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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Aug. 23, 2012

This past weekend must have been an eight-year-old boy’s dream. With both Big Rigs and Barnstormers making their way around Eau Claire at the same time, the excitement of flashy paint jobs and big engines was a little contagious to even an ...

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The Rear End

Cool Memories

when a sno-cone isn't just a sno-cone

When I was growing up on Eau Claire’s west side, my house was within walking BMX stunt-biking distance of not one, but two different corner grocery stores. I probably only visited them a handful of times, but when I imagine my childhood ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Aug. 23, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Katie A. Shadick

“I love the style of the illustration and felt it reminiscent of the eras of Annie Oakley, the flapper, and the C.C.C. put in a blender. By using papers varying in color, texture, and opacity free hand cuts were made using an x-acto. In turn, the..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Aug. 23, 2012

A variety of colorful old-school airplanes criss-crossed the skies of Eau Claire for much of the August 18 weekend for the American Barnstormers Tour, held at the Chippewa Valley International Regional Airport. Rides (to try and see your house ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Football Season Cometh

at all levels, it's time to start tossing around the pigskin

Batten down your hatches. Stock up on canned goods. Take out every form of insurance you own. That time of year has come again, when I quote the fine poetry of Bocephus himself: Are you ready for some footbaaaallll?!?!?! (since Hank ain’t doing ...

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Deimos Phobos

a new electronic wizard hits the scene running

Elliot Etzkorn has been a bit of a juggernaut lately. The UW-Eau Claire physics student has been in Eau Claire for two years and making music his whole life, but most recently as Deimos Phobos – an electronic-based chillwave project that’s still ...

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She'll Be Alright

Nancy Dawn Olson steps away from band for new EP

Local singer-songwriter Nancy Dawn Olson recently released an EP entitled I’ll Be Alright featuring six of her newest songs. I’ll Be Alright is a collaboration with many musicians, including Evan Middlesworth (bass player, rhythm guitarist and ...

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Re-Bon Iver-ing

Announced earlier this month, Eau Claire’s Bon Iver is holding a “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” remix contest. Hosted by Indaba Music and sponsored by Swedish streaming sensation Spotify, Justin Vernon and Co will be selecting a winner for each of the ...

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newest CVTG production tackles Packer great

Just in time for the start of regular season football, the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild will be putting on their production of Lombardi. The show is fresh off of Broadway and will be making its local debut at the Grand Theatre in the ...

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Writing the Book of Tom

Michael Perry focuses on neighbor for latest book

The man is Tom Hartwig, Michael Perry’s neighbor. The highway is Interstate 94, that fixture bisecting our landscape (and Tom’s farm). And the “road to roughneck grace” is one that Perry treads over the course of a year of visits to Tom ...

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Visual Art

Bloomer Artist Keeps Lacemaking Alive

In early August, Lacemakers from throughout North America gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul, MN to teach their craft and show off their work at the 59th annual International Old Lacemakers, Inc. Convention. Among them was ...

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Eau Claire's Comic Con

second annual convention features local artists

Eau Claire is letting geeks be geeks at this year’s Eau Claire Comic Con. If you stop by the Metropolis Hotel on the weekend of September 8, you’ll find not only a vast collection of comics but sculptures, models, cards, shopping, video games ...

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IFC Picks up Dahmer Movie

Wisconsin is known for many things – beer, dairy, cheese curds… and serial killers. Eau Claire native Andrew Swant, along with Joe Riepenhoff and producer Chris James Thompson, has written a documentary showcasing Milwaukee’s most infamous ...

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Local Look

What to Do about Owen

park's soil contamination may have silver lining

What do you get when you cross a beloved city park with hundred-year-old contaminants? Public input meetings! The first public input meeting to determine what will become of the two acres in Owen Park slated for tree removal and soil remediation ...

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Shortcuts | August 23, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

After a long process of hiring, Eau Claire’s City Council has appointed Russ Van Gompel as the city manager. He should start his position on Nov. 5. Brian Amundson – who’s been the interim manager since Mike Huggins left last year – will continue ...

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Special Sections

Everyday Etiquette

tips for getting along in roughly 144 square feet

You’re moving into a room smaller than your closet at home – and you have to share it with someone you’ve never met. Welcome to college! Whether it’s a dorm room, an apartment or a house, sharing spaces can be tough – even if you really think ...

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Other Stuff

Thirty Years in the Pines

local community festival celebrates big anniversary

On August 25 and 26, wander into the forest for a magical adventure… or into Carson Park for the 30th annual Festival in the Pines. Benefiting local non-profits and bringing the community together (for longer than I’ve been alive) ...

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Year Five for Farm City Day

Elk Mound's festival celebrating farming community

The fifth annual Farm City Day in the Chippewa Valley is just around the corner. The festival gives local residents a chance to interact with and create communication between themselves and the agricultural residents of the farming ...

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