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Thank you, Chippewa Valley

Thank you, Chippewa Valley ... for 10 years of support. Not only for Volume One, but for the idea of building our community into something more. Without our readers, advertisers, shoppers, and event-goers, we never could have made it this far.

Charlie Grossklaus & Geoff Moeding

A Corporate Leader and a Developer Whose Private Investments Have Made an Ambitious Riverfront Community Possible

If you can’t already tell from the likes of Irvine, Menomin, and Rod & Gun parks (in Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and Eau Claire respectively), our area planners can draw up plans for beautiful parks like nobody’s business. But in the case of ...

Ten Years of Volume One

celebrating 10 years of arts and culture in the Chippewa Valley

Meet locals who’ve shaped the past decade
. Consider people poised to shape the next ten years
. And check out some big V1 announcements ...

New Digs for a New Decade

Starting in June 2012, Volume One will have a new, permanent home in downtown Eau Claire. And the community will have a new place to hang.

We figure the 10-year mark is a pretty good time to make some upgrades, so we’re taking this opportunity to announce some big changes for Volume One – changes not just for our staff, but to what our organization can offer this community.

Your Next Decade

We Dug Deep, Checked With You, and Ventured Some Guesses at Who Could Be on the Tips of All Our Tongues in 2022.

The Tubers

A Horde of Drifters Helping to Realize the Chippewa Valley's Natural Potential

We’ve been able to track the advent of tubing on Chippewa Valley rivers all the way back to the early 1900s. But it’s clear that what’s happened in the last decade is a different matter entirely.

Eric Anderson

The Man Who's Changing a Community's Identity Through a Nordic Lawn Game

Kubb. If you’ve been around the Chippewa Valley lately, you’ve no doubt heard or read that word, and you’ve probably even seen a game being played in a neighbor’s yard or at a park.

Tom & Jill Barland

Generous Souls Donating Support to Many of the Chippewa Valley's Most Needed Organizations

In an area like ours, with loads of incredible non-profits, generous charitable givers, and dedicated volunteers, trying to choose just a few is impossible. Tom and Jill Barland not only have been ...

Justin Vernon & Kyle Frenette

The Homegrown Musician and a Manager Whose Musical Pursuits Capture Worldwide Attention

From the mythical cabin-in-the-woods start to recently snagging two Grammys, Bon Iver has captured the world’s attention. How can you even summarize the whirlwind that has surrounded them? The collaborations with Kanye West and The Roots ...

Jayson Smith, Chuck Stokke, & Mike Schatz

The People and Organizations Reclaiming our Downtowns as the Hearts of Our Communities

It takes a lot of people and groups to create a vibrant downtown. You need physical spaces for events and buildings, developers to make the best of those spaces, entrepreneurs to create businesses, programming for recreational use, and people ...

Michael Perry

A Rural Chippewa Vallian Whose Writing Sheds Light on the Humor and Heart of Northwoods People

Michael Perry is a man of many talents, but the humorist, musician, and volunteer firefighter is perhaps best known for his written work, which at its core chronicles his admiration for life in the Northwoods.

John Mogensen & Lisa Aspenson

A Couple Taking Historic Renovation to a New Level, Mixing the City's Past With an Urban Flair

John Mogensen and Lisa Aspenson are partners in both business and life, and it’s clear from the buildings they own that they have a passion for Eau Claire’s history and ...

Deidra Barrickman, Jordan Wolfe, & Crystal Halvorson

The Co-ops and Farmers Markets Who Are Dramatically Changing Our Food Scene

There’s no question that what we eat has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Namely, much of the national focus has shifted to eating local.

Miss Dee-Lovely

A Stage Performer & LGBTQ Activist Changing the Face of the Community One Fake Eyelash at a Time

She’s a drag queen. She’s a stage performer. She’s an activist. She’s an icon. She’s Dee-Lovely.

Bill Rowlett

A Baseball Lover Who Brought a New Kind of Sporting Experience to Eau Claire

When Uniroyal (Michelin Tire) was closing its Eau Claire facility in the ‘90s, Bill Rowlett was given the option to keep his position and relocate to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. But are we lucky he chose to stay.

Bruce Hering, Robert Baca, 
& Nobuyoshi Yasuda

Local Educators Who Know the Chippewa Valley's Reputation for Music and the Arts Begins in the Classroom

Bruce Hering, Bob Baca, and Nobuyoshi Yasuda are instrumental figures to our community. Both literally and figuratively. All three are music teachers in Eau Claire.

Mike Huggins & Kerry Kincaid

Long-Time City Officials Who Have Worked to Unite Our Community

In an age of political volatility and division, Eau Claire has been blessed with dedicated leaders like Mike Huggins and Kerry Kincaid.

Defining a Decade

the people, projects, ideas, and organizations that have shaped our community these last 10 years

Maybe it’s because this is the decade Volume One has actually been around for, but 2002 to 2012 sure feels to us like a particularly significant one for the Chippewa Valley.

The Community

"The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without away without the interest of the community."

The Founders

It’s a funny thing when you start something. There’s this feeling. A quiet sensation of the great potential of an idea, tempered with unease over the possibility of its failure. It’s a feeling that can scale from the smallest of personal endeavors to

10 Year Anniversary Issue

We’re so very glad we were paying attention.

Meet locals who’ve shaped the past decade
. Consider people poised to shape the next ten years
. And check out some big V1 announcements ...

Styling Something More

downtown salon offers quarterly art exhibitions

Visitors to downtown’s Saylon Seven might notice something different on April 7. The salon is hosting their second quarterly art show. Owner of the salon, Sabrina Spiegel-Kohrs, said her husband, Keith Kohrs, is the one behind the idea. ...

The Great Revelation

the #1 story pitched to Volume One over the past decade

We still get emails pitching the story. All the time. It began after Volume One’s first issue was published, and over the past 10 years, the phenomena has endured – like a relentless, though well-meaning, neighbor knocking at your door, once a ...

Phil Circle Goes Local

Chicago blues transplant releases first local album

Phil Circle seems to have found his place among us in the Chippewa Valley. After an unexpected move from Chicago in 2010 with EC native and wife Megan Corse, Phil was more than pleased to find our rich music scene. Over the last couple years here ...

Steep Canyon Rangers

nationally acclaimed bluegrass band stops in Eau Claire

This should be the Valley’s bluegrass show of the year. Worldwide bluegrass ambassadors, the Steep Canyon Rangers, bring their talents to Eau Claire to display just what Steve Martin discovered at that party in North Carolina. They take the reins ...


real time art event returns to the State Theatre

You can go to any art gallery to see art and listen to jazz music, but how often is it that you get to see the work being created? liveART3 at The State Theatre will consist of a dozen area visual artists, each of whom is allotted an ...

The Entertainers

comedic documentary details Old-Time Piano contest

While many have forgotten old-time piano music, local filmmakers Nick Holle and Michael Zimmer (Illegal Use of Joe Zopp) keep the spirit of ragtime alive in their new documentary, The Entertainers. The comedic documentary goes deep within ...

Art Comes Springing from the Heyde Center

Spring is here, which means it’s time for the 47th Annual Spring Art Show at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls. Running from April 15-26, this year’s show will feature more than 110 local artists, many of who will show their art for ...

How to Be a Good Neighbor

tips from the City of Eau Claire’s neighborhood maintenance brochure

All buildings must be maintained in a state of good repair (painted at regular intervals, clean and sanitary, etc.).

The Renter Stereotype

know why it exists and what you can do to reverse it

In general, just have a sense of respect for (your) house and neighborhood.

Renters Insurance

what you need to know (and why you should probably get it)

It covers your personal property in circumstances like theft, fires, natural disasters, and more. Obviously there’s exceptions and exclusions, but, in general, your stuff is covered when the crap hits the fan.

The Best Defense

what to do before you move in, and while you live someplace

Read your lease carefully. Understand everything and ask questions. Leases can be changed if your landlord is open to it, so if you find something unreasonable, alter it, cross it out, or make additions to it.