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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 12, 2012

Well I think it’s safe to say this has been kind of a lame winter so far. While I enjoy NOT shoveling and slipping and scraping as much as the next guy, I’m of the general opinion that if we’re going to have winter we might as well have snow and ...

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The Rear End

Twenty Eleven

a look back at stuff that happened in the last 365 days

Well, what do you know, it’s 2012. Who saw that coming? To celebrate, let’s look back at a small selection of 2011’s more notable local and state happenings. And by “more notable” I mean “the stuff I care about” because I’m the one writing this.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 12, 2012

learn about this issue's cover art by Ted Lewis

"These collages are all made from recycled materials from print media.  Each card is a one-of-a-kind original, and in this way they represent a reversal of the mass production of highly-disposable media imagery.  I think of it as a redemption ..."

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Opening Shots

NOTA Expands to Include Music Accompaniment

NOTA, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s literary and arts publication, began in the 1970s and was designed to showcase exceptional pieces of writing and art. But as recent as this past fall, the publication introduced a new element ...

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Lifting the Curse

Desolatevoid’s years of bad luck (hopefully) end here

2012 (incredibly!) marks the 10-year anniversary of Desolatevoid. And if 2012 ends up auguring the downfall of humanity, you won’t find one hair upon their disheveled heads out of place. In fact, it would be par for the curse. In what may be ...

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Rolling Up the Sleeves

UWEC alum’s new project, Mr. Sleeves, debuts album

“Eclectic” is a word that is regularly thrown around by both musicians and music appreciators. Many rock stars boast their secret love of jazz, or pop singers claim that Beethoven is their guilty pleasure, but few artists dare to dive in head ...

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Keb’ Mo’ Cometh

legendary smooth grooves heading to The State Theatre

Keb’ Mo,’ born Kevin Moore back in 1951, plays with his whole soul and a diverse repertoire of blues, jazz, R&B, and other sounds. Having earned three Grammy Awards during his already lengthy career – in 1996 for Just Like You, in 1998 with his ...

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Millennium Sounds

House of Rock brings in eclectic turntabler DJ Cross

Andre Saint-Albin (aka DJ Cross) is not the typical act you can catch on a Saturday night in Eau Claire, but on January 21 he’ll bring his eclectic genre-mashing turntable-ism to the House of Rock for a special performance you don’t want to miss.

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Children’s Theatre musical celebrates Midwestern institution

We all know the image that comes to mind when we think of the stereotypical bingo hall and the white haired players that occupy it. Although it is only a stereotype, the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is bringing a musical to The Oxford stage that ...

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Bet on the Buttler

an original farce from the UWEC Players

Never ones to shy away from the absurd and hilarious, the UWEC Players appropriately stage their newest production, I Bet It Was the Butler, this January.

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Your Guide to Drag Queenery

local drag icon creates informational YouTube video series

Local celebrity Miss Dee-Lovely has been working on video tutorials revealing the secrets behind the dramatic looks she rocks on stage. The series, called Dee-Lusions of Grandeur, is on her YouTube channel and updates are posted to her Facebook page.

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Guys & Does

deer hunting comedy to hit Heyde Center stage

Deer hunting is a time-honored tradition for many Wisconsinites, and Fritz Dingleheimer is no different. Fritz’s hunting experiences are brought to life in the hilarious new musical comedy Guys and Does, coming to the Heyde Center. Fritz thinks ...

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Visual Art

The Art of Air

local man’s air brush covers both cars and canvas

Some might call it fate. Others may say “right place, right time.” Regardless, the simple act of Luke Johnson cleaning out his high school art room closet proved life-altering, as he discovered an old air compressor and set the course for his ...

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On the Table

Eau Claire furniture artist Mark Ruddy

When walking into a house, most people are quick to comment on the art hanging on the walls. Mark Ruddy is attempting to change that convention, one piece of furniture art at a time. Since 1970, he’s been making various furniture pieces with ...

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Frozen River Film Festival

sizable regional film festival just a short drive away

For the eighth year, the Frozen River Film Fest will take place January 25-29 in Winona, at Winona State University. The festival will feature more than 40 films and documentaries as well as live music, workshops, and free activities for kids.

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Local Look

Through the Front Door

the newly planned gateway to Chippewa’s downtown

“We’re not just doing it to make a park. We’re doing it so the park will stimulate other property owners to invest in properties and do other things, and that’s what we’re seeing now.” – Chippewa Falls City Planner Jayson Smith

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Thanks for Asking | Jan. 12, 2012

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

I now live on Eau Claire’s northside hill and am curious about its character. Did people get together as neighbors? Did Mount Tom have an active part? Also, I’ve heard Mount Tom was a Native American sacred site with a listing on a historic registry.

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City Pushes Back Downtown Reconstruction Until 2013

Eau Claire’s downtown has had a significant metamorphosis in recent years. And now, one of the next big steps in the development process (the reconstruction of South Barstow, Eau Claire Street, and the riverfront) has been delayed. At a recent ...

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Food / Drink

Pizza, Plus a New Owner

Pizza Plus bar and eatery to reopen in February

New Year’s marked the end of an era for 208 S Barstow St., and at the beginning of February a new one will already begin. The Kitzberger family that ran Bottle & Barrel (established 1957) and Pizza Plus (established 1984) closed their doors for ...

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Special Sections

Wedding Questions: A Check List

a good starting point for any wedding plan is a big ol’ checklist

A good starting point for any wedding plan is a big ol’ checklist. Here's a good one to get you started on covering all the basics – listed in chronological order.

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Picking the Setting

a pros and cons list for outdoor and indoor venues

Unless you live in a different dimension, you basically have two options when it comes to roofs: yes or no. A great wedding can be had either way, but here are some pros and cons to help you choose.

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A Picture Perfect Reception

your options to involve guests in memory capturing, and what you need to know about them

First of all, let me throw something out there. If the photography of your wedding is important, don’t just hire a professional for the ceremony and staged photos with the wedding party. Also have them around for the reception. I know your friends...

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Picking the Flowers

common flowers to match your wedding colors

You know what colors you want, but you're not a botanist. No problem, here's a big list of flowers to match your chosen hues. P.S. If you actually are a botanist, that's awesome, but you probably won't need this.

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Picking the Music

a pros and cons list for live bands and deejays

Either option can get your guests a-movin', but vastly different moods can be set. Here are some pluses and minuses to help you choose!

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Other Stuff

Eau Claire Remembers Martin Luther King Jr.

Just in time for the holiday of its namesake is the community-wide Martin Luther King Remembrance, a one night only celebration hosted by community organizations and businesses. The event will include both youth and adult community members ...

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