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On the Cover | Mar. 28, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Elly Sebastian

“I think I speak for a majority of Wisconsinites when I say that we are ready for this winter to end. Compared to the heat wave of last winter, it seems like we are living in a perpetual frozen wasteland. With this in mind, I put my own twist ..."

Opening Shot | Mar. 28, 2013

NOT SURE WHY EVERYONE’S SO UPSET ABOUT ALL THE SNOW THIS YEAR. WHAT DID IT EVER DO TO YOU? This snow beastie was recently spotted on the 2200 block of Eighth Street in Eau Claire.

Snow to Anger

fostering a true appreciation for the noble snow day

OK, so I haven’t been keeping count, but the Eau Claire School district has had roughly 27 snow days this past winter.* Give or take. It seems like even the tiniest hint of snow sets off some sort alarm throughout ...

Did You Love the Eighties?

prepare to rock with Power Balladz at the Heyde Center

Everyone has a special place in their heart for the ’80s power ballad. Whether it’s the Poison song in the jukebox at your favorite college bar or the Whitesnake tune that your dad played in his truck every day before dropping you off at school...

Spinning the Globe

Harlem Globetrotters bring hoop hijinks to North High

My grandmother had an old adage that I remembered recently: You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a man simultaneously break dance and dribble a basketball up and down the court before sinking a half-court hook shot. Well, if that’s true, there’s going to be a whole...

A Lively Library

from Peeps to an anti-prom, Fall Creek library programs aim to engage

Libraries pretty much rock, and I remember falling in love with them at a young age. Growing up in Elk Mound, we had to come all the way to Eau Claire for a library trip, so we made each library visit last as long as we could. Even now, the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library sticks with me every time I open a book and experience its rich...

In Motion While at Rest

new art exhibit examines concept of free fall

At a young age we learn that falling is sudden, uncontrollable, and results in bruises and scraped knees. As we age, the negative connotations stick with us. The Free Fall: Inverted Bodies and Suspended Images exhibition at the...

Like Birds to Honey

duo launches album, plans variety stage show

Country + Folk + Jazz = “Cofoja” … a perfect description of the musical style portrayed by honey Tree on their album bluebird. Matt and Suzie Kendziera, the founders and members of honey Tree...

Duet: Keezer + Perry

former local piano master teams with Michael Perry

A hometown hero is returning for the Eau Claire Jazz Festival. Geoffrey Keezer, a Grammy-nominated jazz pianist, is one of two guest artists who will be featured at the headliner concerts held at Memorial High on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6. Keezer was born in Eau Claire...

All That Jazz

One of the biggest jazz festivals in the Midwest happens right here in our back yard. Jazz Fest returns this year April 5-7 at locations around the Chippewa Valley. The festival includes performances and classes and brings in hundreds of...

An All New Ode

author Grant Maierhofer’s new poetry chap book

Grant Maierhofer of Eau Claire began writing when he was 15 years old. He started by typing around 70 pages of autobiographical stories and from there became convinced that it was what he wanted to do with his life. As he began writing more, poetry became something he did while he wasn’t writing prose, something he did to clear his mind. Now, however, he finds writing poetry to be just as substantial and rewarding as prose writing, and it’s been working out for him as well.

Long Wait for a Walk

book of children’s poems was 30 years in the making

We’ve all heard that wine and cheese get better with age, but what about poetry? Richard Tepler, a retired kindergarten teacher, started a project about 30 years ago that has finally made it to print...

Shared Work Means Shared Veggies at Community Garden

It may still feel a bit like winter, but the calendar says it’s spring, and that means gardening season is just around the corner. If you don’t have a spot to garden on your own property, or you’d just rather garden collaboratively, you can become part of the Forest Street Community Garden. Organizers are now accepting applications for membership in the Shared Volunteer...

Eau Claire Want Cookie Dough Factory! Om Nom Nom Nom!

Calling all Cookie Monsters! Clubs Choice Fundraising ­– whose goodies and gifts are sold by schools and other nonprofit groups as fundraisers – is opening a cookie dough factory in a 13,000 square-foot building leased from Huntsinger Farms south of Eau Claire on Highway 37.

Thanks for Asking | Mar. 28, 2013

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

At the recent passing of either Ann Landers or Abby Van Buren, it was stated that when they lived in Eau Claire that they were socialites. What activities made them a socialite and what people today are considered socialites in Eau Claire? And ...

Forgotten Forefather

new downtown park may get name of Eau Claire pioneer

One of Eau Claire’s early movers and shakers may soon lend his name to a slender city park. Eau Claire City Councilman Dave Duax has proposed naming a 2.1-acre piece of public parkland ...

Fanning the Flames

plague of negative web comments can squash good ideas

made the mistake recently of delving into a dark, unseemly world. A world that inverts any rays of sunshine into shadows. A world where no good deed goes unpunished, where any whiff of fresh air is met by a puff of brimstone...

Note from the Editor | Mar 28, 2013

Nobody cares about somebody else’s vacation. Well, sorry, because I can’t seem to stop myself from talking about my vacation. My real vacation. I say “real” because I haven’t been anywhere outside ...

Meet the Candidates

Ten candidates are competing for seats on the Eau Claire City Council. Here’s who they are and what they think.

Autumn elections – the ones we use to pick presidents, senators, members of Congress, and the like – tend to get all the electoral love, along with almost all of the electoral money (and most of the electoral mudslinging). But during springtime ...