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FEATURE: Dodging the Down Economy

numbers suggest the Chippewa Valley has skirted national economic woes

We looked into some recent economic statistics about the Eau Claire Metropolitan Area, and to our untrained eyes, it appears as though there’s evidence we’re on the economic rise (and frankly, that things were never all that bad here to begin with).

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Oct. 27, 2011

Right now the Volume One staff is trying to decide if we can pull off another “Tunnel of Terror” outside our office during this year’s Downtown Trick or Treating event on Friday, October 28. This is where our entire staff spends most of the day...

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Opening Letters

My First House Show

a newbie’s introduction to a unique type of music venue

“At the moment of truth, we almost chickened out, but something told me to throw all inhibitions to the wind and take a leap of faith. And, boy, am I glad we did.”

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The Rear End

Scare Raising

tracking the area’s fastest-moving Halloween scene

As far as I can tell, the zombies are just gonna keep a-comin’ and there’s little we can do to stop them. The Chippewa Valley’s zombie mania is hitting a bloody crescendo, and it’s been a long time coming.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 27, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Danielle Schmitz

"This photo is part of a of night photography series taken in Eau Claire during the fall. I have done night series for each season but especially love the fall. I am intrigued by the way artificial lighting illuminates the natural world ..."

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Reflecting on a Rival

why do I still hate the Atlanta Braves after all these years?

I have developed a respect for the rivals of my favorite teams, understanding that it makes games more enjoyable, and have come to realize that sports are, well, just sports, and not worthy of negative obsession.

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John Raymond Returns for Backstage Concert

The John Raymond Project is coming to The State Theatre as part of the Backstage Concert Series to bring you their UWEC-alumni filled band featuring Raymond on trumpet, Vinnie Rose on guitar, Scott Currier on piano, Jeremy Boettcher on bass and...

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A Nobu Among Us

educator and conductor Nobuyoshi Yasuda

The humble, yet charismatic Yasuda, affectionately known as “Nobu,” has proudly served as the conductor of both the Chippewa Valley Symphony and the UW-Eau Claire Symphony Orchestra for nearly two decades.

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Building the Whale House

experimental electro-rock band sports new lineup, EP

Local experimental indie rock band Whale House is back with a brand new drummer and a renewed vigor. The band, comprised of original members Clayton Brice and Caleb Price, acquired Bryant Bohachek after months of waiting.

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Nici Peper

St. Croix Valley singer/songwriter headed to the B&B

In a world where female singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen, Nici Peper captures attention and shines bright with her honest lyrics and sultry smooth singing voice. Peper, a St. Croix Valley native, originally started singing in local church choirs

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Zorongo Flamenco

a rare chance to experience a Spanish Cabaret

The romantic exoticism of Spain’s flamenco dance can be experienced at the Mabel Tainter when the Zorongo Flamenco Dance Company recreates the “Café Cantante,” or Spanish Cabaret club setting, characteristic of early 20th century Spanish culture.

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Visual Art

Racy's to Host Cycling Snapshots

A one-day art exhibition at Racy’s (on Eau Claire’s Water Street) will celebrate the ever-rising cycling scene in the city. Organized by bike enthusiast and former Local Independence anchor David Smuhl ...

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Saturday: Found vs. Found

Found Footage Fest returns with Found Magazine in tow

This show promises hilarious videos, written notes, and a two-on-two battle of epic proportions between Found Footage Festival and Found Magazine, so it’s safe to say fans of comedy (and cool stuff in general) won’t want to miss it.

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International Folk Fair

annual UWEC event features foods from around the globe

Imagine yourself hungry for adventure on a slightly chilly Sunday afternoon .. maybe you’re just out of church, or just out of bed. But this day is a basketball, and you are compelled to give it a backboard-shattering slam dunk with fist pump finish.

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Local Look

Designing Downtown

our eyes now turn to the library and city hall area

With the Eau Claire City Council’s recent approval of the preferred alternative for the Downtown Riverfront District the biggest question marks in the design phase now surround the area of LE Phillips Memorial Public Library, U.S. Bank and City Hall.

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Questioning the Locals | Jon Thorpe

get to know your neighbors!

Jon has a lot of hats. He’s a graduate of Memorial and Stout (interior design). He’s a husband to OB/GYN Suzette Peltier and father of two. He’s an interior designer (kitchens, mostly) and corporate arts consultant.

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Shortcuts | Oct. 27, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

“Think New, Different, Better.” That’s the motto of the Idea Challenge, a project created by the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation. Its goal is to help fund new and innovative products, services, and business ventures through ...

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Going Long(Board)

group of Menomonites challenge longboarding ordinance

Fun fact: A longboard is simply a skateboard, but longer. While skateboarders are usually caught doing ollies, kick flips, and crazy-spinny-madoddles, longboarders are more often found cruising around as a mode of transportation.

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Food / Drink

Taste of the North Year Six

The sixth annual Taste of the North is bringing all the music, fun, and food of the Northwest to Chippewa Falls on Nov. 5. Set in the beautiful Heyde Center for the Arts, this spectacular evening affair will take place from 6pm to 9pm.

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Special Sections

Supplies for the Hyper-Nerd

School supplies used to be simple. Grab a few highlighters and some Post-Its and you were golden. But gone are the days of sharpening pencils and tearing the fringe off your notebook paper.

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Back in Style

retro school supplies for hipsters

Trying to pull of that 1990's middle school vibe? Check out this comprehensive list of items to send you back to the days of Vanilla Ice and awesome live-action Ninja Turtle movies.

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Quite a Pairing: Art Classes for Any Major

art class suggestions to help you broaden your mind & prospects

Unless it’s your major, the arts tend to slide under the radar for most college students. When you’re in finance, you don’t really have to think about Ruben or Monet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

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Dorm Room Poster Rules

the do's and don'ts of college decorating

If you get Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, or Jim Belushi you have to consume what they created.

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Rejuvenation Joints

the places you should go when you need to take a break

So let’s say it’s finals week. Or midterms. Or maybe you just have three papers, four tests, and an art project due by Friday.

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Mapping Your Napping

With all those late-night cramming sessions and the inevitable Scantron nightmares that follow, not to mention the fourth floor versus third floor Halo tournaments, students need to catch up on sleep during those lulls between classes.

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“Where the deer at?”

lots of you probably head up north to hunt, but is that the best spot?

Maybe it’s just me, but the vast majority of my family, friends, and acquaintances who hunt tend to do so “up north.” I don’t know if it’s because they know someone with land “up there,” or if it’s become a tradition...

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Going Public

Wisconsin has hundreds of thousands of acres of public land you can hunt and/or fish on

That’s right. We have approximately one crap-ton of land (both public and private) you can legally hunt on, and the DNR has the resources listing all of it. That’s 308 wildlife areas, 52 state parks, 653 natural areas and a total of 1,482 properties.

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Goin’ Surfin’ ... in Wisconsin

yes, we have a freshwater surfing scene – thanks to the Great Lakes

When you think of surfing, what comes to mind? Perhaps white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, tropical flowers, huge ocean swells, and Point Break? How about potlucks, Cheeseheads, and the chilly, freshwater shores of our very own Lake Michigan?

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Snowshoes: Lace 'Em Up

Beaver Creek's upcoming snowshoe workshops and hikes

Before Scandinavians immigrated to America in the early 1800s and introduced winter skis as a form of transportation, people used snowshoes, made by hand. These days, snowshoes have been pushed aside for not only skiing...

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