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Local Winery Opens New Tasting Room

After recently completing renovations in Building 13 of Banbury Place, Matthew and Kayla Rick are proud to take Infinity Beverages to the next level. The Eau Claire winery (that started in 2010), now features a Tasting Lounge ...

Once More with Feeling(s)

UWEC theater department puts on a show just for kids

Being a kid is not always easy. Children are often faced with difficult experiences just like adults are; however, it may be more difficult for them to understand these experiences and to cope with the emotions that accompany hard times ...


new dance classes get into the modern arena

If at any given time you want to know what our community’s various scenes will look like in the future, a good indicator is looking at the kinds of events and classes offered to our youths right now. And if the surge of movement-based offerings ...

Tiny Hiney: On Spring and School

"I love spring. I like not wearing anything on my arms or my feet or my legs ‘cause I’m bored of wearing things on my arms or my feet or my legs."

Opening Shot | March 22, 2012

Despite the amazing warm temperatures of late, those crazy “sprite” statues on UW-Eau Claire’s lower campus recently found t-shirts necessary.

Get Dirty

new youth gardening program sprouts in our backyard

As his graduation approached last May, Luke Chambers pondered his options. Nailing down the ideal job can be quite the challenge, but, fortunately, he landed on a great opportunity with the Americorps Vista. As a vista, Chambers was assigned to ...

To loop or not to loop?

the debate rages on about whether cursive is still a useful skill to be taught in schools

As a substitute teacher, I recently found myself greeting a bubbling classroom of second graders as their teacher for the day. While attempting to control the flurry of raised hands and questions and concerns, I quickly scrawled “Mrs. Nelson” on ...


confessions of a former poetry slam master

For almost a decade, my wife and I ran the “Running Water Poetry Slam” at the Acoustic Café in Eau Claire – damn near once a month, year round, for seven years. We started in the fall of 2000, and it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever done.

Pass the Puck

low numbers for Huskies’ hockey prompts a co-op discussion

Over the years, numerous playoff banners have accumulated in the rafters inside Hobbs Ice Center in Eau Claire. Banners of Columbia blue and banners of purple, signifying the accomplishments of the North Huskies and Memorial Old Abes boys’ hockey ...

How Sports Affects Politics and Vice-Versa

To this point I think the bridge between sports and politics existed somewhere in Minnesota when Jesse Ventura became governor. But sportswriter Dave Zirin will be bringing the next chapter in a talk at UW-Eau Claire’s Forum Series ...

Folk Studies

new UW-Eau Claire course explores roots of folk rock

Baby boomers and those that grew up with the sounds of the 60s will be interested in UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education’s upcoming program, “American Folk Music: The Origins of Folk Rock.” The course is new this year and begins March 28.

Like a Fox

Fanny Hill to debut new farce Fox on the Fairway

Up next for the Fanny Hill theater troupe is the exceptionally funny Fox on the Fairway production, set to debut in April. Don Hodgins, the theater’s director and a cast member, said the show is going to be very easy to enjoy for fans of golf ...

Mal Blum

emotive songstress to croon at Infinitea Teahouse

Blum was chatting with Zoe Boekbinder while scheduling gigs on her way to Minneapolis when Zoe mentioned that Mal should check out Eau Claire on her way through. A little over a year ago Zoe and Dakota Belle joined then-new band Adelyn Rose and ...

A Duo of Tributes

two events recreate 80s hair rock, 90s alternative

There’s a vast difference between “cover bands” and “tribute bands.” If you know a handful of other musicians’ songs, you can be a cover band. That’s why there’s so many, and the talent gamut is a vast one. To be a tribute band, however ...

The Muffin Lady

Menomonie’s philanthropist of baked goods

Students at UW-Stout may not recognize the name Yvonne Cox, but many know who “The Muffin Lady” is. Every Monday during the school year, Cox can be found on the UW-Stout campus handing out a multitude of muffins. “We do it so that we have ..."

Milwaukee Burger Co. expands bar to 32 taps

For all you craft beer lovers in the Chippewa Valley, Milwaukee Burger Company has got a treat for you. The Eau Claire restaurant will be adding 24 new taps to its collection, most of which will be brews from regional craft breweries ...

Progressive Film Fest Comes Back for More

For 10 days, the UWEC campus will be hosting its 6th Annual Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival from Friday, March 30 until Sunday, April 8. This year, they will feature 14 films all followed by a facilitated discussion to provoke thought ...

The Purpose

spiritual encounter spurs Jerome Wolcott’s debut

A Sci-fi Kinda Guy

BJ Kelly releases the first in a planned trilogy

Brian Able’s world is changing. His familiar world of Eau Claire pre-World War II (circa 1936) is gone. And for some reason the mysterious dreams he’s been having, set in a location known as “the place between,” have something to do with it ...

The Doctor Is In

local comic books take us to magical land of Altoonia

Paul Hemphill’s comics are the epitome of a seamless combination of fun, entertaining illustrations, and quirky, intriguing anecdotes.

Help North High Jazz Students Get to New York

Essentially Ellington is one of the country’s most famous high school jazz competitions. Each year 15 high school jazz bands from all over the country are selected to participate in this prestigious event. This year, for the eighth time in ...


local songstress signed to worldwide label

Barstow Comes Alive

Eau Claire Jazz Festival recreates 52nd Street in downtown EC

“All along the street there will be other venues hosting music. We would just love for people to take in as much as they can.” – Patty Horecki, executive director of Eau Claire Jazz, Inc.

Shortcuts | Mar. 22, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

In an email to teachers and staff, Eau Claire Area School District Superintendent Ron Heilmann announced on March 16 his intention for an early release from his contract. His contract was to be extended through June 2013. In the email, he says ...

The Big Events

if you want Eau Claire to build a major events facility, now’s the time to pay attention

Community-wide studies like Clear Vision and The Good Life recommended it. City leaders examined the feasibility of it. And all the while residents have been clamoring for it. Now it sounds as though the community has been heard, as a group ...

Good Mob Mentality

the cash mob movement floods into the Valley

There are three rules: Each person should spend $20 at the chosen business, each person should meet at least three people they didn’t know, and everyone should generally have a blast.

Note from the Editor | Mar. 22, 2012

"If this keeps up it will be 85 degrees and sunny for our annual April Fools’ Day Pillow Fight on Sunday, April 1. The first day of April is an iffy time to hold an outdoor event – even if it only lasts all of about 15 minutes. We’ve seen snow ..."

On the Cover | March 22, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Dieter Mccallum

“Sharks have been known to prey on octopuses and vise versa. The octopus, being the more intelligent and cunning creature by nature, will, when being perused in a life threatening manner, sever one of it’s own eight tentacles, via muscle ..."

Make Yourself a Merry Little Truffle

Obsession Chocolates’ head honcho chocolatier Rebecca Flynn gives a lesson on making truffles

Before we get started, you should know that tempering chocolate is the difficult part of this process. When I teach this truffle lesson in Chocolate 101 at our downtown location (18 S Barstow St.), we spend a good chunk of time going into the ...

Kid Stories: Holiday Dinnertime

what local third graders would serve for a holiday dinner

"I had a turke. I cooked the turke. He said “Don’t eat me! I’ma good turke.” He watched TV with my dad. He played with me and four weeks later he died." – Jordan, Locust Lane

Kid Stories: A Day in the Life of Santa

what local third graders think Santa does at the North Pole each day

“Santa missed lunch and breakfast, then he ate one of the back-up reindeer. Some of the reindeer got so mad that they started a snowball fight.” – Vincent Trapani, Manz Elementary

Wrapping ’Em Up

Menomonie shop Tooskies specializes in cloth diapers

A frequent reaction upon hearing my plan to use cloth diapers was a friendly warning against their inconvenience and messiness. Still today stereotypes of yesterday’s cloth diaper systems linger and deter parents from even considering cloth...

A Rare Interview with Mrs. Claus

We all know that the guy in the red suit is the one who delivers the goods to the underside of our trees on Christmas. And every holiday season he gets all the press. Well who would he be without that charming lady on his right arm helping out?

Local Letters to Santa (2011)

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy

Sorry, but I was just sitting here thinking … Is this about the Three Brothers/Laredos/Pink Pig/Dakota Grill/Klassix building? I know you were a big fan of all the restaurants at that place. You know that wasn’t my fault, right?

Take the Plunge

Get warm fuzzy charity feelings at the same time as frozen fingers at the Polar Plunge

Want to prove yourself as a true Wisconsinite? Want to help the Special Olympics? Why not do the Polar Plunge? At Half Moon Lake on February 26, 2012, individuals and teams will jump into three feet of icy cold water to raise money for...

Skating Through Your Holidays

Hobbs Ice Center hosts three festive events this winter including skating with Santa

Have you ever noticed that every musical, movie, or TV show with a kidsy angle is made that much more awesome by adding the phrase “on ice?” Think about it. Disney On Ice: genius. Sesame Street On Ice: brilliant.

A Local Holiday Music Compilation

the fifth edition of this fun project deserves your yuletide attention

I start humming Christmas tunes sometime in February and don’t stop until the hangover sets in on January 1. Xmas tunes were such a part of my youth – caroling the nursing home circuit, Charlie Brown TV specials, wandering around the...

Just Letting It Snow

how Mother Nature tracked me down and demanded I have a white Christmas

There we were, standing right outside the door – a family of deer frozen in the headlights – and all around us, falling from the sky, was snow. In Texas. And this particular family of deer was dressed in shorts and flip-flops.

In Fantacyland

Strum teen’s web videos leave big impressions

Gabi Mills, from Strum, is definitely a youth to remember in the Chippewa Valley. At only 14 years old, she has plenty of reasons to be excited about for her future. For starters, she is quite the sensation on YouTube – her channel, Fantacylandfilms,

Little Sprouts

new Chippewa Valley child care center keeping it green

“One of the things we feel is important is giving children choices so they have a say in decisions being made about them.” – Joe Lawrence, co-owner of Little Sprouts Academy

Adventures in Veggies

parents get creative with veggies to stay ahead of the childhood obesity problem

With the national childhood obesity problem and the rise of sustainable local eating, parents are increasingly concerned with staying ahead of the curve on their child’s nutrition. But with kids’ natural hatred for vegetables, what is a parent to do?

A Buy Local Gift Guide (2011)

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home. And with the following guide, it’

Give Yourself a Hand

All Eau Clairians have undoubtedly seen the colorfully decorated hand sculptures in the city. And once again you can buy one of your own. Three of the hands from the 6th annual Hands Across Eau Claire project are being auctioned by...