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Take a Hike

see the leaves, feel the sun, suck some of the crisp autumn air

Catching the Color

how to maximize the beauty of our area’s trees

Known for its outdoor lifestyle, Wisconsin has plenty of ways to enjoy the fall colors. So, we compiled a list to help you make the best of the most beautiful (and short-lived) season.

Pumpkin Recipes

The poor pumpkin has long been gutted, carved, and relegated to the front steps. And when it does appear in recipes, often it’s fake or from a can. But we at Volume One think more of this autumn staple, and asked some creative culinary ...

How to Make a Maze

designing, growing, and cutting the season’s favorite puzzle

What is more inviting (and simultaneously ominous) than a field full of dry and raspy corn with an entrance cut into it? But well before those stalks turn yellow, the farmers who host corn mazes are preparing their blueprints. How does a maze ...

A Rough Year

this year’s harvest was tough for many farmers

With fall just around the corner, everyone is prepping for corn mazes, apple orchards, and fresh crops at the local farmer’s market. With the varying weather over the past year and extreme temperatures we have seen of late, it’s no surprise that ...

Field of Honor

flag-filled event to honor fallen soldiers

You don’t have to wait until Veteran’s Day or next year’s Memorial Day to honor the troops who have given their lives for our country. During the week of Sept. 8-16, a Field Of Honor will be set up at the Chippewa Valley Technical College, which ...

Downtown's Fall Festivities

downtown EC’s biggest festival returns with new traditions

Ever worry that you are too old for petting zoos or parades? Worry no longer. With a wide variety of events, International Fall Fest provides the opportunity for all ages to channel their inner child while learning a great deal. IFF aims to ...

The Paperclip Theory

tending to the emotions of the world around us

OK, let’s pretend that you’ve got a big ol’ box of paperclips. And let’s say there are approximately 300 paperclips in your big ol’ paperclip box. You pour them out onto an empty table. Why? Doesn’t matter.

Joe’s Kitchen

young local cook serves millions over YouTube

Joe Luginbill, a recent North High School graduate, may only be 18 years old, but lately he has been experiencing local and national recognition for his YouTube sensation – a cooking show that presents him as an educated, charming cook well beyond...

Across the Spectrum

local libraries gearing special programs towards autism spectrum disorders

Twenty libraries throughout the region are taking advantage of a grant that will help address the needs of local children who fall along the autism spectrum. Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator for the Indianhead ...

Stout Alum Produces Woodstock Doc

What started as just another concert soon became a pop culture phenomenon. It’s probably “the” concert and if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about Woodstock 1969. A UW-Stout alum was there. “The fact that I went to Woodstock made ...

Star Spangled Girl

newest Fanny Hill production tackles Neil Simon

“I guarantee they are going to love it.” These are the words of Don Hodgins, executive director of Fanny Hill’s dinner theater, referring to the upcoming show Star Spangled Girl, which begins on September 6 at Eau Claire’s premier destination ...

A Sure Thing

UWEC Players are back in action with double feature

The Sure Thing and The Individuality of Streetlamps, two short, one-act plays, are coming to UW-Eau Claire. The UWEC Players, a university organization that gives opportunities to students in directing, acting, designing, etc., has taken on the ...

Painting Forward

Stephen Katrosits readies new work for exhibit

Quick, look back at the cover of this magazine. I know the guy who painted that – we go way back. During my freshman year at UW-Eau Claire, 1988, Steve Katrosits was my professor for a class called Introduction to the Visual Arts. The heavy use ...

Art on the Chippewa

The Chippewa River is about to get a bit more art-y. UWEC seniors Megan Byron and Catelyn Mailloux were approved by city council Tuesday to go ahead with a riverside piece called the River Bend Art Project. The project – which would stretch from ...

Art Unleashed

latest Art Cartel exhibition focuses on canine comrades

It’s no secret that Eau Claire is a dog-loving town; consider that last year’s Sculpture Tour People’s Choice Award went to the high-fiving Great Dane now greeting folks at Phoenix Park. Dogs and people have been best pals since before a written ...

Malcolm at Midnight

new book from W.H. Beck

Manz Elementary Media Specialist Becky Wojahn has published her ninth book (six were part of a series) geared toward elementary and middle school-age children, this time under the name W. H. Beck. Released by Houghton Mifflin ...

The Write Club

The first and second rules of Write Club, despite the movie it rhymes with, is that you talk about Write Club. Founder Aimee Johnson explains that the open-to-all club began as “a selfish endeavor.” “I wanted some place where I could get feed back...

Field Work

Chris Porterfield’s new band Field Report tours with the big wigs

Chris Porterfield is just trying to take it one day at a time – which is probably the right thing to do if one day you’re working at Marquette University in Milwaukee and the next day you’re playing a SXSW showcase curated by Adam Duritz ...

A Storyteller Showcase

new storytelling event coming to UW-Eau Claire

Storytelling is one of the oldest, most universal art forms that connects people across generations and cultures. It teaches and entertains not only children but people of all ages. Rob Reid, local storyteller and Senior Lecturer in the Department...


local electronic wizard releases ten track tape

When I met Feng Meng Vue, he mentioned that he had never found a real electronic music scene in Eau Claire. It’s possible that’s all about to change. Vue – who releases music as sloslylove – just put out Tendencies, a ten-track tape and digital ...

The (New) Silver Heart Club

Formed in 2007, The Silver Heart Club is a band whose debut album has been a long time coming. Set for official release on August 31, with a release show on September 16 at The Oxford, Rookie Card appropriately expresses a love for self-made music...

Interview with the New Guy

chatting with Eau Claire’s next city manager, Russ Van Gompel

On November 5th, Russ Van Gompel will take over the position of City Manager (the top appointed city official) for Eau Claire, a position vacated by Mike Huggins in December and currently held by interim manager Brian Amundson. Van Gompel ...

Altoona Wants Your Input on River Prairie Drive

The City of Altoona wants your opinion on a future development. Following in the footsteps of Eau Claire’s Confluence meetings earlier this year, Altoona hopes to gather citizen input on how to develop their newest blank slate, River Prairie’s ...

Thanks for Asking | Sept. 6, 2012

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

Years ago a man named George Brunner owned The Outdoor Sport Shop on North Barstow across from what is now the Pad Thai restaurant. He was a friend of my Grandpa’s. My Dad said Mr. Brunner had a daughter who moved out west, became a member of ...

Round Two

redevelopers turn eyes to downtown Menomonie’s Leevers Foods site (again)

As development continues in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls’ downtown, Menomonie is right there with them. Another attempt at redeveloping the former Leevers Foods site in Menomonie is well underway. A proposed redevelopment has been in the works ...

Opening Shot | Sept. 6, 2012

Local dogs recently invaded a local swimming pool, traversing the water using some sort of canine paddling technique. (Fairfax Pool held its annual Doggie Swim Fest on Sunday, August 26.)

Note from the Editor | Sept. 6, 2012

We just set up a pretty swank little coffee/tea station in our kitchen at the V1 office. I’ve never been a coffee drinker myself. I think I tried it once when I was twelve and never had the desire to try it again. But now that we’ve put in this ...

On the Cover | Sept. 6, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Steve Katrosits

“When asked if I was planning a retrospective exhibition for the Volume One Gallery, I replied that I was not quite ready to kick the bucket. My choice instead is to offer a cohesive exhibit of my current concerns in painting ... and one oddball..."