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ARTS FEATURE: Prove Yourself

The arts have spent years proving their economic worth – will that ever change?

The arts have spent decades trying to prove their economic worth. A recent study on the impact of the arts in Wisconsin led us to examine why the industry must keep proving itself – at its own expense.

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Opening Letters

A Return to Reading

how I regained my love of just picking up a book

I swear, I used to rule at reading. Like “Applies Strategies in Word Recognition” from Darmstadt Elementary rules. “Reads for Information and Pleasure” rules. (Yes, I did have my mother do some research.) ...

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The Rear End

Surfing the Park

thou shall not judge the laptop-using park lover

It recently came to my attention that one can use wireless internet in a large portion of Carson Park. This is awesome. I think it’s a fantastic amenity, just like the water fountains, bathrooms, and picnic tables. If we can’t have the rocket ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | July 26, 2012

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, shooting some b-ball on First Avenue. Eau Claire’s 2012 installment of the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament happened up and down First Avenue July 13-15.

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Athletic Aesthetic

75 Years with Carson Park

our favorite baseball stadium celebrates diamond anniversary

The 75th anniversary of an event is occasionally termed a “Diamond Jubilee.” This term is appropriate for the 75th anniversary of a notable event in Eau Claire, when a diamond – a baseball diamond – appeared on elevated ground in the middle of ...

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Do You Need Kickstarter?

local bands look to crowdsourced funding

Using to fund an art project is as risky as it is beneficial, that should be said first. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform that hosts donations for independently designed projects (from weird inventions to homemade ...

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Former Local Goes Commando

action/comedy Fringe Fest fun from Marcus Downs

The year is 1988. The Soviets have captured the leader of the Afghan resistance. Without him, Afghanistan will fall to the Soviets along with the free world. Now it’s up to one American commando to rescue him.

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New Plastic Theatre

Twin Cities theatre troupe stuffed with locals

When someone says “theatre,” what image comes to mind? Typically, one may imagine a thick velvet red curtain flowing open to bright lights shining over a prop-filled stage. A simple story line of rehearsed words, fading in and out from scene to ...

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Upside Down

Jane E. Jonas tells tale of a life rebuilt

Wisconsin native and UW-Eau Claire alumna Jane E. Jonas has made a courageous choice: to share her personal experiences about love, loss, and the grief of unexpectedly losing her beloved husband, Ric, in her new book Upside Down. Jane’s pure ...

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In the Mirror

writer explores experience with identity disorder

Nora Nita Bates is grateful for the opportunity to employ a new medium for her unique voice: her debut memoir, Looking in the Mirror Out. Released on June 1 and self-published through AuthorHouse, this autobiographical work details Fall Creek ...

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Visual Art

Into the Night

former professor returns for joint show with son

If you are looking for something to do in the potentially life-threateningly humid month of August, consider the Janet Carson Gallery outside of the State Theater. Not only is it air-conditioned, but will also be hosting the “Into the Night: A ...

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Local Look

Tracking the Tea Party

local a/v company takes a ride with the Tea Party

You might’ve already seen their work on TV, but you probably didn’t see them there. Jeremy and Jason Kadinger, two Chippewa Valley brothers who run Kadinger Productions, have spent the last whirlwind year behind-the-scenes of a number of national ...

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Sixty-four Years New

Beatles memorabilia shop opens in downtown EC

Downtown Eau Claire is getting a taste of Beatlemania thanks to Eli Bremer, native of Winona, Minn. Located on 128 Barstow St., When I’m Sixty Four carries Beatles memorabilia ranging from lunch pails to figurines, first issue stamps to a $2,500 ...

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Food / Drink

Fro-yo Explosion

two new frozen yogurt shops in Eau Claire

Eau Claire digestive tracts have two more options for scoring some good bacteria these days – and they say, bring it on! Cherry Berry recently opened at 2524 Golf Rd. in Eau Claire (across the parking lot from Burger King) and offers real dairy ...

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Best Red

Chippewa Falls winery wins state competition

River Bend Vineyard and Winery of Chippewa Falls won the Best of Class award at the Wisconsin State Fair Wine Competition held on June 21. Wines entered in the competition are placed into various divisions based on the type of wine submitted ...

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A Cut Above

U.S. Chainsaw Sculpture Championships return to EC

Wisconsin has a long and storied history as a logging state, built upon years and years of experience in the noble and virtuous pursuit of cutting wood. Some accounts even place Eau Claire as the original birthplace of Paul Bunyan, archetypical ...

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