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Say No to November

maybe it’s time we brought this month down a notch

I really don’t like November. It just shows up on your doorstep the day after Halloween looking all self-important. It rings the bell, and after you answer the door, it declares, “October’s over, Dorkface! Time for decorative cornucopias ...

Exploring the Tire Plant

Uniroyal documentary ready to screen at State Theatre

For almost 80 years, Eau Claire was shaped economically by the rubber-making industry. What is now known as Banbury Place was once a Uniroyal tire-making plant. It was one of the largest manufacturing plants in Wisconsin and made Eau Claire to ...

Class Is in Session

Minneapolis rapper Prof returns to House of Rock

A lot has happened in the world of Minneapolis rapper Prof since his last visit to the House of Rock in February. As one of the hardest-working and visible independent artists on the national hip hop circuit, the work never seems to stop ...

British adventurer to speak at The Grand Theatre

Some days I wish an old wizard would knock on my door and offer to take me on an adventure. Dave Cornthwaite did not wait for wizard tricks to spark his imagination. He stepped out his front door and starting going on adventures all on his own ...

The Eats at Red Cedar

new eatery opens in former Creamery space

As you walk through the front doors of The Red Cedar Lodge, the scent of pine invites you to relax and forget your worries as the excellent staff takes care of you.

Kim Chi Café Goes Italian

The Kim Chi Café is taking on a whole new personality. After closing in early October, the former Korean café has reopened as an Italian restaurant. Now called Vita Bella Ristorante and Lounge, this Eau Claire eatery features a brand new ...

New Restaurant Aims to Recreate 1950s Supper Club Vibe

Hungry for Italian food? Opening in the summer of 2013, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse will spice up typical Italian food and atmosphere. Larson Companies, the owner of Johnny’s, plans to recreate the 1950s supper club but with a classy twist ...


Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild to stage Pulitzer-winning play

Have you ever wondered what traits you inherited from each of your parents? This coming November, The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild will be putting on a play at The Grand Theatre called {proof}, by playwright David Auburn, that will explore that ...

Behind the Light

local light designers discuss the art of stage illumination

It is just seconds before opening night of the new play you are excited to see; the house lights slowly fade down and the audience quiets. Then the stage lights come up and the actors enter from stage right. The performance of the season has begun.

Redefining the Multiple

Japanese print show coming to Foster Gallery

You don’t need to board a plane and endure a thirteen hour flight to experience the art and culture of Japan … instead, you can come to the Foster Gallery on the UW-Eau Claire campus. You are invited to experience a Japanese printmaking exhibition...

Cut It Out

L.E Phillips Memorial Public Library is hosting a pretty (forgive me) cutting-edge show through the month of November. Cut It Out features collage work from artists around the Midwest: Lori Chilefone, Marcella Edmund, Jeffrey Hirst, Douglas Johns ...

Across the Taylor Verse

Eau Claire’s poet laureate releases new work

Bruce Taylor has been staring out the window since high school, translating beauty into language and extracting meaning from everyday sights. His eighth collection of poetry, The Longest You’ve Lived Anywhere, emerges as a product of years of ...

Shooting the Music

the resurgence of music videos from local bands

Alright, let’s start by having a good laugh about how MTV (formerly standing for Music Television) doesn’t really play music anymore. Now that the joke of the matter is aside, we can start to look at the serious matter of music videos. Back in the...

NPR Unleashes The Daredevil Christopher Wright’s New Single

The Daredevil Christopher Wright is no stranger to fans of local music here in the Chippewa Valley. While they are certainly well-known, they have also garnered recognition on the national stage. Recently, they were the subject of “All Songs ..."

Build a Better Pedal

Want to be in control of your own sound?

Want to be in control of your own sound? Literally? Local pedal aficionado and Dwarfcraft Devices owner Ben Hinz will be holding a three hour workshop hosted at the Eau Claire Music School on November 17 for teen musicians. Pedals ...

Sculpture Tour People's Choice Award Announced

Remember those awesome sculptures that cropped up all over Eau Claire this year? Well, after a summer of voting, we have a winner. The victor of the second-annual Sculpture Tour Eau Claire People’s Choice Award is…“The Blind Spot,” a whimsical ...

Area Schools Make the Grade in State Testing

Wondering how your alma mater is doing, or the school your kids attend? The Preliminary School Report Cards from the Department of Public Instruction have been released. The reports focus on priority areas such as reading achievement, math and ...

Mob Patronage

a new funding model for the arts comes to Eau Claire

When the economy tanks, the pain spreads across every aspect of society, and that includes the arts. But while traditional funding for artistic endeavors may be in decline, a new form is taking shape in Eau Claire through an Eau Claire Regional ...

Going Home Again

what it’s like to start living in your childhood home as an adult

Just to be clear, I am NOT admitting that I threw parties at my parents’ house when I was in high school and they would leave me home alone for the weekend. I would never admit to such a thing for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to ...

Opening Shot | Nov. 1, 2012

One of many mechanical wonders at reception for the John & Aren Lawler show in the Janet Carson Gallery at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center.

On the Cover | Nov. 1, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Allan Servoss

“This painting was painted in casein, an historically old medium which was more commonly used before the advent of acrylics. It is part of a group of pieces I have been doing inspired by the driftless area here in WI. Most of my work is the ..."

Note from the Editor | Nov. 1, 2012

It’s cool to watch little sub-scenes of the local cultural landscape develop. Not all of them last – like the most recent (and short) rise and fall of cut-n-paste zines in the early 2000s (certainly caving to the ease of blogging), or the poetry ...