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Note from the Editor | Sept. 29, 2011

So here it is: the results of the Volume One Best of the Valley Reader Poll! You’ll notice this issue looks a little different than usual. That’s because we’ve ditched much of the usual content in favor of immortalizing the top three vote getters...

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The Rear End

The Best of the Best

the dangerous business of calling something “the best”

Theoretically, adding awesome to awesome equals more awesome. But in general, over-comparisons muddle things up and the essence of what makes one particular thing great is easily lost.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 29, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Sarah Denis

“For the ‘Best Of’ issue, I chose to reference local favorites and take them to a fantastical level. So you’ll see TV reporters covering an alien invasion, a girl riding a bear downtown, and people with jet packs above the confluence..."

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The Picture Perfect

Madison pop band relocates to the Valley, ready to rock

Despite being a relatively young band, The Picture Perfect already has a big pile of accomplishments. The band has already recorded a debut album consisting of nine tracks, filmed two music videos, released an acoustic EP...

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Coriolis Effect

UWEC music students form jazz group, release debut EP

The energy put off by the musical output of the new jazz group Coriolis Effect is palpable. They just formed in July, and already are releasing a five-song EP in which, over 40 minutes, the sounds of jazz standards meet modern harmonies...

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Visual Art


UWEC’s Foster Gallery turns local living rooms into exhibition space

“I’m going to have to have written reminders all over the living room telling me not to do anything stupid.” – Art grad Kerri Kiernan, whose home will have a camera in it throughout October so you can see an art installation from the Foster Gallery

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Food for Thought

it’s high time for a foodie movement documentary series

What started as an idea to show one food film in Menomonie has become an eight-week series both in Menomonie and Eau Claire. Food for Thought is a first of its kind in the Valley...

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