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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 31, 2013

The frigid air. The deep freeze. The cold. It has cometh. Your fingers and toes are frozen, your breath is a frosty cloud, and your tongue may very well be stuck to a metal pole as you read this. But we can’t let frostbite and windburn define us ...

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The Rear End

Steak and Fake Lobster

breaking bread with mom and dad, supper club style

Poor man’s lobster. It’s more than a great name for a funk band. Poor man’s lobster is what my mom usually ordered when dad took the whole family out to eat on a Friday night, back in the day. This is a seafood dish that usually comes with its ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 31, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Dan Gerlach

“This pieces follows the theme of “A celebration of life.” I am interested in the diversity of deep-sea creatures; there rarity lends them a mythical quality, I paired a sea goddess to enforce that idea. I have always been inspired by mythology..."

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Opening Shots

Vernon and the Blues

Shouting Matches return to play Coachella 2013

Possibly the most mysterious of Justin Vernon’s array of endeavors, side projects and appearances may see a bit more light this year. The Shouting Matches – the drunken, bluesy duo that has stayed the most local of any of Vernon’s groups – will be...

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Crooning for a Cause

songwriter plans new record, fundraiser

A little less than a year after the release of his album Living in the Chippewa Valley, local songwriter and teacher at the Eau Claire Music School Phil Circle has been working on another musical project that not only showcases his message and...

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Reporting Back

Field Report to play first show in Eau Claire

Field Report had one heck of a year in 2012. They put out their debut, self-titled record. They got a pretty extensive write-up in Rolling Stone Magazine. They toured with Counting Crows and Aimee Mann. And now to top it off they’re coming ...

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Gettin' Loud and Silly

Eau Claire writer Rob Reid pairs laughter with reading

Humor not only tones your abs and puts a healthy flush in your cheeks, it brings people together, teaches, and can – according to Rob Reid – get kids hooked on books. Reid, an expert on humor and a lecturer at UW-Eau Claire, has just had his third...

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Self Help for Self-Publishing Your Book

Local editor and author Rob Bignell has worked with hundreds of writers, new and old, who kept coming to him with concerns and questions about self-publishing. As these questions came again and again, Bignell decided to answer the most frequent in...

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Hoopers Town

Hoop Genius covers the invention of basketball

John Coy, a former Chippewa Valley author (he now hails from Minnesota), has written a wide variety of books with unique kid themes, 13 in total. He’s written several picture books for the young’ns, a middle grade series, and two young adult novels.

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Visual Art

A Catwalk that Cares

fashion show to benefit local homeless shelter

As of late Whiskeys Grill and Bar in Altoona has become a comedic hub, but comedy shows will be taking a back seat on Fat Tuesday when they team up with local stylist Bridgett Dohmen, as well as other local sponsors, and host Mardi Gras Mayhem ...

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Intentional Designs

Foster Gallery hangs award-winning graphic designs

The latest exhibit at UW-Eau Claire’s Foster Gallery features the work of award-winning graphic designer John Rieben. Design with Intent: 5 Decades of Design for Communication is a retrospective of his work as both a designer and a professor of ...

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Banbury Art Crawl 2013

artists’ studios will open to community for annual event

One of the single greatest things about the Banbury Art Crawl is that it combines the aesthetics of a metropolitan art crawl with an Eau Claire flair. For the fourth year, art enthusiasts of all types with have the chance on Feb. 8 and 9 to walk ...

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Local Look

The Barstow Street Bust Up

plans coalesce for summer street reconstruction

It’s been talked about for ages and was delayed once and then split in two, but the long-awaited reconstruction of South Barstow Street finally will start this spring.

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Thanks for Asking | Jan. 31, 2013

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

There is a place I have always wondered about, Mount Hope Corners. Its location on old county maps was just south of where we live in the town of Brunswick. I haven’t been able to find any info about it.

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Food / Drink

The Chips Are Down

tea and spice shop adds crispy delights to its menu

When Half Moon Tea & Spice opened four years ago, owner Jeff Mares probably didn’t see snack food in his future. Over the last few months, though, the Eau Claire-based business (formerly known as Infinitea Teahouse) has expanded into the business...

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Kid Culture

See What Grows

new Lily Pad Lab aimed at littlest learners

Vanessa Moessner left her job as a high school biology teacher a few years ago when she and her husband started a family. Eventually, however, the mother of three young children (who range in age from seven months to five years) got the itch to ...

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Special Sections

Writing a New Chapter on Health

addition to planning document will encourage active living for Eau Clairians

The phrase “public health” evokes images of vaccination clinics, infectious disease outbreaks and giant health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. But is also should cause us to consider topics such as pedestrian pathways, bike trails ...

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Other Stuff

Status Updates

Go Social Experts offers social media management

As the digital age continues to progress – with little sign of slowing down – new outlets for advertising and marketing begin to emerge. Social media has been the most recent beneficiary of this newfound business: Almost all major companies have ...

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Isabelle Goes Online

Isabelle & Co. has moved out of their spot in the mall that they have occupied since 2011 and will be operating in a bit of different space for the near future: online and in the form of a pop-up shop. An announcement on the Isabelle & Co. ...

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