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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Aug. 9, 2012

So as it is in many places across the country, it’s construction season in Eau Claire. I likely don’t have to tell you this – there’s a significant chance one of your routes to and from home has some sort of detour going on right now. It’s as much...

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The Rear End

No New is Bad News

we owe it to ourselves and the human race to never stop learning

Consider this: Scientists around the world tell us that children have a 500% easier time learning a second language than adults. Furthermore, they say children can acquire basic verbal skills in a secondary language roughly 6,000 times faster ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Aug. 9, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Kaitlyn Bryan

“This piece was created for a project for photography class where students were required to take pictures using unique viewpoints that are not commonly used in photography. Although the viewpoint is interesting in itself, what makes the picture ..."

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Opening Shots

Bluegrass on the Water

WHYS Bluegrass Festival to fill Lake Altoona Park

“And if it weren’t for bluegrass music, I’d go crazy,” sings musician Tommy Webb. Banjo pickin’ lovers have nothing to worry about – WHYS community radio is here to fill the bluegrass deficiencies that lie within you. The fifth ...

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Voodoo's Dream

former local returns to town with new solo record, stage show

The demeanor of the interviewee sets the tone of the interview. A genuinely kind person makes the interview feel like a vacation, and Jessica Norman, one-woman act for Voodoo’s Dream out of Appleton, is such a person. Naturally open, Norman began ...

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Stacks of Jazz

$200,000 'jazz library' finds home at UW-Eau Claire

A part of jazz history has found its way to the UW–Eau Claire. UWEC has recently acquired a collection of jazz recordings and charts valued at over $200,000. This collection is one of the largest in the world and contains many one-of-a-kind ...

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Huge Hip-hop

Ludacris collaborator headed to House of Rock

Move… and get out the way for the House of Rock’s hip-hop show on August 25. You’ve heard of Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Trina – well you won’t be seeing any of them, but some of these fellows have worked directly with the aforementioned. Headlining ...

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Big Show: LeAnn Rimes Coming to State Theatre

LeAnn Rimes, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, will be performing in Eau Claire this fall. The Eau Claire Regional Arts Council, Inc. proudly announced last week that Rimes will be performing an intimate acoustic evening on September 7 at ...

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Dresses to Impress

program converts prom garb into period costumery

If there’s one thing theatre programs are used to, it’s a shoestring budget. But when Amanda Profaizer first heard the proposed costuming budget of $2,000 for UW-Eau Claire’s biannual opera, she gasped ...

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Legally Blonde

the hit movie comes to the stage courtesy of ECCT

Elle Woods and the girls of Delta Nu are about to share their sprightly charm and perfect—“omigod you guys”—confidence in “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Presented by the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, the Broadway musical opens Aug. 9 at the ...

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The Factory

former Uniroyal employee completes eighth book on bygone tire plant

After compiling eight books on the history of the Uniroyal tire factory, Jack Zais isn’t afraid to be blunt about his passion. “Most people would consider it a waste of time,” the former Uniroyal employee said in a recent phone interview ...

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Michael Perry's New Book to Get Neighborly

What can you learn from your neighbor? That’s the ultimate question Michael Perry sets out to answer in his soon-to-be-released book, Visiting Tom: A Man, A Highway, and the Road to Roughneck Grace. The book follows a year of neighborly visits ...

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Visual Art

Dancing Around the Canvas

Eau Claire painter to hold open studio event

Like many artists, Dana Sterzinger draws inspiration from the greats – namely Jackson Pollack, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. But unlike other area artists, she also draws inspiration from a 1960s artistic movement that incorporates elements ...

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Armed Forces Mural Appears on Hastings

Several years ago Isabelle Bauer had a dream to expand her business, Northern Safari Army Navy (a store that sells military related items such as knives, clothes, etc.); that dream has now become reality. After moving into a larger commercial ...

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Filming Uniroyal

locally made Uniroyal documentary in the works

It has been 20 years since the hulking brick building on the horizon above the Eau Claire River hosted the smell of lampblack – a key ingredient, I learned, in tire manufacturing. Both the term and the industry are foreign to me, a fact not lost ...

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Local Look

How's Business?

the shifting roster of Eau Claire's downtown shops

With spiffy plans on the horizon that promise to beef up downtown visibility and activity, it may seem incongruous that downtown commercial activity has taken some hits. Within the past two months, two local businesses have found new ...

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Food / Drink

Dave’s Brewfarm

a local brewmaster who’s made waves internationally

Dave’s Brewfarm is a hidden treasure in the Western Wisconsin landscape that highlights the importance and ease of sustainable living through demonstration while consistently producing delicious local brews for the beer lovers of Wisconsin and its...

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How to Make a Cheesemaker

the controversy surrounding licensing for cheesemakers

Despite what the commercials try to tell us, we all know that the cows are much happier in good old Wisconsin (the dairy state) than in the California heat.

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Cheese: A State Tradition

how cheese came to play the role it does in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, as any native knows, is rife with distinguishing factors. Namely the Packers, beer, brats, and most of all, cheese. In fact, cheese is so prevalent that people wear Cheeseheads to the Packer games, make beer-cheese soup, and eat cheese ...

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Some Cheesy Facts

... on the constant battle between Wisconsin and California about dairy production

There’s a constant battle between Wisconsin and California about dairy production. Let’s look to the numbers.

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Statewide Sampler Pack

there are scores of Sconnie breweries; here’s a starter guide of some that distribute locally

There are scores of Sconnie breweries; here’s a starter guide of some that distribute locally ...

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Kid Culture

Bullying Awareness Event

One Tree Martial Arts of Eau Claire will be hosting an event Friday August 17 from 6:30 to 8:30pm, to raise awareness about bullying. Law Enforcement Officials, Teachers, Counselors and other professionals will be speaking about bullying ...

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Not Really Northwoods?

our area was once much more prairie than forest

Jonathon Carver was heading north on the Mississippi River, sketching maps and taking notes. On assignment for the British Crown, his goal was to explore the Upper Mississippi. His crew ventured east and paddled upstream on what is now known as ...

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Other Stuff

Coming in for a Landing

aviation show makes pit stop at Chippewa Valley airport

The American Barnstormers will be making a stop at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in mid-August. The event will include vintage airplanes from the 1920s and 1930s, pilots and crews dressed in costumes from the barnstormers era, aircraft ...

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