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Make Yourself a Merry Little Truffle

Obsession Chocolates’ head honcho chocolatier Rebecca Flynn gives a lesson on making truffles

Before we get started, you should know that tempering chocolate is the difficult part of this process. When I teach this truffle lesson in Chocolate 101 at our downtown location (18 S Barstow St.), we spend a good chunk of time going into the ...

Kid Stories: Holiday Dinnertime

what local third graders would serve for a holiday dinner

"I had a turke. I cooked the turke. He said “Don’t eat me! I’ma good turke.” He watched TV with my dad. He played with me and four weeks later he died." – Jordan, Locust Lane

Kid Stories: A Day in the Life of Santa

what local third graders think Santa does at the North Pole each day

“Santa missed lunch and breakfast, then he ate one of the back-up reindeer. Some of the reindeer got so mad that they started a snowball fight.” – Vincent Trapani, Manz Elementary

Wrapping ’Em Up

Menomonie shop Tooskies specializes in cloth diapers

A frequent reaction upon hearing my plan to use cloth diapers was a friendly warning against their inconvenience and messiness. Still today stereotypes of yesterday’s cloth diaper systems linger and deter parents from even considering cloth...

On the Cover | Nov. 24, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Erik Christenson

“While making this piece I imagined these monsters as they might look in a subway station, all jumbled together going every which way. Maybe Milton ran away to Monsterland or maybe he’s dreaming. Maybe he followed a monster back into his closet ..."

A Rare Interview with Mrs. Claus

We all know that the guy in the red suit is the one who delivers the goods to the underside of our trees on Christmas. And every holiday season he gets all the press. Well who would he be without that charming lady on his right arm helping out?

Local Letters to Santa (2011)

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy

Sorry, but I was just sitting here thinking … Is this about the Three Brothers/Laredos/Pink Pig/Dakota Grill/Klassix building? I know you were a big fan of all the restaurants at that place. You know that wasn’t my fault, right?

Take the Plunge

Get warm fuzzy charity feelings at the same time as frozen fingers at the Polar Plunge

Want to prove yourself as a true Wisconsinite? Want to help the Special Olympics? Why not do the Polar Plunge? At Half Moon Lake on February 26, 2012, individuals and teams will jump into three feet of icy cold water to raise money for...

Skating Through Your Holidays

Hobbs Ice Center hosts three festive events this winter including skating with Santa

Have you ever noticed that every musical, movie, or TV show with a kidsy angle is made that much more awesome by adding the phrase “on ice?” Think about it. Disney On Ice: genius. Sesame Street On Ice: brilliant.

A Local Holiday Music Compilation

the fifth edition of this fun project deserves your yuletide attention

I start humming Christmas tunes sometime in February and don’t stop until the hangover sets in on January 1. Xmas tunes were such a part of my youth – caroling the nursing home circuit, Charlie Brown TV specials, wandering around the...

Just Letting It Snow

how Mother Nature tracked me down and demanded I have a white Christmas

There we were, standing right outside the door – a family of deer frozen in the headlights – and all around us, falling from the sky, was snow. In Texas. And this particular family of deer was dressed in shorts and flip-flops.

In Fantacyland

Strum teen’s web videos leave big impressions

Gabi Mills, from Strum, is definitely a youth to remember in the Chippewa Valley. At only 14 years old, she has plenty of reasons to be excited about for her future. For starters, she is quite the sensation on YouTube – her channel, Fantacylandfilms,

Little Sprouts

new Chippewa Valley child care center keeping it green

“One of the things we feel is important is giving children choices so they have a say in decisions being made about them.” – Joe Lawrence, co-owner of Little Sprouts Academy

Adventures in Veggies

parents get creative with veggies to stay ahead of the childhood obesity problem

With the national childhood obesity problem and the rise of sustainable local eating, parents are increasingly concerned with staying ahead of the curve on their child’s nutrition. But with kids’ natural hatred for vegetables, what is a parent to do?

Attention, Please

how do community fixtures become invisible?

These forgotten areas have some very cool people working to do some very cool things in them. ... The least we can do is give them our attention.

A Runner's High

a chat with Eau Clairian Ryan Burr, who ran 11 marathons this year alone

“Things change dramatically. Some call this the wall. Some call it bonking. Whatever you call it, you have to find a way to overcome it.”– Ryan Burr, on the opposite of the “runner’s high”

Targeting Cancer

event to explore treating cancer through nutrition

We are all becoming more comfortable with alternatives to traditional, “western” medicine to cure all that ails us. Heck, the poultice we whipped together from herbs and Half Moon Lake scum took care of some warts that were going around the office...

Fuddy Meers

UWEC stages acclaimed David Lindsay-Abaire play

You wake up in an unfamiliar room. You have no recollection of how you got there and upon further examination, you realize you don’t even know your own name. Then, a strange man hands you a book telling you that your life story is inside.

Battling the Cyclocross

hardcore cyclists to invade town for multi-terrain race

Want a crazy way to spice up the holidays and put those Thanksgiving calories to use? Overdrive Cycling Club presents the Princeton Valley Cyclocross Race at the Eau Claire golf course as a benefit for Feed My People.

Killer Bees

Collections of Colonies of Bees return to House of Rock

Articles about Collections of Colonies of Bees always start with two things so let’s get them out of the way early: Yes, they were the non-Bon half of Volcano Choir (a brilliant and amazing album that I won’t trivialize with a one sentence sum-up)...

Tommy & John

William O’Neill’s book on early American history, shown through the eyes of Irish

With a long and celebrated Irish heritage of his own, Menomonie author William O’Neill drew inspiration for his new book from the strength his ancestors had during one of the bleakest moments in their history.

3 Dimensions

Stout professor publishes interactive text on 3D

David Tank, a professor of journalism at UW-Stout, is a true-blue 3D enthusiast. Just visiting his home outside of Menomonie gives one a clear understanding of his passion for this type of photography. His home is covered in memorabilia.

A Buy Local Gift Guide (2011)

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home. And with the following guide, it’

Volume One Now Seeking Your Creative Writing

Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry (and everything in between) should be in our magazine more often, don’t ya think? Well we do. But here’s the problem: Volume One needs your submissions for that to happen.

Angel's Mirth

Jeannette Robbins’ book of poetry and art

Dreamy. Captivating. Divine. Another 500 adjectives could not encapsulate all of Jeanette Robbins’ recently published collection of poems and art titled Angel’s Mirth. From Page 1 we are met with Robbins confronting us burdened, worrisome folk...

Five by Seven

collage postcard exhibition channels the advertising age

For the month of December, Tangled Up in Hue is presenting one-of-a-kind, socio-political statement artworks in the form of advertisement collage postcards. The artist, Rice Lake native Ted Lewis, employs miniature collages produced on 5x7 cards...

Dancing with Phantoms

Chippewa Valley native Sarah Krueger’s debut LP

Every time I hear Sarah Krueger’s voice, I get the distinct feeling that my feet are lifting, if only just a little, from the ground I am standing upon. I know gravity remains that most tenacious of tethers, but that’s the power of art...

New CD from A Cappella Favorites Innocent Men

The Innocent Men, a UWEC all-male a cappella group, is releasing a new CD this December and putting on a concert to celebrate it. On December 10 at the university’s Council Fire Room in Davies Center, members Shawn Ryser, Ryan Simmons...

An Old World Yuletide

three local songsmiths hearken back with holiday songs

Take the holidays back to the Old World this year with the release of the sequel Old World Yuletide II by local musical artists Ivar Lunde, Nanette Lunde, and Peter Phippen. Old World Yuletide is inspired by 17th and 18th century music.

High-Speed Rail High-Tailing it Out of Here?

The Federal Railroad Administration has selected a preferred route for the high-speed passenger train between the Twin Cities and Chicago, and let’s just say you’re not gonna like their decision. Eau Claire will no longer be included in the plans.

Shortcuts | Nov. 24, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Five apparel design and development students at UW-Stout were awarded first prize in the International 2011 Safety Products Student Design Challenge for their Underground Mine Suit – a project they designed to prevent injuries and save lives.

School's Out

how the state budget lapse will affect our universities

“In 2001, the state provided 64% of our operating budget while tuition ... comprised 36%. In 2011, those percentages are essentially reversed.” – UWEC Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich

It's Prime Time

dysfunctional owner in search of functional television

“When you watch the game, you can see each blade of grass on the field. You can see the sweat on the player’s faces.” On my mental Wants vs. Needs chart, I know where those things fall.

Note from the Editor | Nov. 24, 2011

Even if you didn’t know Kris personally, you very well might have known his work. Kris was one of the creators of what I still consider to be one of the coolest art projects in Eau Claire in recent years – Bringing Art to Light.

Opening Shot | Nov. 24, 2011

From Nov. 17-19, BareBones Ensemble Theatre presented Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s Hunter Gatherers at The Grand Theatre, a play about a dinner date gone awry with sex, violence, wrestling, and animal sacrifice. Kinda like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf...

Give Yourself a Hand

All Eau Clairians have undoubtedly seen the colorfully decorated hand sculptures in the city. And once again you can buy one of your own. Three of the hands from the 6th annual Hands Across Eau Claire project are being auctioned by...

Chedd's Will Roll

gourmet grilled cheese place opens on Water Street

“It’s an exciting sort of homecoming. It’s celebrating our Wisconsin heritage, so opening (a Chedd’s) in Wisconsin is exciting for us.” – Tom Larson, Chedd’s local franchise co-owner

Lazy Monk Releases Oktoberfest Brew

Since the local brews of Lucette and Lazy Monk debuted in the past year, local drinkers have responded and the production has gone like gangbusters. Well now we can rejoice in yet another brew, as Lazy Monk unveils its Oktoberfest.

Point vs. Leinie's

the pride of Stevens Point goes head-to-head with Chippewa’s finest

Leinie’s Original is always a solid choice among run-of-the-mill beers when you’re looking to drink something for long periods (bringing a case to a party, for instance). But you’ll find light beer drinkers opting away from it if it’s in...

Taste the Unexpected

area beers and cheeses that combine unique, strange, and downright weird

Once opened and poured, this beer displays a dark hazelnut color with a half-inch tan head. As you lean in to take a whiff you find yourself initially overwhelmed with the mint, which quickly mellows to reveal hints of both chocolate and coffee.

Home Is Where the Beer Is

the rising popularity of brewing your own beer

Whenever I tell people I brew my own beer I get very mixed reactions. Most people are surprised that someone without access to a brewery full of equipment even has the ability to brew beer, and others ask if it’s even legal to do so.

Getting Better With Age ...

the delicious past and present of Wisconsin’s most famous cheese creations

As a way to keep the cheese pure in form, more and more artisan cheese makers are going away from adding coloring to the cheese, which leaves it a natural white.

Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese in The Local Store

This is a story of farmers, milk cows, dairy barns, green pastures, and the cheese makers who work their magic and turn milk into cheese.

You're in Lager Country

how Wisconsin and Eau Claire came to be famous world-wide for a celebrated kind of beer

“The chemical make-up of the water here really makes it an ideal spot to brew. The type of yeast needed works best in a cool, damp environment, which is also readily available with all the caves.” – Tim Kelly, brewmaster at Northwoods