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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | May 17, 2012

"I just wanted to make a couple of announcements related to Volume One’s many summer events. You’ll see in this issue we’re announcing the sizable line-up for the 7th season of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. With the weather so nice for ... "

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Opening Letters

Something is Happening

Eau Claire seems to be on the cusp of a whole new era of growth

The amount of energy bubbling in this community right now is enormous. Something is happening. It feels different. And I think it’s possible Eau Claire is about to go for one hell of a ride. If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of ...

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The Rear End

Down Under

digging in the dirt to find a brighter tomorrow

Lately, we’ve heard a lot of talk about redevelopment. People want to tear up old streets and construct new ones. People are dreaming up riverside parks and pedestrian malls and plazas and mixed use whatchamacallits. Engineers are churning out ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 17, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Brianna Capra

“'Black Eyed Susan' is part of a series of summer fairies I painted, inspired by Mary Cicely Barker. These have been some of my most successful pieces yet, proving that it is always wise to ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 17, 2011

Local youths, shown here en route to a pot of gold. A rainbow bursts skyward, as seen from Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, immediately following evening downpours on Tuesday, May 8.

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Amateur Love Rereleases

When Justin Vernon’s Chigliak reissues Amateur Love’s “It’s All Aquatic” on May 22nd, fans will have a chance to hear, quite simply, a great album – one that many bands who play here today claim as an influence. On top of that, listeners can hear ...

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local folkster Kalispell releases first full length

Shane Leonard of Eau Claire rootsy folk Kalispell has been breathing in for the better part of the last six years, and on May 17, he’ll sing. “Moving from Wisconsin to Connecticut to ..."

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Sounds Like Summer

the Phoenix Park concerts return June 7

Well, it’s about that time again. That time when your Thursday nights get easy and awesome. Volume One is officially announcing the 2012 iteration of the Sounds Like Summer ...

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Big River Radio Wave

stage and radio show to visit Chippewa Falls

After forming a band called the RiverBenders with his friends and seeing other live talent pass through his venue, theater owner Mac Cherry decided it would be fun to do a variety show and feature a mix of entertainers. So became the Big River ...

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Living Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery event allows you to interact with our past

This year on Memorial Day you have the opportunity to do something no one has done for hundreds of years: Meet and talk to Steven Taintor. See, Taintor – a revolutionary war veteran who settled in Menomonie – has been deceased for a long time, ...

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UW-Eau Claire Professor Wins Nonfiction Award

UW-Eau Claire creative writing professor BJ Hollars has always admired Ray Bradbury and has worked with the Farenheit 451 author. But now, Hollars will join the likes of Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut as a winner of the Society of Midland Authors’ ...

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Taking Magical Journeys

A. Mitchell Bullard started working on his first novel in 2001, capitalizing on the idea that popped in his head from his tree stand. The Many Magical Journeys of Alexander Wright is a seven book series in similar vein to Harry Potter, The ...

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Story Time

local author and educator Rob Reid is publishing three books in 2012

Story has been and will continue to be a powerful part of every child’s formative years and an everlasting fountain of youth for adults. Entertaining, teaching, and inspiring children’s literature is not just for kids, as we well know. A certain ...

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Visual Art

Major Marketing

new “Artist Market” coming to Phoenix Park

This summer there will be a new Artist Market working in harmony with the ever-popular Saturday morning Eau Claire Farmers Market in Phoenix Park. Erin and Jamie, of Tangled Up in Hue have participated as artists at the Farmer’s Market downtown ...

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Local Look

It's Gettin' Real

a new $85 million arts center, student housing, and commercial complex slated for downtown EC

A massive collaboration between UW-Eau Claire, Commonweal Development, Market & Johnson, and Eau Claire Regional Arts Center will lead to a roughly $85 million project at the Haymarket Site along the confluence that includes a community arts ...

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10 Years of Progress

results of 2001’s downtown action agenda

It’s easy to look at these ambitious plans as a whole and think it all sounds pretty grandiose. But of course these are ideas that will shape a reality to be accomplished over time. The original 2001 HyettPalma plan that created the to-do list ...

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Visions of the Future

DECI and the South Barstow BID unveil a long-range plan for downtown Eau Claire

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. (DECI) and the South Barstow Business Improvement District unveiled their master plan for one section of downtown on May 3, expanding on and connecting various plans that have been brewing for some time. The two groups ...

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Thanks for Asking | May 17, 2012

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

In a previous article, you mentioned the neighborhood on the west side was called “the bloody Ninth.” I actually went to Ninth Ward School in the ’40s and didn’t realize it was called that. How did it get that name? ...

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Food / Drink

Lazy Monk Brewing Opens Banbury Tasting Room

If you hunger for a magical place where love makes beer and that beer knows your name, then stop hungering and start drinking. At the family-owned Lazy Monk Brewery’s welcoming new tap room you can sample all their current artisan brews while ...

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Frogiyo Sweetens Downtown

new frozen yogurt shop opens near Phoenix Park

Sweet and simple is the perfect way to sum up Eau Claire’s new frozen yogurt place named Frogiyo settled right next door to the Smiling Moose.

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Kid Culture

Chugging Along

iconic Carson Park ride celebrates 35 years

Chippewa Valley Railroad Association President Dave Peterson thinks of Carson Park as a big backyard. “It’s great to come to the park and see people riding the train,” Peterson said. “There are few events now where grandparents can take ...

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Off to the Wood Tick Races

Red Zone Sports Bar pits tick against tick

While seated at a bar in Oxbo, Wis., Dick Kuhnert pulled a tick off his arm and watched as it scurried across the bar. This was the beginning of the annual event of wood tick racing. “My father was sitting at a bar, thinking there had to be some ...

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Special Sections

Up North on South Shore

hopping around the hot spots of Lake Superior

If nature, adventure, culture, big wide open water, friendly folk, and relaxation sound like your idea of vacay, then the South Shore of Lake Superior is waiting. Before departure, pack for any weather because it can change quickly ...

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Serenity Found on Lost Lake

my all-time favorite Wisconsin locale for camping, recreation

Growing up, my family camped. A lot. I don’t mean the occasional three or four trips up north each summer like many Wisconsin families. I mean, we camped. Almost every weekend of every summer, we would traverse to a new or loved Wisconsin state ...

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Of Beasts and Burdens

an interesting encounter while bicycling Lake Superior

During the summer of 2008, my husband and I moved back to the Midwest and set about bicycling around Lake Superior as a way of reconnecting with the land. We’d crossed the Canadian border on the evening before and had just spent a sunny…

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Calmer Waters

regional stops for antiques, lighthouses, wineries, and more

Visit Bayfield, a quaint community on the shores of Lake Superior that offers both adventure and relaxation. Take a kayak trip out to water-sculpted caves or hang back on shore and enjoy an afternoon of exploring museums, orchards, and berry ...

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When to Travel

cutting costs by simply scheduling

Much of travel goes by supply and demand, so summer, spring break, and Christmas are peak times, and fall is usually the least expensive for resorts, airfare, and cruises. But a lot depends on where (Europe versus Mexico versus Alaska, ...

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Other Stuff

The Really Free Market

no money, no bartering at a local free market event

The Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) is an international organization that has found an ideal home right here in the Eau Claire community. This “gift economy” consists of people from the community coming together along with their talents, ...

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Wisconsin Museum Week

Between May 13 and May 20, a great holiday comes to Wisconsin: Wisconsin Museums Week. Our own Chippewa Valley Museum will be celebrating with buy one, get one free admission on May 19 and 20 and scavenger hunts all through the week. And, as just ...

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