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Scoring Sports Bars

finding the best place to watch the big game

Not every place with a TV is a real sports bar. Where you end up on Super Bowl Sunday or for the rubber game of the World Series has to have the perfect, comfortable game day vibe. Here’s a quick guide to help you find that perfect establishment.

Ode to the Bloody: 3 fine examples in the Chippewa Valley

where to find the best tomato-based treats in the Valley

The Bloody Mary is an unusual drink, to say the least. There’s a whole culture and community around the drink; people who love Bloody Marys really love Bloody Marys and are constantly on a hunt for the best one around. Here’s a closer look ...

How To Be a Good Customer

a conversation with local waiters and waitresses about diners

The plight of the service worker is well-documented. There are plenty of horror stories about picky diners and screaming children and low-to-no tippers. But what can we as eaters and drinkers do to help out our servers? We talked to a number ...

Some Like It Hot

lighting your tastebuds on fire in the Chippewa Valley

For generations, the spiciest thing you’d find on most Wisconsin restaurant tables was a shaker of ground pepper. But times – and tastes – have changed, and the descendants of those who ate nothing spicier than yellow mustard now gobble hot wings ...

JAMF Software Pledges $500k to Confluence Project

JAMF Software is donating half a million dollars to help fund some new hardware in downtown Eau Claire. The firm has pledged $500,000 to the Confluence Project, a proposed public-private development that would include a performing arts center ...

On the Cover | Mar. 14, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Dustin Schipper

“Much of my work focuses on the idea of place and the connections these places have to our culture and daily lives. This painting in particular is a reflection on the transitory nature of the homes within what is referred to as ..."

About the Pillow Fight...

Our stewardship of the annual April Fools’ Day celebration draws to a close, but can the ‘will of the people’ keep the five minutes of feathery fury alive?

Get Serious About Pizza

Foster Cheese Haus offers artisan pizza making class

Foster Cheese Haus in Foster (near Osseo) is the place to go to experience three of the things that make Wisconsin’s culinary culture what it is: artisanal cheese, microbrew beer, and locally produced wine. In addition to a menu full of calzones...

Does it Pay to Sell?

How to sustain your community art event: get creative, work hard, and find people who will actually buy art.

While it’s not as difficult as judging art itself, judging the success of an art event is a complicated endeavor. Should the number of artists whose work is on display be the barometer of success ...

Let the Chips Fall

the annual battle has commenced and it’s time to break some ice

Right now, I can hear it. Echoing down the chilly streets. Bouncing off the backyard fences. The chipping. The sharp, staccato hammering. It would appear as though the people of our city have made their decision.

Rehabilitating Brett

considering all he did for the Pack, it’s time to end Favre’s exile

Over Super Bowl Weekend in early February, an unusual photo crossed the newswire: Aaron Rodgers with Brett Favre. The two had an apparently chilly relationship since Favre’s departure from the Green Bay Packers, yet there were the two onstage

Stepping Up

unique troupe taps into on 100-year-old dance rituals

Step Afrika! is the first professional company devoted to “stepping,” a unique dance created by African-American college students in which the body – not traditional instruments – is used to create music. Through series of claps, footsteps, and...

Excuse My French

SNL and 30 Rock star rolls into the State Theatre

Hey, remember that show 30 Rock that we all liked so much? The one that made a strange move in the TV business and ended its run before jumping the shark? It’s only been off the air for weeks, but if feel like years. Luckily, comedian Tracy...

Yep, That Pauly Shore is Coming to Town

Pauly Shore is not dead. He’s out of the Army, he’s done with jury duty, and he has finally seen the Leaning Tower of Cheeza. These days, Shore is doing stand-up in intimate club settings throughout the Midwest. Shore, who began his career...

Say Hello for The First Time

ECCT puts on the classic matchmaking musical

“Money is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread about, encouraging young things to grow.” This famous line is the concluding thought of one of the main characters in the latest production by the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre.

Stage to Sculpture

UW-Stout show highlights a long career in the arts

James R. Bakkom has made a life in art. The Wisconsin native is a staple in the theatre community, working as a freelance set designer at handfuls of theatres, including Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., the Portland Stage Company, and...

Loud Dreaming

Eau Clairian Betsy Wheeler has been working the verses

For those of us who make frequent use of the back burner, it might be hard to imagine working on the same project for a prolonged period of time, say, a number of years. There’s something to be said for people who have the diligence required...

Fragile's Shotgun Wedding

band puts on concept concert at the Heyde Center

This is a rare occasion when attending the “shotgun” wedding for the daughter of a family of bootleggers and outlaws supports a good cause. Rosewater, a musical experience of an old-time “shotgun” wedding, will be performed by Owen-based band...

Strings Attached: The Arco Sessions

local team launches video series of orchestrated covers

Music students, musicians, photographers, videographers, and sound guys all meet for an hour or two in a studio to record. And then they part ways. That’s the main idea behind the Arco Sessions, a super-collaboration headed up by Davy Sumner ...

Menard Rises in Billionare Rankings

Eau Claire’s own John Menard has climbed higher on Forbes magazine’s annual list of the world’s billionaires. According to the rankings, which were published in early March, Menard is worth an estimated $7 billion, making him the 53rd richest...

EC High Schoolers Aid in Japan Clean-Up

Students enrolled in Japanese language classes at Eau Claire Memorial and Eau Claire North high schools were granted the chance to travel to Japan for two weeks to help clean up after the 2011 tsunami. The 23 students left March 3 on the 14-hour...

A Coat of Arms for Eau Claire?

City Council to consider official crest

Imagine gathering all the symbols that represent Eau Claire in one place. What would you choose? The mighty Chippewa River and its more slender sibling, the Eau Claire River, certainly. Trees to represent lumbering. Something to honor the region’s...

Fixing it For Free

church-sponsored Repair Café brings broken stuff back to life

You know that thing that’s sitting in the back of your closet, broken and alone, that you desperately want to use but can’t figure out how to fix? Well, fret no more: The Repair Café that has recently sprung up in Menomonie. Here’s the concept ...

Don't Kiss Me, I'm Irish

not everyone with Irish roots celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Of course, it all starts outside of Shenanigans. As my friend and I are walking home from the UW-Eau Claire campus, a drunken guy in a green top hat stumbles right into us. Why is every bar on Water Street packed on a seemingly normal Wednesday...