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Note from the Editor | Mar. 8, 2012

We were excited last week to hear the name of The Local Store announced at the annual Downtown Eau Claire Awards Banquet as the 2011 Retailer of the Year. Organized by Downtown Eau Claire, Inc (DECI) and held each year at Houligans, the event ...

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The Rear End

What's in Store

making friends and enemies while you buy groceries

You know what I just love? Being friendly. I love running into friends and neighbors and chatting it up. I love catching up and reconnecting and staying in touch and sharing precious moments. Especially in places like the chips aisle of ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | March 8, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Jed Leiknes

“When my wife was pregnant, our overall baby theme was owls. After painting our nursery I became obsessed with owls for a little bit – prompting this piece. It was fun because I don’t usually paint wildlife. I usually paint dumb stuff like ..."

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Arms Aloft

top-shelf punk band’s long-awaited full-length

Sunrise some March morning commute, fingers skimming static stations, a graying field of voices scratching windy phrases suddenly choked by the light of song and I am soon warming in the afterglow. I cannot wait for the usual, customary courtesy ...

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Leppard, Maiden will Melt Your Face at Rockfest

Def Leppard and Iron Maiden are two of the top performers that will be headlining this year’s Rockfest this July in Cadott. Fans of Maiden will be able to see them perform on Saturday, and Def Leppard fans (who’ve patiently waited a year to see ...

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faith-based metal band to unveil debut LP

With the release of their new record Empty Handed on the horizon, self-proclaimed “spirit-filled hardcore” band Conveyer has their hands full. “Conveyer itself means ‘messenger,’ ” guitarist and vocalist, Ty Brooks says. “I wanted it to be a ..."

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Winding Road

young country sensation Johnson returns to Chi-Hi

Singer/songwriter Anna Johnson, a Chippewa Falls native with a twang that’s taken her all the way to Nashville, proves that you can’t shake your roots. “Since moving to Nashville in the fall of 2009, I have come home several times,” said Johnson ...

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A Shillelagh Good Time

traditional Celtic band is perfect for St. Patty’s, says I

It doesn’t have to be St Patty’s to have a “rollickin’ foot-stomping jig-dancin’ gut laughin’ mug poundin’ rabble rousin’ tuneful good time.” The Shillelagh Lads make you feel Irish all year round by creating authentic pub music with traditional ...

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Get Gatsby

haunted whodunit musical comes to Heyde Center

Long-time Valley residents and theater enthusiasts Jerry and Carol Way are grabbing the attention of Chippewa Valley residents once again as they continue rehearsals for their upcoming “mystery musical comedy ghost story” Gatsby’s Supper Club.

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Bring On the Brides

Children’s Theatre brings Broadway musical to EC

A musical known for its large-scale production and cast, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, will be showing right here in the Chippewa Valley at The State Theatre, put on by the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre. “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a ...

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Bill Engvall

blue collar comedian to hunker down at State Theatre

If you like Bill Engvall … you might be a redneck. Illustrious stand-up comedian, TV actor, and recent game show host (Lingo) is coming to The State Theatre in Eau Claire. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s best known for his role in the ...

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Visual Art

Mike's Art Supply

Menomonie art store goes independent

Are you an artist or aspiring to become one? Perhaps you just have some artistic hobbies or are just looking for some ideas for a one-time project. If so, check out Mike’s Art & Design Supply located in downtown Menomonie at ...

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Local Look

Troubled Water

change needed to improve the Red Cedar Watershed

In the Netherlands, watersheds are considered such a vital part of life that local governments are organized around them, rather than by cities and counties. Watersheds are just as important to life here in the Valley, yet many of us aren’t ...

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Shortcuts | Mar. 8, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. hosted their annual awards banquet on Feb. 29 to honor local businesses in a variety of categories. The winners were chosen by a public survey with a few hundred respondents. The big winner was Brent Douglas, with the ...

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Exploring Snapshots of UWEC's Past

A year ago, if you wanted to get a look at the UW-Eau Claire’s past, you had to sort through a cabinet full of randomly assorted photos sitting out in the campus library’s reading room. Added to which inconvenience is that the photos were not ...

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Food / Drink

Taken for a Ride: delivery driver ride along

spending the night with a Chippewa Valley delivery driver

Do you remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Of course you do. Of course you remember when Jeff Spicoli, iconic stoner goof, orders a pizza in Mr. Hand’s class. You will then, naturally, also remember Home Alone, where an adorably young ...

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Orders from the Top

what the owners and managers of area restaurants order

It’s easy to ask friends and acquaintances about their favorite foodstuffs and eateries, but what about the owners themselves? What do they like to order off their own menu? And where do they like to go on the rare occasions that they eat elsewhere?

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Talkin’ Taverns

assessing the socialization potential of several Valley bars

The Joynt on Water St. is a mildly hidden gem between the piles of birthday mugs and Journey standards of Brothers and the bold yellow awning of New York Pizza and Deli. But, that said, locals know it well for the sheer character it exudes. The ...

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