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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Nov. 29, 2012

The staff at Volume One and The Local Store wanted to give a huge thanks to the hundreds of you who came out to support the store not only on Small Business Saturday (November 24th) but the whole “Black Friday” weekend in general. We were busy all...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Nov. 29, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Mackenzie Belich

“'Hipster Revolution' was created with the theme of opposites of old and new in mind. I combined the idea of something old and respected, Abraham Lincoln, with something new that’s been created in our society today, the “hipster” stereotype ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Nov. 29, 2012

For the third year in a row, Billy Angell organized Stage Fright: A Tribute to The Last Waltz – The Band’s legendary Thanksgiving Day concert from 1976, starring a cast of area musicians.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Dr. Play-by-Play

or how I learned to stop worrying and love broadcasting

As I was about to graduate from college, I figured that five years out, I would have taken one of several career paths. Even though my major was vocal music education – and the top option was becoming a high school choir director – I could ...

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Forging the Metal Scene

Eau Claire Uprising keeps the heads banging

The metal scene has blossomed in recent months here in Eau Claire and a lot of that can be contributed to avid metal head Mitch Johnson. In January 2011 he founded Eau Claire Uprising, a local metal organization dedicated to promoting and ...

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Packer Rockers

Have a hankering for some Packer-themed music? Well, you’re in luck because Elroy and the Diehards just came out with a new set of Wisconsin-themed tunage, featuring the song “Green and Gold Cups.” It’s called Packer Party and boasts to be ...

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A Very Eau Claire Christmas

It’s about that time of the year when the tunes gain a bit more jingle bell and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra pull themselves out of the woodwork. Here in Eau Claire we have our own holiday music tradition, an Eau Claire Christmas compilation put ...

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A Fantastic Ensemble

local vocal group croons into its twentieth season

The Master Singers is the Chippewa Valley’s premiere adult choral ensemble. Since the ensemble was founded, the Master Singers have consistently put on excellent performances that clearly display the group’s talent. Part of their success is due ...

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Jazz On Tap

UWEC Jazz I joins forces with Lincoln Center Jazz man

UW-Eau Claire’s Jazz Ensemble I are going to be a-swingin’ Nov. 30 in Gantner Hall. The university group – often named the best in the Chippewa Valley – will be welcoming composer/performer/trumpeter Michael Phillip Mossman on stage and will be ...

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Christmas On Stage

holiday theater and music show comes to the Heyde Center

At Christmas is family friendly Minneapolis based production that’s coming to the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls on December 7th at 7:30pm ...

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The Final Legacy

young author Cayla Kluver finishes fantasy trilogy

Ready to be impressed? The young author, Cayla Kluver, has just published her third book at the age of twenty, which is the last installment of the Legacy Trilogy. The series was published in quick succession, with Legacy in July of 2011 ...

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Truth’s Evil Light

This fall, a local author, Michaela McGregor, self-published a novel called “Truth’s Evil Light.” The story centers around Cheveyo Singer, a young woman who, while searching for her kidnapped friend, learns that magic and mythical characters ...

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Visual Art

A Crafty Time had by All

holiday arts & crafts fairs dominate November and December

The holiday season has always been about giving. And, sure, the hullabaloo around Black Friday makes it seem like that giving consists mainly of TVs and video games and gift cards, but long before Black Friday overtook the weekend arts and crafts...

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Local Look

Time Has Come Today

Chippewa Valley Timebank opens shop

Got some extra time on your hands? There’s a brand new way for you to spend it in Eau Claire, literally. It’s called the Chippewa Valley Timebank. What exactly is a timebank? you ask, brows furrowed. A timebank involves trading time, rather...

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Thanks for Asking | Nov. 29, 2012

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

"The Kline Building at 6 S. Barstow Street was built by local architect Charles A. Pear. Are there any other buildings designed by Pear left in Eau Claire, or anywhere? Do you have any other information about Pear and his work?"

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New Upscale Eatery Moving Forward

We told you in early November about the local group of entrepreneurs looking to open a small, chef-driven, farm-to-table, community-supported restaurant in Eau Claire. After their first meeting for potential backers was held in the ...

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Food / Drink

New Upscale Eatery Moving Forward

We told you in early November about the local group of entrepreneurs looking to open a small, chef-driven, farm-to-table, community-supported restaurant in Eau Claire. After their first meeting for potential backers was held in the ...

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Bijou Bistro

local foodies open new restaurant and catering service

For a long time, Eau Claire’s restaurant scene seems to have been missing a place that provides high quality, upscale food that keeps presentation in mind alongside an inspiring, elegant atmosphere in which to experience it. Well, thanks to ...

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Fro-Yo Number Four: Orange Leaf Yogurt

A fourth frozen yogurt shop is on its way to the Chippewa Valley. Orange Leaf Yogurt – a franchise out of Oklahoma City – will be opening a store on Mall Drive in Eau Claire in the near future. The shop will join three other fro-yo joints that ...

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Kid Culture

Kids Are So Dramatic

how South Middle School puts students in the spotlight

The lights dim, the curtains part, and the show begins. The actors are engaging, the sets and costumes are just right, and the play is a show-stopper. After the last curtain call, the theater goes dark and everyone heads home, satisfied on an ...

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Schooled on Kubb

the Kubb Capital of North America starts 'em young

Kubb has been tossed around the Chippewa Valley for a good few years now and it’s only getting more popular each year. Not only are adults enjoying knocking wooden blocks over but kids are getting in on the trend ...

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Bring in the Clowns!

we sat down to chat with a couple area children’s entertainers

"Not too long ago I had to stop in a small town to ask for directions to an event. The only public place open was a bar, so I walked in wearing my full clown getup to seek out some help ..."

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Weather Permitting: Come and Play!

Parks & Rec puts on ice skating activities across EC

If you’ve ever seen a Christmas card in your life you know that nothing on Earth is more picturesque than a child ice skating as snow lightly falls around their head. And I know every time you’ve seen those lovely illustrations and photos you’ve ...

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