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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Feb. 23, 2012

There’s a lot going on at the Volume One office these days, so I’m gonna talk shop a little bit here. The most immediate things are some positive changes to our team. After working our way through nearly 110 applications, we just finished up the ...

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Opening Letters

Digging Deeper

an interest in local sand mining uncovers inspiring network of concerned citizens

I drive from Eau Claire to Menomonie every day for work, and my trek into town takes me right through the Menomonie site of Fairmont Minerals, the sand company off of Highway 29. Until about two months ago, I didn’t give the lumbering trucks ...

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The Rear End

A Season for Smashing

memories of late winter walking across thin ice

Late February is usually the time of year we stop complaining about the snow and cold so we can free up more time to complain about how dirty the snow has gotten and how wet the cold air is feeling. It’s a time-honored tradition passed down ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Feb. 23, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Carrie Sood

"Frost. The frost that does not get the memo it is supposed to be spring. The frost that you find yourself using a credit card against since the scraper is never around when you are running late. The frost that makes you nervous when you see ..."

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Athletic Aesthetic

Ricky Rolled

a shaggy Spaniard has me believing in the T-Wolves again

Has a point guard ever changed your life? Odds are against such a scenario having occurred for you. Unless you’re a serious fan of a particular basketball team, or you married a point guard, or had some … er … “assets” riding on the outcome of a ...

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Get a Room

alt-hip-hop-rockers release debut album

Looking forward to releasing their first full-length album next month, don’t mistake The Blue Room for new blood in town. Featuring Joe Samolinski, Tommy Tainter, Adam Thoms, and the brothers Vang, Alex, and Anthony, The Blue Room is a ...

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Beat-Boxing Legend to Throw Down in Eau Claire

Twin Cities lyricist and human beat-boxing machine Terrell Woods (aka Carnage the Executioner) will be at the House of Rock on March 10th with some familiar friends for a special performance that is sure to amaze. Carnage is widely recognized for ...

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From Heart Breaks to Brotherly Love

Chippewa folk-rocker Matthew McDonough’s new album

Matthew “Mogey” McDonough’s new album Elysium: A Condition of Ideal Happiness can be categorized as lighthearted, folksy, Augustana kind of goodness. His album racks up 11 songs ranging from heart breaks to brotherly love. For the most part, the ...

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Covering Kristen

Menomonie folkster breaking out on YouTube

Kristen Korkowski, a student at UW-Stout, is becoming well known for her fabulously folky YouTube covers. What started as a mere outlet to allow her family to keep up on her music has turned into a full-fledged passion including restyled covers of ...

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Decadent Cabaret Returns

celebrating local bands with wigs, fishnets, and cover tunes

A 30+ year tradition of costumes, cover tunes, and all-out madness needs little more than a whispered mention of “Decadent” in mixed company to get a bunch of locals riled up. If you’re new to this annual event, it’s a three-day stint in which ...

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The Gentle Giant

country legend Don Williams to visit the State Theatre

If you see Don Williams at The State Theatre this March, you certainly won’t be the first. Williams has led an illustrious career over the last half-century, releasing his first charted hit in 1966. Since then, the Gentle Giant (as he’s known) ...

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Local Woman Makes Chicken Soup (For The Soul)

The newest volume of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” will feature a story written by a local woman. Eau Claire’s Lonnie Frock wrote a story entitled A Kiss Goodbye. Her story will be published in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul ...

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Cayla Kluver: Building the Kingdom

young local’s fantasy series is an empire in the making

As a 14 year-old, Cayla Kluver began a journey. Along with her on this journey were Princess Alera, Narian, Steldor, and London – characters of her novel Legacy. Now, at 19, Kluver is anxiously awaiting Feb. 28, the day Legacy’s sequel and second ...

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Ginger's Journey

a local parent’s bedtime story becomes full-fledged book

The new children’s book Ginger’s Journey may be in the finishing stages of publication. But to two local children, the story is anything but new. Their father, Jeff Harris, has been telling them the story of Ginger’s Journey since they were very ...

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The Mayor of Water Street

long-time resident recalls the Eau Claire of yore

Set in downtown Eau Claire in the 1930s and 40s, Jean Hazelton’s new book The Mayor of Water Street … or 902 recounts her memories of growing up in a time much different than today. When asked why she decided to write it, the long-time local and ...

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Visual Art

Smithsonian Snags Stout Professor's Artwork

Digital artist Dave Beck, a professor at The School of Art and Design at UW-Stout, now has a piece of art on permanent display at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Jellyfish Burger, an image fit for a menu with its ...

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The Hatch

eclectic bazaar-like shop opens in Menominie

Lucky for Chippewa Valley residents, The Hatch … well … hatched. And now there’s a reason to get global while still supporting local. The shop, operated by Adam Arel and his wife Alysia, opened in downtown Menomonie a few months ago. Arel said ...

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Local Look

Reflecting on Detecting

tracking down Angel Eyes, a local private investigator

Things were going well, Kathleen Degre thought. The man she was following, two cars ahead of her, seemed oblivious enough. Nothing unusual to see, anyway – just a mess of people driving to work. As the line of traffic stopped for a red light, the ...

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Menomonie Considers Backyard Chickens

Last year in Eau Claire, the backyard battle to raise chickens within city limits came to an end with the city council rejecting the movement. Now the movement has sprung up again. This time in Menomonie. “It’s the practice of getting back to ...

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Shortcuts | Feb. 23, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Even though it hasn’t been very cold this winter, UW-Eau Claire junior Julie Lilla has still been hot on the ice as part of a nationally recognized curling team. Lilla is a member of the Minnesota ...

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Back to the Box

quirky resale shop re-opens in downtown Menomonie

Tucked away in the basement of a building in downtown Menomonie that is overflowing with vintage treasures, one will find a section dotted with bright orange and green bags, bow ties, British rockstar leather and wooden boots, lunchboxes, wigs, ...

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Food / Drink

Vagabond's Got the Goods

new Menomonie bakery focuses on local ingredients

Back then bakeries weren’t too small or too big; they were just right. They had fresh (not out of a tub or tube) baked cookies, cakes, bread, cupcakes … endless possibilities of yummy goodness, measured, stirred, mixed, kneaded, and baked right ...

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Kid Culture

Where Books, Music, and Dancing Collide

Music, dance and reading … what do these things have in common? Maybe not much, but local families will get the chance to put them together on Saturday, March 10. As part of Jazz Fest, the Jump, Jive, and Read program gives kids ...

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Local Pre-Teens Create Their Own Stage Musical

We have new playwrights in our midst. Only this time they’re not from Community Arts or are local English teachers trying their hand at something new – they’re fifth graders. That’s right, Altoona fifth graders Anna Haigh and Linnea McClintock ...

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They Got Spirit, Yes They Do

new group getting young kids involved in cheer

These days, cheerleaders aren’t just the people who stand on the sidelines and root for athletes. They are athletes. Cheerleading has become a competitive sport that requires strength, coordination, flexibility, and teamwork. Chippewa Valley ...

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Special Sections

“Where the deer at?”

lots of you probably head up north to hunt, but is that the best spot?

Maybe it’s just me, but the vast majority of my family, friends, and acquaintances who hunt tend to do so “up north.” I don’t know if it’s because they know someone with land “up there,” or if it’s become a tradition...

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Going Public

Wisconsin has hundreds of thousands of acres of public land you can hunt and/or fish on

That’s right. We have approximately one crap-ton of land (both public and private) you can legally hunt on, and the DNR has the resources listing all of it. That’s 308 wildlife areas, 52 state parks, 653 natural areas and a total of 1,482 properties.

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Goin’ Surfin’ ... in Wisconsin

yes, we have a freshwater surfing scene – thanks to the Great Lakes

When you think of surfing, what comes to mind? Perhaps white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, tropical flowers, huge ocean swells, and Point Break? How about potlucks, Cheeseheads, and the chilly, freshwater shores of our very own Lake Michigan?

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Snowshoes: Lace 'Em Up

Beaver Creek's upcoming snowshoe workshops and hikes

Before Scandinavians immigrated to America in the early 1800s and introduced winter skis as a form of transportation, people used snowshoes, made by hand. These days, snowshoes have been pushed aside for not only skiing...

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Free Money For Your Business

dispelling the myth that there is such a thing

We asked more than a dozen local entrepreneurial experts and officials what questions are most commonly asked of them. All but one of them said almost the exact same thing, word for word: “Where can I get grants to start my business?” ...

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Secrets of Success: Rick Olson

gleaning some wisdom from a seasoned entrepreneur and business mind

To some, the principles that guide KRM Information Services will come off as touchy-feely New Age garbage – they’ll scoff, and turn away. But after 38 years as a successful entrepreneur in the Chippewa Valley, Rick Olson considers them ...

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Business Plan Do's and Don'ts

what the experts say will separate you from the pack

Do: Finish it. Take your time to address every point, especially the financing portion. Don't: Over-estimate your revenue or product, nor under-finance ...

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It's Business ... and It's Personal

the personality traits experts think are essential for starting a business

Being organized is huge. Other than that, it’s being outgoing, a multi-tasker, and objectively realistic instead of idealistic. Can you afford to fail? If you cut your revenue in half, and doubled your expenses, can it work?

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Other Stuff

Buying into Organic

Chippewa group has been doing it since before it was cool

The notion of organic food stores and local food co-ops in 1980 was certainly an innovative one, which is exactly why Chippewa Falls residents Barb Harling and Kathy Mandelert founded CHIPS, the Chippewa Falls Organic Food Buying Club. Together ...

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