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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 26, 2012

We don’t have TV at our house. But before you groan and roll your eyes like I’m pretending I’m better than you for not watching television or something, let me explain. We don’t have a TV – the actual traditional box that shows you the pictures...

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The Rear End

Fashion Bashin'

a good, hard look in the mirror

I have no idea how my wardrobe got to its current state. I really don’t put much thought into it. I trust that the universe will conspire to dress me in as visually delicious a manner as physics will allow.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 26, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Ann Berger-Neidhold

"I painted this picture from my window at home during a heavy winter storm in 2010. One of those days that are best viewed with a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, a fire and a great view of the winter wonderland that was happening right there..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Jan. 26, 2012

Part of the Janet Carson Gallery’s current art exhibition, “Brigit” is some sweet mixed media from local artist Kathleen Seitz. The exhibit showcases the work of 2010’s Confluence of Art winners.

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Athletic Aesthetic

The Year in Sconnie Sports

a near historic year for Wisconsin sports quickly fell flat, but at least we got a sweet logo

The Badgers seemed to finally have enough firepower to slide into the BCS National Championship, the Brewers were a favorite to win the World Series, and the Packers? An undefeated season looked realistic, even likely ...

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The Perennials

hard rocking Eau Clairians head into the studio

In my experience, an indicator of a good band is if they’re hard to describe. In many cases it’s because they bring together so many influences that on their own are all fine and great, but together create something wholly new and ...

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New Album Built By Wisconsin Built Builders

Technology can do some wonderful things. Take, for example, the latest release from indie lo-fi rockers Wisconsin Built. Rest Less, a project from Thom Fountain and Eric Charles Christenson, was recorded in a deliciously do-it-yourself manner ...

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Big Top Chautauqua Co-Founder Releases 5th CD

A veteran musician in this region for more than 30 years, Bruce Burnside played with the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra for his original stage production “Unsung Stories Of The Civil War,” and at many State Theatre shows. Well the co-founding ...

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Cashore Marionettes

renowned master puppeteers headed to UW-Eau Claire

Watching Joseph Cashore’s marionettes is like stepping back in time, before mass production, when craftsmanship breathed life into inanimate objects. His characters are emotive ...

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Local Coder

web wiz pens series of programming books

Residing here in Eau Claire is author BP Hogan, who is getting quite large in the genre of web programming books. Said books focus on the technical and creative aspects of web development by displaying and explaining elements and schemes to a ...

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Youth Lit Book Club Starts in Eau Claire

Local professor Amy Schlieve addresses the challenges of understanding the teenage brain in her new book, It’s All About Being a Teen: 99 Lessons for Developing Nurturing Values and Skills in Adolescents. Along with co-author Stephen Bavolek ...

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Sampler Features Two Local Author-Professors

Rattlesnake Valley Publishing got started just a year ago by Andrew Davis, a Houston, Minn. native, as an effort to give little-known authors an opportunity to be published. The company’s first project, Rattlesnake Valley Sampler, was released in ...

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More Erotic Tales from Local Writer J.A. Finisterre

If you know anything about his fist novel, Cocksmith at the Helm, you know that Julian Augustus Finisterre isn’t an ordinary author. Finisterre does the writing, editing, designing, photo collagery, and marketing for all his tales of eroticism ...

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Visual Art

Pardon Fashion Show: Outré

the biggest runway show of original textile art in the Valley

“Outré is inspired by the mysterious, sensual, and bizarre [and] by surrealist artists, such as Claude Cahun and Maya Deren.” – Pardon Fashion Show co-director Mallory Cina

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Rainy Day Shades

student releases sunglasses design to fashion world

Luis Santiago’s got a reason to smile; a celebratory fist pump would be totally justified, too. Heck, if I were him – and had the gumption, proper footwear and raw leg power to do so – I might even try a backflip. Why so happy? Three reasons ...

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Banbury Art Crawl Returns for Year Three

It’s that time of year again and Banbury Place is bustling in preparation for its third Art Crawl, an event where thousands gather to join in celebration for the beloved art works of many fantastic local artists. Developed from ...

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On the Mountain

local filmmaker finishes short film, Sugar Mountain

Seeing as daylight has a shelf life in the winter, those of us craving a sunlight fix this winter can get a big gulp of endless summer day action in Peter Elliot Eaton’s short film Sugar Mountain. The recently completed 17-minute film follows ...

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Southern Wisconsin Film Festival Gets Huge

Since 2006, the Beloit International Film Festival has garnered the attention and respect of the global film circuit, being lauded as a true alternative to Sundance by no less than The New York Times. Invading the small southern Wisconsin town ...

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Local Look

Post Haste

downtown Eau Claire’s post office will relocate, create development opportunity

For more than 30 years, the Eau Claire Post Office has been located at 126 N Barstow St. in downtown Eau Claire. But now, with its lease expiring in September 2012, the post office is looking to relocate. While your immediate concern may ...

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Shortcuts | Jan. 26, 2012

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Few jewelry collections have held public fascination like that of the late Elizabeth Taylor; nearly each piece has its own established myth. Following Taylor’s death in March 2011, Christie’s of New York ...

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Food / Drink

Stout Prof Lengthens Life of Asparagus

Thanks to UW-Stout assistant professor of technology and engineering Joongmin Shin, asparagus lovers everywhere can enjoy their favorite vegetable 75 percent longer. Shin and three colleagues from Michigan State University, where Shin ...

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Chicken Eliminated

Eau Claire’s landmark chicken joint can’t find new owner

Ever since the Hastings Way construction got underway last year, Eau Clairians have been abuzz* about Chicken Unlimited – the red-and-white beacon of fried poultry that has staked its claim at 1410 S Hastings Way for a half-century until ...

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Kid Culture

A Musical Exchange

program brings Korean kids, musicians to Eau Claire area

Two families in the Chippewa Valley have the unique opportunity this winter to experience a foreign culture within their very own homes. They are participating in an annual exchange program through the Neillsville United Methodist Church ...

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Special Sections

A 'Major' Shift

Stout adds health, fitness, & wellness to their Bachelor degree programs

For those looking to pursue a career in the health care field, consider your newest option: a Bachelor of Science degree in Health, Fitness, and Wellness from Stout. In today’s society, unhealthy lifestyles are an ...

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Chiseled for Cheap

10 winter fitness activities through Eau Claire parks & rec

Hockey: No teams necessary for this co-ed free-for-all 8:45-10:15pm every Wednesday at Hobbs Ice Center through March 28. This is for ages 18 and older costs $6 a session and you can slap shot 654 calories away in the first hour. Snowshoeing: ...

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Chinese Fire Cupping

ancient eastern treatment is said to release tension

Those looking for an escape from traditional western medical treatments and medications may benefit from an ancient holistic solution that treats some of the most common ailments and conditions. Dating back some 3,500 years, cupping therapy ...

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Nutrition Response Testing

Chippewa Falls clinic re-teaches your body how to care for itself

What has Chippewa Valley residents ranting and raving about alternative health? Everyday people, just like you, are turning their lives upside down through a comprehensive program being offered right in our backyard. Dr. Mike and Julie Court of ...

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Other Stuff

Winter Sustainability

festival offers green vendors, dinner, and ... square dancing

Sustainability isn’t just for summer. Eau Claire’s inaugural Sustainability Festival, put on by Sustainable Eau Claire, is in fact a Winter Sustainability Festival aimed at educating families and children in particular about the benefits of a ...

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