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According to Plans

the schematic of a bold and exciting city takes shape during Eau Claire's "planning boom"

Eau Claire is currently experiencing a "planning boom," and with each new plan, the schematic of a bold and exciting city takes shape.

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | May 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye. And hello.

As this issue hits the streets, the Volume One staff is hastily shuffling boxes, desks, chairs, and our dusty vintage camera collection into our new home at 205 N. Dewey Street (on the corner of Dewey and Galloway). Needless to say it’s an ...

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Opening Letters

On the Move

as a V1 editor leaves Eau Claire once again he’s struck by how different it is this time around

Usually at this point you’re buckling yourself up to read about riveting local happenings and Volume One’s take on what it means to the progression of our community. If you’ve already done said buckling ...

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The Rear End

The Moment of Tooth

losing a tooth is a big deal, but losing three...

My kid is loosing all her teeth. Don’t worry, I’m told this is normal. I have memories of loosing my own teeth, how they’d get looser and looser until they were clinging by the thinnest strands of skin. To be honest, it always gave me ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 31, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Brittany Haakenson

“This body of work is drawn from my childhood experience of working on my grandfather’s farm. Using photography is important to capture obscure angles used for my paintings. These photos I have taken also allow me to see the tiny details…

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 31, 2011

On Saturday, May 19 Main Street of Menomonie organized Summer Daze, which is a new festival focusing on the community and embracing its heritage. They had activities for all ages throughout the weekend, including a Lumber Jack competition.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Tuning Up the Express

perhaps it's time for the hometown team to get a signature song

In this edition of “Athletic Aesthetic,” we’re talkin’ baseball.  We’re turnin’ up the heat.  We’re having good times that never felt so good, so good, so good.  We’re gonna watch that baseball soar.  All while singing and ...

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Letters From Earth

local rockers embark on a recording adventure

Despite the assertion of religious types to the contrary, the universe lacks a P.O. Box. Yet that hasn’t stopped us from motioning our missives to the moon and beyond as signals ...

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Local Christian bands heading to the bar?

Recently in the Chippewa Valley area, and beyond, there has been an interesting trend taking place. Lately, there have been Christian based bands hosting after-service concerts in unconventional venues on Sundays after church services ...

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Visual Art

Open Air and the Arts

downtown arts festival returns for year six

For the past several years, the Open Air Festival of the Arts has gifted our community with an enjoyable, diverse event for both residents and visitors alike and allowed for artists from around the Chippewa Valley ...

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Local Look

Hammerin' Hank

city soon to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of Aaron’s time in Eau Claire

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron: just a few of the baseballs greats. But only one of them called Eau Claire home, at least for a summer ...

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Charly's Market

downtown Eau Claire finally gets its grocery

Most people don’t equate their first job with their dream job. But for Carolyn Miller, owner of the new Charly’s Market in Phoenix Park, that’s just how it happened ...

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Showing the Glow

local webcast talk show about whimsy and joy

When people take themselves too seriously, life is in danger of getting very boring. This is a problem the ladies at Queen of the Castle Magazine do not have. Everyone needs some whimsy in their lives, at least that’s what the writers of ...

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Confluence Project: Bites & Buzz

staying on top of the latest details of EC’s largest development ever

A plan as expansive as The Confluence Project isn’t over after the press conference. This will be a point of conversation for several months as the details finalize and eventually ground is broken.

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Food / Drink

Rice Palace

new Thai place moves into downtown Eau Claire

Eau Claire is getting a bit spicier with the opening of another Thai restaurant downtown called Rice Palace LLC, which will offer a portal to the warm, tangy wilds of Thailand at 210 S. Barstow St. Opened by husband and wife ...

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Half Moon Tea and Spice

Infinitea changes name and offerings, expands to mall

Infinitea is no longer. Well, I mean at least the name Infinitea is no longer. In fact, the business that you know as Infinitea is expanding, so much so that they outgrew their name ...

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Sipping Zepaltas

former local and successful winemaker returns home

California wine-maker Ryan Zepaltas is an Eau Claire boy at heart having grown up here, shredded many a bank parking lot with his skateboard, spun records for seminal alt-art rockers Three Liter Hit, and obtained a degree in ...

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Other Stuff

Parade of Homes

Now let me say up front so it doesn’t get your hopes up: A parade of homes doesn’t mean the homes are coming to you. But, don’t worry, it’s still really cool.

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