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Get Your Garden On

Wondering what’s going on at the Forest Street Community Gardens? Head down to the river bank north of Phoenix Park and the Downtown Farmers Market for ...

Study: UWEC has Boffo Economic Boost

Conversations about money and college usually revolve around costs: ballooning tuition bill for students, for instance, or the millions of dollars in state aid provided by taxpayers. Rarely do we hear about...

Reads on Eats

four regional healthy eating books to be found at The Local Store (205 N. Dewey Street, Eau Claire)

Cookin’ Chiropractor

Eau Claire chiropractor promotes tasty nutrition

For Austin Erickson, the self-styled “cooking chiropractor,” it all began with a beet.

CrossFit’s a Big Hit

national lifestyle trend comes to the Chippewa Valley

Shane Beck, owner of FitElite CrossFit Eau Claire, can already hear barbells clanging. To some, it might be hard to visualize the newly constructed, roughly 1,500-square-foot space on the south side of town as a fully functioning gym, but after ...

Feets of Strength

summer’s pretty much here and it’s time to lose the shoes

For a long time I never even considered leaving the house without shoes. I loved being barefoot inside, but the appeal of a barefoot walk in the great outdoors was lost on me. I mean, who knows what could happen to your feet out there?

Why Not Lambeau?

the Super Bowl may be heading north, but the NFL will never bring it to Green Bay

This February, the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLVIII for those of you counting in a Romanesque manner) will, for the first time, be held in a cold-weather open-air stadium: MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and Jets. 

A Grand Day to Bike

4th annual Nature Valley Grand Prix zips into Menomonie

The annual Nature Valley Grand Prix will take place in Menomonie for the fourth time on Saturday, June 15, between 9am and 5pm.

Oil and Vinegar

shop deals in specialty olive oil, vinegar, & coffee

Bridget Wicka is a self-professed coffee fanatic. Her in-laws have retail ties to olive oil and vinegar. Pair them all together and you have bc Olive & Bean co., a purely original Eau Claire business located off Fairfax Street in Charleston Square.

Entering the District

new downtown café The District Co. aims for something different

Don’t be fooled: The District Co. is not simply a coffee shop or café. Sure, they have coffee, sandwiches, salads, Wi-Fi, pastries, and the like, but The District Co. is more than that. The District Co. is a start-up for start-ups.

Speaking Volumes

programs’ goal is reading 1,000 books to your child

Doing anything 1,000 times sounds like an achievement. It also sounds like a daunting task, until you break it down into smaller increments. That’s the rationale behind the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten movement, an early literacy initiative that’s ...

Disturbing Images

UW-Stout grads create Hmong-language horror film

The short film created by a team with ties to UW-Stout has all the hallmarks of an atmospheric Hollywood horror flick: a clock moving backwards, an empty cornfield, a blurred figure standing in the snow, and other dreamlike ...

Souls that Survive

joint library, museum show spotlights deceased artists

When contemplating helping assemble an exhibit featuring the works of deceased artists with local ties, Eau Claire artist Anders Shafer looked up the word “soul” in the dictionary and found the phrase “that which survives death.” That definition helped ...

Lessons Learned

Eau claire native offers life advice in second memoir

Larry Pope, author of the extremely entertaining memoir Shawtown Stories, has recently published a second book about his life. Wanting to tell the rest of the story about what happened after he grew out of his wild days in Eau Claire’s ...

Let There Be Laarks

long wait pays off with rockers’ release, Fiat Lux

It’s been more than three and a half years since we heard Laarks’ debut album, An Exaltation of Laarks, and that’s a long wait for new music from Eau Claire’s premiere indie rockers. The four-piece has spent that time meticulously working on the new record Fiat Lux, and the results seem worth it.

Entering Softly

Eau Claire indie-folk band set to release first EP

Softly, Dear is a fairly recent indie-folk addition to the already rich Eau Claire music scene that loves jam sessions, exploring their stylistic range, and refining their sound. Their musical influences range from a broad variety of acts such as ...

Volcano Choir Re-erupts

Justin Vernon has announced a new record for his collaborative project Volcano Choir.

Over the Top

National Armwrestling Championship comes to Eau Claire

The USAF is coming to Eau Claire. No, not the Air Force. The United States Armwrestling Federation is bringing its Unified National Championships to the Chippewa Valley June 13-16. The USAF is comprised of 45 different armwrestling associations in the United States and hosts the national championships at various cities across the country.

Questioning the Locals | Amber Dernbach

If Eau Claire’s growing improv comedy scene has a heart and soul, it’s Amber Dernbach. The Eau Claire native had her first improv performance experience at age 17. “It’s been in my blood since,” she ...

Will City Go to the Birds?

local birder hopes EC gets feather-friendly designation

Steve Betchkal, an avid birder and chief photographer at News 18 (WQOW-TV), is looking for the support of Eau Claire’s nature lovers to help get Eau Claire designated as a Bird City. “Birds lived here before we did,” Betchkal says ...

On the Cover | June 6, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Tyler Moen

“This piece is a result of moving away from acrylic-only work, using a variety of media for the meditating man. Most of my work ends up with strong elements of whimsy as well as personal story and content whether ..."

Note from the Editor | June 6, 2013

I love trees. A lot. Even though I knew it was inevitable, it was devastating to see all the mature ash trees along South Barstow Street come down on the first day of construction. It just looks super weird down there now, and startlingly so. All the buildings fully ...

Opening Shot | June 6, 2013

The first day of the South Barstow Street reconstruction (Tuesday, May 28) in downtown Eau Claire greatly changed the familiar streetscape. The most notable change was the removal of Barstow’s canopy of trees.

Dracula vs. Dad

bridging the father-son divide, one horror film at a time

I got lippy with my father once (well, more than once) in high school, and he chased me half a block through our neighborhood before tackling me onto the Thompsons’ boulevard ...