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On the Hunt

killing some basic hunter stereotypes

Since this activity resides at the top of a short list of honest-to-god manly activities with which I have experience, I hold it dear to my heart. Without it, my résumé of machismo would only include “building retaining walls” & “backing up a trailer

It's a Miracle!

Children’s Theatre stages musical festive favorite

If you’re looking for a traditional and iconic way to usher in the holiday season, bring the family to experience one of the most beloved tales of all time. The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is scheduled to produce the classic holiday favorite...

Holiday Strolling

Chippewa Valley Symphony’s musical historic home tour

For those of you counting down the days until 98.1 FM goes to holiday music – all day, every day – the Friends of the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra are hosting their 13th annual Christmas Stroll. Just what is the stroll, you ask?

Another Last Waltz

Thanksgiving Day tribute concert returns for seconds

The Band’s 1976 farewell concert, dubbed The Last Waltz, marked the end of their touring career. For the second time, a local group of musicians have taken on the ambitious task of recreating this piece of musical history. These musicians ...

Confirmed! Chipotle is on its Way to Eau Claire

You may have heard rumblings in the underground world of restaurant franchising, and now Volume One can finally confirm what you’ve been waiting to hear: Eau Claire is getting a Chipotle.

Into the Woods

filming the northwoods fairytale ‘North Passage’

“I think it will be a pretty powerful film that uses current events as a way to explore timeless narrative questions.” – Kevin Pontuti, director of North Passage

Bound for Broadway

Colfax-based comic juggling duo to appear at Carolines

Some pretty remarkable talent cartwheels out from behind the red curtain of the Chippewa Valley. The spotlight now shines on local juggling troupe, In Capable Hands. Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw are a dynamic, comedy-juggling husband and wife duo...

Improv Classes Aim to Take You Off the Cuff

If you’re in need of brushing up on your improv skills, you’re in luck because Eau Claire native Shane Leonard is bringing back his improvisation classes to anyone interested in the basic techniques and styles for improvisational theater.

Grand Theatre Officially Handicap Accessible

On Nov. 3, when Spitfire Grill debuted, The Grand Theatre officially became a handicap accessible venue following the completion of a new elevator installation. Construction began this past summer, after the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild completed...

The Dwarf’s Treasure

local author debuts fantasy adventure for kids

You can’t exactly call a 36-page children’s book “epic,” but that’s exactly what local author Debra Manzella has created with The Dwarf’s Treasure. Released in mid-October through Publish America, The Dwarf’s Treasure involves six fantasy ...

Scouting Whitetails

an outdoor activity guide targeting the young’uns

The typical kid’s Christmas list: the latest video gam, a new smart phone, a few DVDs, and perhaps a tin of Grandma’s homemade cookies. The Christmas list of a kid after reading Scouting Whitetail: binoculars, a GPS, some heavy-duty rain gear, and...

Thirteen Loops

professor’s book delves into race, violence, and lynchings

As with all historical events, renewed critical analysis can help bring a new lens to the injustices of the past. Local author BJ Hollars’ new book, Thirteen Loops: Race, Violence, and the Last Lynching in America, resurfaces the ruthless ...

A Lifetime Affair

a book by a world-champion horse trainer from Fall Creek

Think of a hometown hero who became famous on a global scale. People like Dear Abby, Bon Iver, and John Menard might come to mind, but one likely absent from your list is Stephanie Ann Lynn. Add her to your mental list, because she’s a ...

Check Out the Tech

L.E. Phillips Memorial Library getting all digital

In a technology age, it only makes sense that libraries work to meet increasingly evolving consumer demands. Eau Claire’s LE Phillips Memorial Public Library is no exception. Their recent upgrades are enough to get both bibliophiles and ...

The Greenery Scene

former local hardcore band does a 180

In the summer of 2003, an Eau Claire hardcore band formed under the namesake “Sky Tree and the Greenery Scene.” In the years that followed, the band became divided on the name conjured up by guitarist Brad Johnson, so they changed it to In Reverence.

Jonesing for the Blues

long-time local artist David Jones releases new solo album

“Above all else I want this album to celebrate the fact that we don’t have complete control over our lives, but that we can still be OK with that.” – David Jones

Local Praise Band Releases Debut CD

Acoustic Grace sure ain’t music from your grandma’s hymnbook. They’re a tambourine-shaking, guitar-strumming, sweet harmony-singing praise band from Zion United Methodist Church. The band formed six years ago after singing and playing together ...

City wants to know if you are happy

new survey from City of Eau Claire rates area's emotional state

Ah happiness. Sometimes we got it, sometimes we don’t … and we all mightily strive for it. Right here in the Valley a group of forward-thinking folks with The Eau Claire Happiness Initiative believe that engaging in a county-wide dialog about ...

City Council stabilizes funding for arts, tourism, economic groups

Eau Claire’s arts, economic, and tourism organizations will probably receive the same funding as they received in 2011’s budget. And that’s good news. As city money for arts and tourism has been scaled back in years past, I’m assuming these groups...

Shortcuts | Nov. 1o, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

In three years, Mr. Kling transformed an 0-9 team to this year’s group, who had a nearly undefeated season (8-1). Unfortunately, the Old Abes lost a heartbreaker in the first round of playoffs this fall, but if the Packers think so highly of the ...

Police Reports | Nov. 10, 2011

lessons we learned from local police reports

There are many proponents of saving the environment, no matter what the cost. Whether those people would support stealing your neighbor’s 40-foot windmill is debatable.

Thanks for Asking | Nov. 10, 2011

Our Local Jack-Of-All-Facts Tells You How It Is

There’s a plaque on the base of the flagpole at the Eau Claire Area School District building up on Main Street. It says it’s made from metal from the USS Maine, which sank in 1898. How did we get it?

Downtown Vision Quest

downtown stakeholders brainstorm a vision for the area’s design

“You look around at all the banners, and they’re great, but every downtown has those. Everyone is ‘live, work, play, shop.’ We need to find our niche.”

On the Cover | Nov. 10, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Catie Griffiths

“My art revolves mainly around humans, but once in a while a sneaky creature pops in. This guy was drawn while watching the PBS show Nature, and the sea lions in the show acted so hilariously human that drawing one came naturally ..."

Opening Shot | Nov. 10, 2011

Foster Gallery’s newest exhibition, Hidden Fortress, is a collection of 10 artists’ works under the theme of “hidden performance,” and it’s a pretty cool show. Visit the show at UWEC’s Haas Fine Arts Center anytime before Nov. 22.

Note from the Editor | Nov. 10, 2011

There are a couple of things you may notice about this issue of Volume One. One you can’t miss: it’s a big ol’ holiday catalog for the Local Store (Volume One’s retail shop that just turned one year old!).