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Intercepted Valentines

private letters of love that somehow found their way to our senior contributor, Eric Rasmussen

"My sweet, how I yearn for you! My world is nothing but hops and barley, when all I desire is your sugary enchantment. Orange Kool-Aid, with your vibrant neon color and thirst-quenching deliciousness … keeping our love a secret has plunged ..."

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SweetheArts (2012 Edition)

Artists, actors, writers, musicians, dancers, directors. An overabundance of talent and support. An underabundance of time and resources. Volume One investigates the magic that happens when two artists get together.

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Opening Letters

A Show for the (All) Ages

an under-utilized part of the music scene worth fighting for

Hey, remember back in December when we all packed into Zorn Arena for that great all-ages show? That was great wasn’t it? For me, seeing Bon Iver take the stage was awesome. They put on a fantastic arena show that was simultaneously breathtaking ...

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The Rear End

My Winter Hit List

these dumb winter drivers shall taste my icy vengeance

Everyone likes to complain about other people’s driving. (I know I do.) In the wintertime, there seems to be an extra helping of things to be annoyed about. There are certain drivers who do certain things I just can’t forgive. And those people ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Feb. 9, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Isaac Ruder

“Inspired by a trip to the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon, “Untitled” represents a peaceful memory of mine- – relaxation amongst the sound of softly flowing water and a vast assortment of unusual vegetation. The soft, muted colors are meant..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Feb. 9, 2012

This weather's for the dogs! Amiright?! On a chilly day in downtown Eau Claire in late January, a local pooch kept its kibble-n-bits warm via the latest in cold weather doggy wear.

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The Album that Changed You

am I the only person who hasn’t experienced this?

People, mostly audiophile friends of mine, talk about the first album that blew them away with such passion and detail. They talk about precisely what was going on when they first heard it, how it physically moved them (goosebumps), and seemed to ...

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Back to Basics

UWEC grad making it in the mash-up industry

Alex Syse had no idea. As a freshman marketing major, he thought about a potential future with Northwestern Mutual. Cargill might have some sweet benefits, too, he thought, as he walked through UW-Eau Claire’s Internship Mania, collecting ...

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Adelyn Rose

folk rockers take new direction with debut album

Even lead singer and namesake of the band, Addie Strei, will tell you that the band’s soon-to-be-released album, Mezzanine, is a different sound than what they’ve evolved into, but both versions of local group Adelyn Rose definitely have heart.

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Sweet Tunes from Formal Local Justin Hertz

With the coldest days of winter upon us, we could all use a bit of optimism. And that’s just what local singer/songwriter Justin Hertz promises to provide with his second album, Better Than Yesterday, released in January. Hertz is an ...

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Shame On This

local alt rockers Bound 2 Break unleash third album

I couldn’t imagine a better atmosphere in which to get to know Bound 2 Break than in the back of a bar, throwing back cheap beer. Listening to Ryan Pittinger (bass), Gordon Alitizer (guitar), Jared (drums), and Dwayne Gruhlke (vocals/guitar) ...

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Prospector Finds New Album

After years of playing in various bands, Eau Claire native Ryan Hines decided to make the move from his five-year home of Madison to New York City. Craving a change of scenery and tired of “hipster-y,” one-hit wonder bands, he and two friends ...

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The Gampos Gather

Minneapolis rapper Prof is headed for the House of Rock

Hailing from the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis, Prof is not your average rapper. Over the last few years he has taken the Midwest by storm with his wild antics, sharp-witted comedy, and southern style hip-hop. Prof’s ...

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When You Say "Wisconsin" ...

one of the nation’s finest marching bands drops by

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Varsity Band is sure to put on an unforgettable show for the whole family. Directed by Professor Mike Leckrone for more than 40 years, the Badger Band’s tremendous reputation ...

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Get Your Tickets for Get Your Gun

Few can argue the legendary Annie Oakley’s place in history. Similarly, Annie Get Your Gun holds its own amongst the most beloved and entertaining musicals. Loosely based on the life of the iconic markswoman, the Menomonie Theater Guild is ...

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Heyde Center Stages Murderous Opera

There has been a murder at the opera and Madame Mafalda, the opera’s leading lady, is at the center of it all. In the appropriately named play, Murder at the Opera, Madame Mafalda is “involved” with more than one of the opera’s leading men, and ...

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Into the Woods

UWEC presents everyone’s favorite fractured fairy tale

Fairy tales are the new vampires. Take a look at any periodical previewing the year’s television and film slate and it’s clear the Brothers Grimm are poised for a comeback. With Into the Woods, set to open Feb. 23, UW-Eau Claire stays one step ...

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God of Carnage

mature Broadway hit makes its Eau Claire debut

What do you get when you combine a violent playground altercation with bourgeoisie politics? A civilized “battle-royale,” complete with raucous and lewd humor, mayhem, and a dark look at relationships between spouses, children, and peers ...

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State Theatre Gets Into Singing Valentine Biz

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your love for your hunny and the arts at the very same time. The State Theatre, in collaboration with Avalon Floral and Obsession Chocolates, presents “Sweet Notes.” With this unique program, your special ...

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Local Writing Scene Poised for Comeback?

poet laureate Bruce Taylor spices up the poetry scene with multiple new events

Bruce Taylor has been around. Author of seven collections of poetry, editor of eight anthologies, and owner of a list of accomplishments ranging from lecturing in the People’s Republic of China to having his work read by ...

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The Fallen Blade

local sci-fi author Kelly McCullough's new series

Local author (and cat enthusiast) Kelly McCullough is distinguished. He’s had a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly for his science fiction novel Webmage, and he’s a “Writer of the Future” thanks to an award won in 2000. Since said review ...

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Weaving Quite a Yarn

Intended for mental health professionals, fiber artists, and anyone who loves textiles, Ann Futterman Collier’s newly published book Using Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women: Weaving Lives Back Together is a guide to the psychology ...

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Words and Paint Collide in New Local Book

“When you work on art a long time, it can get stale,” says Menomonie artist, teacher, and author William Schulman. “You have to try different things.” Schulman’s new book, Scribbles, Images and Words, was his way of trying something different ...

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Visual Art

Now Hanging: 33rd Annual ArtsWest Exhibition

Celebrate local artists by heading down to the L.E. Philips Memorial Public Library at the end of the month to sample a diverse selection of art pieces at the 33rd Annual ArtsWest juried visual arts show. This year’s exhibit will feature ...

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Sheep Herdin' T-Shirt Designer

Gearing up to celebrate its first year, Lauren Langworthy is the founder of Done Dot Designs, a custom design T-shirt business that represents the organics of her history, creativity, and the beauty of the natural world. All of the clothing ...

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Local Look

Front and Center

new UW-Stout student center opens, amazes

After UW-Stout’s student center stood strong for 26 years, faculty and administrators believed it was time for renovation. On January 23, they got their wish as the new center was officially unveiled. And though it stands in the same physical ...

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Connecting Galloway to Phoenix Park

By the time you read this, Eau Claire’s Redevelopment Authority will have met with leaders at Royal Credit Union to discuss the next major opportunity for Phoenix Park. RCU’s cooperation could mean the extension of Galloway Street by two blocks ...

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Shortcuts | Feb. 9, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Eau Claire’s City Council President Kerry Kincaid reflected on the past year and the upcoming projects and challenges for the city recently in a public address, bringing back a tradition from a over a decade ago. Her State of the City theme was...

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Food / Drink

Acoustic on the Move?

downtown Eau Claire café could be opening in a new location

The Acoustic Café, one of downtown Eau Claire’s busiest coffee shops, could be on the move. Since 1994, the café has been located at 505 S. Barstow St., providing great food, live music ...

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Indie Fitness

local trainer’s new DVD has Bon Iver on board

In December, a trailer was released for a workout DVD featuring members of Bon Iver, set to a local soundtrack. The trailer, which was for the upcoming On The Road, explained how Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon had met local Eau Claire trainer ...

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