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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Dec. 22, 2011

OK so I guess I’ll spill the beans for all you baby fans out there. On December 3rd my wife and I had our first child, Edwin Einar Meyer, and as you might imagine we’re big fans of the little guy. His middle name, pronounced “Eye-ner” was my ...

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The Rear End

Ski Dooing It

a fascination with family snowmobiles

I’ve always loved my dad’s old snowmobiles. He’s always had one or two for as long as I can remember, and they were a fixture of my youth. My family always had a cabin in the northwestern part of the state, so we always had wintertime access to ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Dec. 22, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Beth Peck

“In this illustration Sookie and the young Truman [Capote] cut their own Christmas tree and then transport it in an old baby carriage. I love the humor of this scene. The lady in the fancy car leans out and whines, 'Giveya  two bits cash for ...'"

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Dec. 22, 2011

On a recent Sunday afternoon, patrons of Wagner’s Lanes in Eau Claire were able to witness the mad bowling skillz of Father Christmas. Taking a break from his elf management duties, Ol’ St. Nick was in town for a Boys & Girls Club event.

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Athletic Aesthetic

A New Ballgame

how the possibility of a large-scale arena improves our sports scene

If Carson Park could become an entertainment destination in the summer, why couldn’t an arena become the go-to place for minor league basketball or hockey in the winter?

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The Bodeans

legendary midwest rockers coming to The State

Babies from the 80s prepare to rejoice; the Bodeans are coming to Eau Claire!

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DrumFarm Studio

Gin Blossoms drummer opens recording studio near Menomonie

It’s becoming less and less surprising nowadays when you find out that someone famous, accomplished, or otherwise internationally noteworthy lives less than half an hour away from you.

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This is Poliça

Minneapolis project with EC ties stops at House of Rock

The Minneapolis band Poliça (“poe-lisa”) took a unique approach to band formation: they recorded an album before their first band practice. The project started as a collaboration between Eau Claire alum Ryan Olson and Channy Casselle after ...

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It Ragtime Time

Eau Claire Ragtime Festival plans 13th installment

The Eau Claire Ragtime Festival is a three-day extravaganza featuring four concerts (Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening). Featured at each concert are performers Paul Asaro and the St. Louis Stompers. Asaro is a Grammy-winning ...

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From Pain to the Page

writer spins struggles into creative inspiration

“I put everything that’s important to me, everything that I love, and put it in a jar and shook it up. When I took the lid off, Sugar’s Dance is what spilled out.” – New Auburn author Katie Mettner reveals the recipe for her book

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Jaron Lee Knuth's New Book Goes Virtual

Jaron Lee Knuth just released his newest book, Level Zero, which is a story about some unfortunate kids stuck in a virtual reality game that won’t let them log out. The book is a riveting read much like the Hunger Games meets The Matrix...

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Visual Art

Retro Distortion

new shop is basically a nostalgia emporium

If you’re ever in the market to revisit your childhood or find that one last random item on a gift shopping list, Retro Distortion is probably the place. With its brightly colored walls and eclectic collection of merchandise...

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Local Look

He Managed: Q&A with Mike Huggins

Q&A with Mike Huggins as he leaves the Eau Claire City Manager's office

After growing up in Independence, Kansas, then graduating from Kansas University, and getting his start working for cities in Kansas, Mike Huggins was poised to quite possibly spend ...

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Questioning the Locals | Eugene Keppers

Favorite part about your job? Letting the little ones across, my little kids. I like Halloween, Valentines Day, and Christmas a lot. I’ll bring a bag of candy bars and give them to the little guys, and they enjoy that.

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Shortcuts | Dec. 22, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Eau Claire is the “Neighborhood with the Most Holiday Spirit” according to MaxPoint Interactive Interest Index. MaxPoint claims that we process more love for Christmas than any other “neighborhood” in the whole ding-dang U. S. of A.

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Sport Braids

local company finds success with sporty accessories

Athletes from the NBA and MLB will be sporting the product to raise brand awareness around this time as well (some second-tier athletes already do, like Duke alums Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler).

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Food / Drink

Chip Magnet

new contender in the local salsa scene

Chick magnet: a person especially adept at attracting women to themselves by use of charm, wit, and good looks. Chip magnet: a substance made with the sole purpose of pairing magnificence with a chip in order for them both to end up intertwining...

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Special Sections

It’s A-MAZE-ing

Govin’s haunted maze has a plot, thanks to Menomonie Theater Guild

“They’ll be presented with a scenario that they’ll be able to ‘act’ through. They’ll still be led through a haunted maze, but things will come up that play into the plot and setting.” – Ryan Peterson, MTG’s maze director

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Zombie Crawlin'

Eau Claire joins national trend of brain-hunting pub crawl events

Headed up by locals Greg Bauwens and Stephanie Calkins, Eau Claire’s first annual Zombie Crawl is forecasted to be a thrilling, creative, and wildly fun community-centered party. 

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Ramping Up the Terror

the Village of Terror makes major upgrades

You’d think a debut event that attracted more than 10,000 people would make the organizers celebrate. But by the time the Village of Terror was over last year, organizers were too busy to celebrate, they were already starting to plan for next year.

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Silent Film: Phantom of the Opera

featuring the organ stylings of Mark Pruett

For those looking for a classically sophisticated way to celebrate Halloween, the Mabel Tainter is presenting the 1925 silent film, Phantom of the Opera, complete with live music accompaniment by the accomplished Menomonie composer, organist, and...

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He's Got Birkie Fever

local author’s book on the American Birkebeiner

Unless you live under a rock, you know what a marathon is. You’ve most likely heard of a triathlon. But it was not until I had the honored privilege of interviewing local author Walter Rhein about his new book Beyond Birkie Fever that I had any ...

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So you wanna try snow sculpting?

get your chance this year at Winter After Hours

When Volume One and the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department teamed up to create Winter After Hours two years ago, the mission was to help change the winter scene in Eau Claire.

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8 Tips On Snow Sculpting

frosty advice from local snow sculpting team The Starvin’ Carvists

Start with a well-packed mold, formed by 4 big plywood walls that come apart to reveal the packed snow ...

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Keep On Pedaling

lack of snow doesn’t mean you have to pack up your bike til spring

With winter upon us, many people will be hanging up the bike to gather dust until the ground thaws and the roads and trails open up again. Fortunately for the brave of heart and dutifully attired, there are still some options in the Valley for ...

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Stout’s fancy sit-ski device

Stout Adventures, the UW-Stout on-campus outdoor recreation program, is now offering a unique piece of equipment to allow outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to cross-country ski in a new way. Stout has two sets of the adaptive sit-ski systems ...

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Get ‘Em Hooked On Winter

kids exposed to cool activities end up more awesome adults

If you have kids (or plan to in the future), get them outside and having fun in winter. Because according to loads of officials* around the country, they’re more likely to grow up an environmental steward with physical and emotional well-being ...

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Japanese "Snow Battles" Spread to U.S.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I’ve found myself in many snowball-slinging situations. Little did I know that in Alaska (and accross the globe), many grown adults are engaging in the same activity – only they’re calling it “yukigassen.” Originating at ...

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Other Stuff

Local Conservation Group Raising Awareness

Let’s face it: Eau Claire is beautiful. And there’s one non-profit group working to keep it that way and help it live up to it’s Clear Water name – River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D). The group was previously ...

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