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10 Boo-rific Wisconsin Reads

spooky books available at The Local Store (205 N Dewey St., EC)

Spooky Sconnie books available at The Local Store (205 N Dewey St., EC).

Titanic Terror

former locals' novel combines zombies with .... the Titanic?

As an avid Halloween lover and frequent reader, I can’t imagine a better October release book than a novel about Zombies…on the Titanic. Deck Z: The Titanic is a new book (their first novel) by semi-local authors Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon that ...

Haunting the Hollow

new Halloween festival outside Eau Claire offers frightful sights for all ages

Halloween Hollow, a spooky entertainment event for both young people and families, has crept its way into the Chippewa Valley in hopes of becoming a standard part of our city’s annual Halloween entertainment. Halloween Hollow features several ...

Cautious Classrooms

a newly enforced safety code in schools aims to remove flammable material, but at what cost to creativity?

What do exits, sprinklers, and a child’s self portrait have in common? From the perspective of a fire prevention officer, these are three factors that affect the safety of a building’s occupants in the event of a fire. Without adequate exits ...

Backyard Magic

what to do upon seeing something you cannot explain

The other evening I was standing in my backyard. The sky was cloudy and it was very dark. The wind was rushing through the trees with great urgency, the dry and dying leaves clutching to their branches. It was super loud.

Making It Big

catching up with a sportscaster who went out west

Growing up in Eau Claire, the soundtrack to my sports memories often involved the voices of the local anchors and reporters who covered sports in the area. Wanted to see the Brewers? In the pre-Fox Sports Wisconsin/MLB.TV/SportsCenter-all-the-time...

Finding Happiness

world renowned Buddhist teacher coming to Dunn County

On October 19 through the 21, a visitor from Tibet will be coming to Wisconsin. The Tibetan master Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche will be about an hour from Eau Claire, at the Community Center in Ridgeland, Wisconsin, to give several talks on Buddhism ...

Poetry Reuniting

Jason Splichal and Andy Patrie are back at Acoustic Café

The Acoustic Café will be hosting a poetry performance and book selling and signing event which is not only free but also reunites two Eau Claire poets that haven’t done a reading together in six years. Eau Claire middle and high school teachers ...

Bringin' in the Vagabonds

Minneapolis jazz/blues group joins the CV Jazz Orchestra

The Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra (CVJO) kicks off its 2012-2013 season with a big performance at the State Theatre with special guest Davina and the Vagabonds. The Chippewa Valley Jazz Organization has been providing the Chippewa Valley ...

Fanning the Flames

Fired Up: a wood-fired pizza place giving back to the community

At this point, you’d think there isn’t much left to do with pizza. Every combination of toppings, ratio of cheese to sauce and crust dough have been tried, right? Well the folks over at Fired Up – which opened this summer – are challenging that ...

Fanny Hill Gets Chef'ed

Dave Fischer, an award-winning local chef, is joining the Riverview Grille team at the Fanny Hill supper club as the executive chef. Having worked in the restaurant business for over 30 years as a chef, owner, and manager, Fischer definitely has ...

About Town

UW-Eau Claire stages Pulitzer-winning classic

While the Eau Claire area is teeming with theater and arts events, something special is coming our way. Students at UW-Eau Claire will be putting on a captivating take on the classic play Our Town.

Familial Exhibition

Janet Carson Gallery to showcase work from longtime local artist and his son

If John Lawler were to describe himself in a general way, he’d say he’s a designer. But perhaps you know John for his unique sculptures. In that case, you’re in luck because John and his son Aren will be displaying their artwork at the ...

So, where'd them murals go?

A collection of murals that were formerly displayed in the windows of a vacant building downtown will now be displayed in Banbury Place. Before the move, the murals resided at 2 S. Barstow Street. They were stuck in a city storage building after...

Heartland Thrillers

local suspense writer sets his novels in the Midwest

If you like books that make you double-check the locks before hesitantly climbing into bed, look no further. Gary Johnston, an Eau Claire native who still resides here, has written three compelling thriller novels. Johnston was a history major ...

Letters to Sophie's Mom

Hudson writer releases first book of poems

Writing poetry is intrinsically an exercise in introspection. The greatest poets give us their point-of-view perspective on what is meaningful be it pastoral, romantic or even a larger social context.

BJ Hollars Announces Spring Book Debut

B.J. Hollars, self-proclaimed “writer, teacher, dog walker” and UW-Eau Claire professor, has announced the March 22, 2013 release of a book of short stories. After receiving the 2012 Society of Midland Authors Award for his nonfiction work titled...

The Story Singer

folk songwriter, author brings his stories to the Heyde Center

If you love music and are one of those folks who enjoys the stories behind the songs, learning about what drives an artist to write a song, or what motivates a musician, the Heyde Center in Chippewa Falls has an event for you. In conjunction with ...

Check Out the Approved Plans for Owen Park

Owen Park is officially getting a facelift after City Council approved a plan at their Oct. 9 meeting. The changes were prompted by the DNR, which directed Xcel Energy to remove contaminated soil from the park that was left after a gas plant ...

Opening Shot | Oct. 18, 2012

The “big tunnel” under the State Street hill is just one of the wonders you’ll witness while walking along the gravely road that is Putnam Trail.

Empowering the People

Clear Vision Eau Claire’s Empowerment Summit aims to boost engagement

The idea of true democracy certainly sounds great: Average citizens voicing their opinions civilly and putting their minds together to do great things. Who wouldn’t want that? But while that idea is great, sometimes the execution is off a bit ...

Reader Letters | Oct. 18, 2012

In 2002, U.S. senators John McCain and Russ Feingold sponsored a bipartisan campaign finance reform that served the nation well for eight years.  The law sharply limited corporations from using money from their funds to influence ...

A Toilet Paper Tradition

a classic prank that needs to see a Chippewa Valley insurgency

Every fall, as the people of the Chippewa Valley “ooh” and “ahh” at the array of colors, I can’t help but feel a tiny void in my heart. There’s just something missing. They really need some long wisps of pastel pink, baby blue, and quilted white ...

Note from the Editor | Oct. 18, 2012

It is with a heavy (fake-blood-covered) heart that I report Volume One will not be hosting our famed “Tunnel of Terror” during this year’s downtown trick or treating event (Wednesday, Oct 31 from 3-5pm). The obvious reason for this is that we’re ...

On the Cover | Oct. 18, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Keith Kohrs

“Spiders was created as an ode to an era. Found in an antique shop, this ambiguously iconic bust is now sharing space with plaster and plastic jewelry. Even though the bust was found on the lowest level of the display case it was generously ..."