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Note from the Editor | Sept. 20, 2012

Some of you may recall our “Reinventing Our Streets” issue from back in May of 2010. With our community in the midst of planning two major street redesigns at the time – the now completed Hastings Way and the upcoming Barstow/Eau Claire streets ...

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Opening Letters

Time to Rethink the Water

waking up to the recreational, cultural, and economic value of our waterways

We’ve all done it. Though we all drive, walk, or ride over roughly two dozen bridges every day in our community, we hardly give a second thought to the majestic rivers running below them. We don’t often think about those rivers’ history, how we ...

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The Rear End

Just Tossing This Out There

enjoying our mighty and majestic rivers in the simplest of ways

Once in a while, I hear strange voices around my house. Disturbing voices. Unsettling voices. They say things I don’t want to hear. They say things like, “There’s a ton of cat puke in the basement,” or “We need to re-screen the windows,” or ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 20, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art of Volume One

This issue's cover was designed in house at Volume One for our special "Rethinking Our Rivers" themed issue. This is only the second themed issue in Volume One's 10-year history.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Where the river sports at?

how the Chippewa Valley could engage our rivers athletically

Rivers and athletics. When you think of the word “rivers” in the context of sports, you are likely to think of one of several subjects: the Big Rivers Conference, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and/or former baseball player ...

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Sixteen Strings

local engineer handcrafts centuries old instrument

Earl Holzman is a local civil engineer who has some really unique hobbies that will take you back centuries. A woodworker for over 25 years, Earl has recently dedicated much of his time to crafting nyckelharpas, a traditional Swedish instrument ...

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Yata: Music of the River

Musicians have always found inspiration in the natural beauty of their surrounds, which in this area centers around our rivers. Steven Yata has done just that with his two newest releases, Imagination Nation and Nature Girl ...

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Comedy Series Coming to Whiskey's Grill & Bar

Whiskeys Grill and Bar are upping the ante and joining the comedy scene. Starting Sept. 26, Funny Business Entertainment will be hosting a weekly comedy show every Wednesday at Whiskeys. The first acts are comedians Frank Roche and Bryan Miller...

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River Theatre on the Way?

CVTG hoping for riverbank amphitheater development

Eau Claire is slowly putting riverfront development plans in motion and you can see some hints of progress down on Grand Avenue. Still, right now it doesn’t look like much and Ann Sessions, Executive Director at the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild ...

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Of Goats and Sylvias

BareBones Ensemble Theatre to mix tragedy and comedy

“The show is full of wit and laughs that crash into tragedy, leaving you belly laughing one minute and then struck dumb the next.” These are the words of director Joshua Dolan-Neill about the tragicomedy The Goat or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee...

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Capturing the Essence of Lake Menomin

William Schulman doesn’t want to just paint a picture of Lake Menomin or describe it physically. In Schulman’s newest book, 97 Views of Lake Menomin, the retired UW-Stout art professor strives for the essence of the location, where the sky ...

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Celebrating the Page

Book Festival to feature diverse set of writing styles

Attention all you book worms and word lovers, the annual Chippewa Valley Book Festival is coming soon! This year, the festival will take place from October 15th to the 21st, with two pre-festival events on September 24th and October 1st ...

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Visual Art

The Dark Arts

If your idea of art is bright, pretty paintings then this probably isn’t the show for you. On Sept. 29 the annual Art Obscuritas show returns to Eau Claire, shining its black light on gruesome sculptures, paintings, prints, comics and other ...

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A Surge of Inspiration

UW-Eau Claire students explore flood loss through art installation

It’s not necessarily that the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers are inspiring, as that any environment an artist is in creates that inspiration. So when you live and work and go to school in a city with two rivers, constantly crossing them and ...

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Meander into Some Art

annual autumn art tour starts in Chippewa Falls

If you don’t know about the Fall Splendor Art Meander, or weren’t able to catch it last year, you’re in luck! Back for its third year, the 2012 Fall Splendor Art Meander is happening Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22-23. According to the Heyde ...

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Local Look

Fall Color Coming Early to Wisconsin

Good news, leaf fans. Eau Claire County is currently amongst the most autumn-esque counties in all of Wisconsin – with an estimated Go Look at the Awesome Trees Cuz It Only Gets Browner from Here Time (our phrase, not theirs) around the third week...

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Food / Drink

New Co-Op to Hit Durand

Everyone loves a good local foods initiative. New on the block is the Good Egg Local Food Co-op out of Durand, Wis. “Right now there’s only one place in Durand to buy food, and if you want to eat organically or locally, you have to drive,” shares ...

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Fishy Waters

things to consider when fishing city rivers

Fishing, like hunting, isn’t necessarily a necessity anymore. Not many people – though I’m sure there are a few – fish because their lives depend on it. However, there’s still a pretty satisfying feeling you get when you’re able to catch a fish ...

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Unknown Territory

journeying from Boyd Park to New Orleans by kayak

Jonathan Leuthe, an Eau Claire native, has a tale to tell. At the age of 30, he ventured from Eau Claire to New Orleans, traveling along the Mississippi in a kayak, with his brother Kris beside him in a canoe. They traveled a length of ...

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4 Awesome Locales to Paddle in the Fall

we asked local experts, and this is where they recommend

Dells Pond Addison St, Eau Claire • A man-made lake created by a paper mill dam, and a hidden gem of paddling. Launch from Mt. Simon Park and paddle upstream into the islands. The water level ...

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6 Stellar Spots to Stride and Ride

we asked local experts, and this is where they recommend

Whether you’re training for a bike-a-thon or just out for an easy ride, we’ve got plenty of great bike trails. We asked local experts, and this is where they recommend ...

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Other Stuff

Thanks for Asking | Sept. 20, 2012

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

"We were reading a plaque on the bike trail down from the parking lot behind the Galloway Grille, and it said something about explorer Jonathon Carver naming the Eau Claire River. Could you give us a backstory?"

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Flexing Our Mussels

one of the region’s rarest, most fascinating residents

On hot summer days, I put on a swimsuit and wade into the Chippewa River. As I slowly walk out, the water rises past my ankles and then up to my knees. The river wraps around my legs; the current tugs me sideways. My toes feel the shape ...

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Lederhosen Ahoy!

annual Oktoberfest mania returns to Chippewa Falls

ober is upon us, and that means it’s time to break out the accordions, brats, and lederhosen to celebrate the area’s German heritage at Oktoberfest. Taking place at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls, this year’s ...

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