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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | May 3, 2012

"I love the springtime burst of energy this town seems to have each year – downtown in particular. It seems if you get even a mildly nice day, people pour onto the sidewalks and trails – whether they’re on bikes, boards, blades, or simply on ... "

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Opening Letters

Fishful Thinking

a newcomer discovers the great Sconnie institution of smelt feeds

It’s 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday, half an hour after the smelt feed began, and we’re looking for a place to park. Thankfully, we find a spot that isn’t too far of a walk back to the Rock Dam Rod & Gun Club. The first thing I notice as I walk down the ...

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The Rear End

The Swing of Things

the utter importance of the humble swing set

It’s easy to forget how hard it is to swing on a swing. You need to pump your legs. You need to get the timing right. You need to harness gravity. Once you do, eureka, it’s the most obvious thing...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 3, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by John Houseman

“This is a commissioned portrait of the wonderful, historic house overlooking the Chippewa River by the Grand Ave. footbridge. I have also done dozens of automotive and people portraits which you can view at ... "

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 3, 2011

On April 21, the Great Hall of Memorial Student Center saw UW-Stout’s 2012 installment of Fashion Without Fabric, where design students make and model wearable creations fashioned from pretty much anything but normal textiles ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Will the Mighty Fall?

increasing safety concerns force us to imagine a day without football

2011 was a memorable season for the Colby High School football team, taking home the WIAA Division 5 State Championship. Naturally, the first thing returning Eagles players are thinking for next season is the defense of their title, while eager ...

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Local Indie Duo Scrimbo Heading to Europe

As a graduation celebration, the local duo Scrimbo is packing their bags and heading across the big pond. The self-described “catchy indie rock” band, comprised of Adam Thoms (More Amore, The Blue Room) and Alyssa Rieper (Feathe), is ready to ...

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Back and Forth with S. Carey

S. Carey’s Hoyas EP takes on new direction

S. Carey’s first album, All We Grow, was very jazzy, very airy, very organic. S. Carey’s new release – a four-song EP called Hoyas which will be out May 8 – isn’t any of those things. It’s very technical, very dense at parts and possesses very ...

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Keith Karns Big Band

former local brings big band to a show at the State

Former UWEC Jazz I trumpeter Keith Karns is returning to his roots to debut his new band and album. Based out of Indianapolis, the Keith Karns Big Band plays mostly original works and arrangements by Keith himself. The band’s debut/CD release ...

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Emcee on the Way

Minneapolis hip-hopster ECID headed to Eau Claire

Minneapolis visionary emcee and producer ECID (like acid, with an E) has created his following the old fashioned way, by himself. Years of ambitious touring, record digging, and quality releases have translated into an underground hip-hop ...

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Tedd Wright

young composer remembered by music community

Tedd Wright was a young man of extraordinary talents; not only creating, composing, and playing music wise beyond his 12 years, but also impressing friends and family on the baseball field, in the classroom, and everywhere else he strived to ...

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A Plethora of Deathcore

nationally touring metal bands to stop in Eau Claire

I am as susceptible to labels as the next dude. So it was that, circa 2003, I approached The Black Dahlia Murder’s Unhallowed debut with no small amount of trepidation. Before I’d heard a single chord, some friend of mine blighted the band: “Man ...

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Festival Season Begins!

brand new fest ‘SummerDaze’ comes to Menomonie

Recently Smithsonian Magazine chose Menomonie as one of the best 20 Small Town’s in America! All this good press just reinforces that we here in the Chippewa Valley know how to live. Hat’s off to all! Joanie Dulin, Main Street Menomonie’s ...

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Another Bite of Venison

local rock heroes of yore stage special reunion show

“It was an overwhelming yes.” There are a lot of reasons to get the band back together, most of them more ill-advised than Spandex on a middle-aged insurance salesman. But when the friends and family of Jeff Johnson asked the men of Venison to ...

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Spring Awakening

children’s theater takes on controversial musical

The controversial musical Spring Awakening is set to premiere in Eau Claire May 10, and the cast hopes it will spark a conversation in the community. Spring Awakening, based on the 1892 play by Frank Wedekind, is an honest look at teenagers ...

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Just Local Theatre

group to put on a locally grown collections of short plays

Barebones Ensemble Theatre, who always seem to be up to something, is hosting quite the event on the weekend of May 17-19. The ensemble will be performing the short plays and monologues of local writers in a production called, justly, Just Local ...

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Shock 'n' Roll

a new festival in Menomonie will feature art, music for two days

Culture Shock is an exciting two-day festival in Menomonie, put on by Menomonie Theater Guild, on May 18 & 19 celebrating the best of local music, art, and food. With two unique evenings planned, coinciding with Main Street Menomonie’s new ...

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local storyteller writes of growing up in Eau Claire

Today kids are more likely to charge into a virtual world of video games after school. However, this was not a possibility for youth in the 40s and 50s. Check out Larry Pope’s book Shot-Town Stories for a chance to experience what boyhood was ...

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Former Local Publishes First Novel for Kindle

Eau Claire native Grant Maierhofer recently self-published an ebook titled The Persistence of Crows. A student in the fiction writing program at Columbia College Chicago, Maierhofer set out to write a novel he would have hoped to discover on a ...

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Visual Art

Diary-Style Exhibition Adorns Library Walls

To take in the new art exhibition at LE Phillips Memorial Public Library, called Connect/Disconnect, is to have a glimpse into a fractured diary. Each piece has the consistent outline of two opened pages, but each is distinct in its content and ...

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Finding Jeff

former local working on Dahmer documentary

Andrew Swant delivered pizzas for Rocky Rococo’s all through his academic career as an art major at UW-Eau Claire. After graduating in 2000, he went on first to substitute teach, then to walk dogs, and once found himself watching Monday Night ...

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Glue Man

short film by Found Footage founders winning awards

You see them on VH1 and the History Channel. Talking heads that offer one solid piece of information that takes you through a transition on to the next topic. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher – co-founders of the Found Footage Festival – call these ...

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Local Look

Decisions, Decisions

EC’s next city manager faces some tough challenges

In April of next year, the Eau Claire City Council will vote to select a new city manager. The election comes at a particularly crucial time for the city, as the high number of baby boomers working for the city approach retirement age. This ...

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Shortcuts | May 3, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Congratulations, Menomonie, you’re one of the best small towns in America. According to Smithsonian Magazine’s article, “The 20 Best Small Towns in America,” Menomonie ranks number 15. Smithsonian teamed up with Esri, a geographic information ...

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Glimpse | A Possible Future for Downtown

DECI and South Barstow BID will unveil their conceptual ideas for the future of downtown in Eau Claire on May 3 with the Downtown Master Plan. The plan mainly covers the S. Barstow area and is not a binding contract, but a “vision of what ...

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Food / Drink

Cottage Winery

Menomonie winery goes for European feel

Set back in the hills near Menomonie is a place that looks like it’s been stolen from the German countryside and place in our little nook of Wisconsin. The Cottage Winery and Vineyard, which opens in late May, has just that vibe going for it ...

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Sandstone Ridge Winery

couple starts new vineyard

Settling into another day at the office, Bob and Connie Dubiel were in search of something more. Both finance and accounting majors, the duo had become accustomed to regiments and routine work. Being avid wine-drinkers, Bob sparked an idea, and ...

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Kid Culture

The Olympics of Creativity

three Chippewa Valley Odyssey of the Mind teams qualified for globals

A high-energy creative-problem solving competition, an extracurricular opportunity for imaginative students to flourish, a cardboard-and-duct tape extravaganza – however you describe it, Odyssey of the Mind (or OM, for those in the know) is the ...

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Wisconsin Bike Challenge Has been Issued!

If you want a fun, easy way to promote health, wellness, and bicycling in your home or workplace, then get signed up for the Wisconsin Bike Challenge. This four month long (May 1 – August 31) free event is for anyone who wants get rewarded for ...

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Local Supplier of Quality Kubb Sets Opens for Biz

Kubb Farm, a new local business, owned and operated by Aaron Ellringer, has got you covered for all your Kubb equipment needs. The strategic Nordic lawn game has swept the Chippewa Valley in recent years. But, that said, a kinda big problem for ...

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Other Stuff

Pollinators Assemble!

Partnerships for Pollinators is a new community organization comprised of organizations such as UWEC, Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners, Beaver Creek Reserve and Citizen Science Center, and the Girl Scouts. Their goal is to build a ...

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Playing Through

exhibit showcases history of African American baseball

Because we live in an area originally settled by northern Europeans, the Chippewa Vallians of yore had very little contact with minority groups. What contact we did have came thanks to baseball, believe it or not. In the first half of the ...

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