, a summer vacation means sleeping in or relaxing by the pool. For Eau Claire native Chris Schasse and his friend from Minnesota, James Wagner, summer vacation meant giving up jobs and steady living arrangements to provide ...

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Other Stuff

Oh, Yes You Can!

webinars teach ins and outs of home food preservation

When it’s summer in the Badger State, it’s time for a jarring experience. No, we don’t mean a gut-twisting ride on the county fair Tilt-A-Whirl or a harrowing glance at your air conditioning-engorged electric bill ...

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