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The Rear End

Cram Session

sharing wisdom one can only acquire in the school of life

Greetings! This one goes out to all you students out there. And by “students,” I mean “those who learn.” And by “those who learn,” I mean “everyone, because life is a journey of constant education.” And by “constant education,” I mean...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 15, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Jon Erik

"This piece started out when we were instructed to paint a self portrait for a school assignment. The idea came about when I was riding my friends triple tall bike around town and thought it would be cool to take a photo with it for the..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Sept. 15, 2011

The Grand Little Theatre played host to an original stage adaptation of Hedwig and the Angry Inch in early September. The Chippewa Valley’s own Miss Dee-Lovely played the unlikely heroine.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Quite a Catch

the power of a simple toss back-and-forth ... when’s the last time you played catch?

If one of us dropped the ball or a throw went errant, we would start over. If a streak got going, suddenly a challenge was presented, and I felt like I accomplished a small athletic feat at the end.

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The New Megafaun

former locals’ new album may be their big break

It’s about to happen. Nationally, Megafaun is on the verge of a breakthrough, gaining a rising tide of critical respect for their musical chops, improvisation, and ever-evolving sound.

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Peter Cries Again

semi-local duo releases sophomore album

If you buy the dozen or so reviews of Peter Wolf Crier’s sophomore album, then the duo has streamlined their sound to be more produced and thoughtful. And that’s what you get when you spend more than one day on material.

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Monday: Solberg Comes Back

local blues legend returns to Eau Claire for concert

When some hear “Eau Claire blues legend,” they’ll think of Howard Luedtke. But those truly in the know will also think of James Solberg. The Thorpe native is Grammy nominated, won the ...

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The Clodhopper Speaks

a Q&A with writer/performer Michael Perry on his all-new double-disc album of live comedy

With the release of Michael Perry's third comedy album and an upcoming new memoir, we decided to give him a call, and he graciously took time away from a book deadline to answer some burning questions.

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Character Development

Heyde Center stages locally created fantasy epic

Fiction will soon meet reality on stage in the original play, Character Development, written and directed by Rozanna Bejin. Besides being wildly entertained, audiences should be prepared to think. The play is set on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) ...

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Club Swing

musical stage production immortalizes cultural venues of the area’s past

Audience members who see the September 30 run will get a chance to appear on Wisconsin Public Television’s broadcast of the Jewel Box Concert Series (a look at historic theaters), expected to air in the summer of 2012.

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Poetry Event Honors Release of Calendar

If you’re a Chippewa Valley poetry lover, we’ve finally got an event for you. The Harmony Corner Café is hosting a poetry reading on Friday, September 30 to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

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Take a Book, Leave a Book

statewide ‘Little Library’ project comes to Eau Claire in big way

In Eau Claire’s Boyd Park, there’s a little wooden box affixed to a post. It looks like a tiny, rustic cabin. The small wooden sign on top asks you to “Take a Book, Leave a Book,” and if you open the front door, you’ll find...

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Visual Art

Sculpture Tour Winner Announced

the results are in: High Five, a Great Dane by Louise Peterson

With the advent of Sculpture Tour, not only does it bring 25+ sculptures to downtown Eau Claire every year, but the public’s favorites will actually stay in the city permanently ...

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Milwaukee Film Festival 2011

Mark your calendars, film fest lovin’ road trippers, because the 3rd annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Journal Sentinel, rolls out 177 films from 44 countries Sept. 22-Oct. 2.

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Local Look

On Deck for Phoenix Park

Commonweal Development to break ground in October

“We’re not so much targeting an age group as a mindset, which is the urban renewal.” – Commonweal Development’s Scott Schaefer, on the new phase of Phoenix Park

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Watch Your Ash

how to prepare and prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer

We have 28,815 publicly managed trees in the city, and 32 percent of them are ash. That’s 9,000 trees (on top of an estimated 30,000 more on private property). So we stand to lose nearly 40,000 trees in Eau Claire alone.

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Shortcuts | Sept. 15, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic, located at 421 Graham Ave., Eau Claire, is in need of a new home. The clinic has been occupying this location as a donation from Valleybrook Church, but a different location has to be acquired.

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Showing Off the Arts

Wisconsin Arts Board to spend weekend in Eau Claire

Leaders in Madison have caught wind of what’s been happening with arts and creativity in the Chippewa Valley in recent years, and they’re coming to investigate for themselves. On Friday and Saturday, September 16-17, the members of the Board ...

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Researching Rover

local research project to make dog training more effective

emBark doggie daycare and UWEC are embarking, so to speak, on a five-month-long study examining how dogs learn, play, and retain information. emBark owner Heather Mishefske will be teaching the classes, while UWEC student Kaitlin Snider heads the res

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Food / Drink

Food Not Bombs

local chapter of national group fights to feed the starving

How about doing something extra economy- and environment-friendly this summer? Serve up vegan meals to those in need at local parks with the local branch of Food Not Bombs.

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Chedd's Will Roll

gourmet grilled cheese place opens on Water Street

“It’s an exciting sort of homecoming. It’s celebrating our Wisconsin heritage, so opening (a Chedd’s) in Wisconsin is exciting for us.” – Tom Larson, Chedd’s local franchise co-owner

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Lazy Monk Releases Oktoberfest Brew

Since the local brews of Lucette and Lazy Monk debuted in the past year, local drinkers have responded and the production has gone like gangbusters. Well now we can rejoice in yet another brew, as Lazy Monk unveils its Oktoberfest.

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Special Sections

You're in Lager Country

how Wisconsin and Eau Claire came to be famous world-wide for a celebrated kind of beer

“The chemical make-up of the water here really makes it an ideal spot to brew. The type of yeast needed works best in a cool, damp environment, which is also readily available with all the caves.” – Tim Kelly, brewmaster at Northwoods

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Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese in The Local Store

This is a story of farmers, milk cows, dairy barns, green pastures, and the cheese makers who work their magic and turn milk into cheese.

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Getting Better With Age ...

the delicious past and present of Wisconsin’s most famous cheese creations

As a way to keep the cheese pure in form, more and more artisan cheese makers are going away from adding coloring to the cheese, which leaves it a natural white.

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Home Is Where the Beer Is

the rising popularity of brewing your own beer

Whenever I tell people I brew my own beer I get very mixed reactions. Most people are surprised that someone without access to a brewery full of equipment even has the ability to brew beer, and others ask if it’s even legal to do so.

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Taste the Unexpected

area beers and cheeses that combine unique, strange, and downright weird

Once opened and poured, this beer displays a dark hazelnut color with a half-inch tan head. As you lean in to take a whiff you find yourself initially overwhelmed with the mint, which quickly mellows to reveal hints of both chocolate and coffee.

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Point vs. Leinie's

the pride of Stevens Point goes head-to-head with Chippewa’s finest

Leinie’s Original is always a solid choice among run-of-the-mill beers when you’re looking to drink something for long periods (bringing a case to a party, for instance). But you’ll find light beer drinkers opting away from it if it’s in...

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we investigate some seriously cheesy local appetizers

Cheeseheads unite! Well, I guess you don’t have to be a Packer fan to appreciate cheese in its finest form: as an appetizer, breaded and fried. Here in the Chippewa Valley our local restaurants don’t stop at plain ole’ curds.

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