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Silent Film: Phantom of the Opera

featuring the organ stylings of Mark Pruett

For those looking for a classically sophisticated way to celebrate Halloween, the Mabel Tainter is presenting the 1925 silent film, Phantom of the Opera, complete with live music accompaniment by the accomplished Menomonie composer, organist, and...

Ramping Up the Terror

the Village of Terror makes major upgrades

You’d think a debut event that attracted more than 10,000 people would make the organizers celebrate. But by the time the Village of Terror was over last year, organizers were too busy to celebrate, they were already starting to plan for next year.

Zombie Crawlin'

Eau Claire joins national trend of brain-hunting pub crawl events

Headed up by locals Greg Bauwens and Stephanie Calkins, Eau Claire’s first annual Zombie Crawl is forecasted to be a thrilling, creative, and wildly fun community-centered party. 

It’s A-MAZE-ing

Govin’s haunted maze has a plot, thanks to Menomonie Theater Guild

“They’ll be presented with a scenario that they’ll be able to ‘act’ through. They’ll still be led through a haunted maze, but things will come up that play into the plot and setting.” – Ryan Peterson, MTG’s maze director

Boys & Girls

what do you do when your boy acts ... like a boy?

Back in college, I had some pretty big plans for my future children. They were gonna be awesome. And smart. And unique. They weren’t going to be like other kids, with their Disney bedroom sets, and their Wiggles CDs, and their SpongeBob SquarePants.

Watch Me Unravel

a realization that clothes can be more than something practical

On my way across the parking lot, a man who had just come out of the store stopped 10 yards away and gaped. He held his arms out and shouted, “Man, what pants! What PANTS!”

What a Tragedy

UWEC, Stout partner on epic Greek trilogy The Oresteia

Curses, murder, vengeance, and revenge will all be brought to a UWEC stage in Oresteia, an adaptation of the only remaining tragic trilogy in Greece. The production is comprised of Aeschylus’ three tragedies first appearing in 458 BCE.

Essentially Eau Claire

debut event highlights jaw-dropping local jazz talent

If you’re still in denial on the topic of Eau Claire’s incredible jazz reputation, let this debut event be the thing that finally convinces you.

Double the Metal Shows: Decapitated & Blackguard

25 years ago, on September 27, Metallica bassist Cliff Burton was killed when the tour bus transporting the band hit a patch of ice and flipped, and a devastated generation of metalheads had to ponder their own mutable relationship with mortality.

It Takes Two to Salsa

Haas Brothers’ local chip-and-dips operation

“Our goal is to always deliver fresh and quality products that make our customers keep coming back for more.” – Eric Haas on the Haas Brothers chips, salsas, and hummus

Flyway Film Festival

this year’s fest to include acclaimed documentary

If you’re a local movie snob who wouldn’t dream of going to a regional film festival (thinking they pale in comparison to the likes of Cannes, Toronto, or Sundance), the folks of Pepin and Stockholm ask you to reconsider.

UWEC's Eau Queer Film Festival Returns

The Eau Queer Film Festival is back for its second year at UWEC, running Oct. 13-16 and featuring 12 full-length films and 10 shorts. Three mini-documentaries were created by the 14 students who traveled to San Francisco for the second...

Wachs, Buchanan Definitely Maybe Probably Vying for Assembly Seat

After Brandon Buchanan left his seat on Eau Claire City Council a few years back to pursue a degree in law from Marquette University, Eau Claire lawyer Dana Wachs came in. And now it appears they’re hinting at running for the same state assembly ...

Theater Group's Costume Design Work on Display

The flamboyant and whimsical designs, complete with Alice and Wonderland’s pink flamingos, Pinocchio’s patchwork jacket, a 16th century farthingale, a Chinese Emperor’s hat, raccoon masks, and frog eyes, are on display at the Mabel Tainter.

The Word

area hospitals join forces to acquire rare, hand-crafted St. John’s Bible

At a time when we can’t be bothered to handwrite a grocery list, let alone a thank-you note, it seems impossible to imagine someone taking on the immense task of handwriting the Bible.

2011 Chippewa Valley Book Festival

2011’s featured writers deal in poetry, politics, and fantasy

This year’s Chippewa Valley Book Festival features authors for every interest. The annual event, now in its 12th year, held throughout the Chippewa Valley celebrates authors with connections to the Midwest.

Short and Sweet

Jacci DeWolfe’s Closure and Other Stories

Relationships, even in their most superficial forms, tend to unravel the complexities of human nature, forcing us to challenge our own self-awareness and understanding of our place in time and space.

The Thread

author attempts to bring new life to ancient text

The opening lines of Nathan Anderson’s first book, Jak and the Scarlet Thread, do not foretell the danger and gripping adventures Jak will soon face. From Anderson’s official website, “On the journey, 12-year old Jak Hamelton...

Eau Claire Folk Rock Trio Releases Debut EP

What started as a solo singer/songwriter project from Minneapolis is now a three-piece band with ties to Eau Claire. And now, Sky Lion is about to release a self-titled EP.

Locally Rooted Company Takes to the Airwaves

Remember a little over a year ago when we told you about BandwithRadio, a global indie music company started right here in Eau Claire? The web-based service essentially provides a place for underground/unsigned acts to get their music out there...

Peter Phippen

our own international music sensation

“It was a bamboo penny whistle that cost 25 cents. There was a whole basket full of them in the store, so I played every one until I found the one that was mine.” – Peter Phippen on how it began

Longsuffering for Daredevil

popular area folksters drop a new EP

When you’re Scandinavian and a guest in someone’s home, you have to bring a gift. There is no exception to this rule whatsoever – it’s called the lefse initiative and is binding.

Shortcuts | Oct. 13, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Both the arts and education took hits at the state level this year, and creativity is more important than ever to our economic and cultural livelihood.

The Real Old Abe

famous local bird celebrates 150th anniversary

The Chippewa Valley has enjoyed a modest assortment of famous locals...THE most famous resident from these parts is pretty clear. Tributes to this celebrity adorn all of the police cars and police uniforms in Eau Claire, a local high school...

On the Cover | Oct. 13, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Barbara Shafer

"A few years ago, after wondering around International Fall Festival with Ariel, I passed two people preparing to march in the day’s parade.  They were wearing these enormous loon costumes, which, I believe are of Native American origin ..."

Thanks for Asking | Oct. 13, 2011

Our Local Jack-Of-All-Facts Tells You How It Is

When you come into town you see DOT highway signs for restaurants and gas stations. How much does it cost to advertise on those?

Party in the Back

I can’t imagine life, let alone sports, without tailgating

For me, tailgating isn’t “half the fun of going” (as some might say), but “somewhere between 90 and 99 percent of the fun of going.”

Note from the Editor | Oct. 13, 2011

For some reason this fall in particular I’ve been especially struck by the beauty of my neighborhood. I live on the Eastside Hill with my wife and dog.