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Note from the Editor | Dec. 8, 2011

I got the snow blower out of storage this week. Tonight (Nov. 30) I’ll see if I can get it started – then I’ll feel “ready.” Hopefully our season won’t kick off the way it did last year, but either way, it’s coming.

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Opening Letters

Feeling Philanthropic

mulling the future of Eau Claire’s philanthropic traditions

The generous city grandpas of yore discovered something that some of today’s wealthy have forgotten. ... They understood, when all was said and done, that their bank accounts were not filled in a vacuum, but as members of a community.

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The Rear End

Every Inch of Christmas

’tis the season for bashing your neighbor’s decor

Then there’s the Party in the Front, Party in the Back practitioners. These people have a back and/or side yard with good visibility from a street, so they figure why not put up twice the decorations at only double the cost?

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Dec. 8, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Brenna Signe

“I like to think of art as a collaborative thing, just in the sense that your ideas are never just yours; they are a culmination of everything you see, hear, and experience.  Being able to start with an idea and to see how it changes and grows..."

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Opening Shots

Going Homemade

try the DIY approach to your gift-giving season

The (gifts) I am most excited about are the homemade ones – the hats, scarves, and little knit flower pins I’m making for everyone, the homemade dill pickles and Swedish Rye bread like Grandma used to make.

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Interview: Justin Vernon

the frontman reflects on the Bon Iver tour, being home, and what’s ahead

“I just want to be able to start being more of a part of my community, because for the last four years I haven’t have time, and the 26 years before that I was just trying to become a musician and make...”

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An Earful of Weed

the sonic creations of an Eau Claire export

With the internet and ridiculously affordable recording software becoming effortlessly accessibly, tons and tons of kids with little more than guitars and microphones are producing and recording do-it-yourself tracks more easily than ever.

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A Winter Symphony

Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony to play UW-Eau Claire

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is putting up Christmas decorations, drinking eggnog, and wrapping presents. What better way to get in the Christmas mood than to listen to music? Every year, the Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony performs a...

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A Christmas Present

original holiday play headed for Heyde Center

With all of the incredible events that took place in biblical times, one has to wonder how the Christmas story would have played out today. Local playwrights James and Jane Jeffries have written a script that answers just such a question.

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The Underpants

UW-Stout to stage Steve Martin-penned play

Just in time for the holidays, a comedic farce to get your belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. Underpants is an adapted play written in 2002 by infamous funnyman Steve Martin. This play set in early 20th century Germany, focuses on the Maskes...

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Visual Art

From Flower to Frames

downtown Eau Claire florist relocates flower shop, makes way for the opening of new art gallery

“The flower shop was bursting at the seams. We needed to move but we were sad to leave our original home empty.”


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Anonymous Art

mysterious pylon sculpture shows up on Chippewa River

For the past month or so, a few of the minds at Volume One have been boggled by what appeared to be a distant wooden sculpture on the Chippewa River. As seen from downtown’s Madison Street, one could faintly see a weird bird-looking structure...

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Holiday Art Fair Returns

Eau Claire Regional Arts Center selling pieces from 40+ artists

With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Specifically, it is time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center’s Annual Holiday ...

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Local Look

Getting Vocal

Eau Claire voice celebrity Tess Morgan

“It’s acting. That’s what it’s considered. You’re playing a character. I don’t mean a mom or an office worker, but more of an image or idea.” – Eau Claire-based voice talent Tess Morgan

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Thanks for Asking | Dec. 8, 2011

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

In 1879, the Eau Claire Free Press opined, “It is a matter of great moment to our people that the metropolis of the Valley should be a center in all things desirable and accessory to the highest civilization and culture.

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Shortcuts | Dec. 8, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

If you read our economic feature last month (titled Dodging the Down Economy) and still aren’t convinced the Valley has skirted a lot of the national woes, recently released data from Eau Claire County says the business are seeing an increase...

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Visualizing UWEC in the Year 2030

By completing its master plan, UW-Eau Claire officials are giving us a look at the university after 20 years and millions in investment to “transform the campus into a 21st century learning environment while preserving the natural beauty...

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Food / Drink

The Junction

new Elk Mound pizza joint

For just over a year now, the Village of Elk Mound has played home to a hidden gem of a pizza joint. Featuring nostalgic décor and homemade pies with unique namesakes, The Junction is a nice stop if you wanna ride the pizza train.

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Sweet & Savory

“cookie shop” opens on Water Street

Sweet & Savory has been open at 310 Water Street since August, though Colleen Wojcik has actually been there for a year, using the space for her Elder Valley salad dressing business. She recently decided to open it up for coffee, baked goods...

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Kid Culture

Upcoming kid exhibits!

Children’s Museum may add three to second floor

A second floor expansion to the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire, set for completion by 2013, brings locally themed exhibitions to enhance an already engaging and popular facility. With the help of industrial design students from UW-Stout ...

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Special Sections

The Best Defense

what to do before you move in, and while you live someplace

Read your lease carefully. Understand everything and ask questions. Leases can be changed if your landlord is open to it, so if you find something unreasonable, alter it, cross it out, or make additions to it.

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Renters Insurance

what you need to know (and why you should probably get it)

It covers your personal property in circumstances like theft, fires, natural disasters, and more. Obviously there’s exceptions and exclusions, but, in general, your stuff is covered when the crap hits the fan.

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How to Be a Good Neighbor

tips from the City of Eau Claire’s neighborhood maintenance brochure

All buildings must be maintained in a state of good repair (painted at regular intervals, clean and sanitary, etc.).

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