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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 1, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Jane O’Brien

“This piece was painted for the “Festival of Flavors”. An event started in Eagle River during the summer of 2009. The painting was photographed and the image was reproduced on ..."

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Opening Shots

The Garden in September

soon the greens will become grays, but for now I’m enjoying the year’s crop of plant life

Summer finally remembered its manners. It left a few weeks ago without a goodbye, without a hug and kiss for those of us who love it so much and favor it of all seasons.

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Beacon James

local folk-poppers release four-song debut EP

The trio of lady singers that largely front the up-’n-coming folk-‘n-roll ensemble Beacon James prod, joke, and chuckle with each other on a curiously comfy couch at Racy’s Coffeehouse.

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A Wisco Composer in England

Menomonie native Blair Foley’s opera debuts in London

Composer/Artist/Theorist Blair Foley believes growing up in the Chippewa Valley influenced her in extraordinary ways.

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Daytrotter Records Yet Another Local

For those of you who love both local and national music – especially those who don’t make it to many live shows – Daytrotter is definitely the place to go. And now we can add singer-songwriter Savannah Smith to the list ...

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John Hiatt

famed singer-songwriter heads for show in Eau Claire

One of the most influential singer-songwriters of the last 40 years is coming to Eau Claire. Playing guitar and piano and wavering between rock, blues, country, and New Wave, John Hiatt is a jack of all trades.

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Let the Blushing Begin

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show on its way to the House of Rock

The word “burlesque” just isn’t used much around these parts. Around here people are much more comfortable talking about polite music in the park, fun fairs, and The Packers ...

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Just Lovely: Hedwig's Return

whether you like it or not, Hedwig returns to play Eau Claire

The greatest performances always involve big risks – whether it be financial, physical strain, or exposing inner demons.

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Pixies, Romance, and More

the fantasy novel debut of local writer Megan Curd

Family history. Long-standing grudges. Conflict and romance. Pixies. It’s the perfect setup for a fantasy novel, and, luckily, local author Megan Curd has just delivered.

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Visual Art

We Belong to the Earth

the nature photography and work of Jim Backus

The 65-year-old auto salesman-turned nature photographer works out of a studio in his renovated barn, producing images and writing books that highlight mainly nature of the Midwest and Canada.

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Local Look

Making the Transition

new ‘Transition’ program aims to get smart on crime

“I say ‘smart on crime’ to contrast with the ‘tough on crime’ approaches ... that have resulted in the United States incarcerating people at the highest rate in the world.” – Steve McCarthy on Transition’s potential for changing the justice system

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Thanks for Asking | Sep. 1, 2011

Our Local Jack-Of-All-Facts Tells You How It Is

"I heard that Hillcrest Country Club Golf course was originally started by workers at Uniroyal. Management from Uniroyal did not want to golf with the workers, so the workers started their own club, Hillcrest."

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Need a 'No-Firearms' Sign?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about Wisconsin’s new conceal and carry law. You know, that piece of legislation that allows us to walk around with hidden weapons?

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Shortcuts | Sep. 1, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

What started as a contest on Danny Bonaduce’s talk show ended up as a way for Eau Claire company RealityWorks to get their name out there ...

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Food / Drink

Stout Digitizes Cookbooks

Everyone knows that grandma’s food is the best. But when grandma’s cooking isn’t an option, you can visit UW-Stout’s online cookbook and look up her old recipes ... or at least something in the ballpark.

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Farm City Day on Its Way

annual event connects city folks to the regional farms that supply them with food

Coming from America’s Dairyland, it’s safe to say that many of us enjoy the foods we get from our farms, but do we really understand all the hard work that is put into it?

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Clearwater Beer Festival back for year number twelve

Are you stuck in a beer rut and looking for something new, different, and maybe even local? Why not expand your beer palate at this year’s Clearwater Beer Fest?

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Special Sections

Fall Colors 101

how those leaf things change colors

Most of us vaguely remember hearing the word “photosynthesis” at some point in school. But for those who pulled a Ferris Bueller and played hooky that day, let’s take a quick refresher course ...

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The Giant Pumpkin Throwdown

local friends’ challenge to grow the biggest pumpkin

The rules of the event are simple: everyone involved has to throw in $5. The person who grows the heaviest pumpkin will receive half of the pot, second heaviest receives 30 percent, and the rest goes to the most interesting pumpkin-growing story.

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Pumpkin Recipes

tasty things you can do with that gourd

The poor pumpkin has long been gutted, carved, and relegated to the front steps. And when it does appear in recipes, often it’s fake or from a can.

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Other Stuff

EC Comics Hobby Expo - Sept. 17

debut event to focus on comics, models, gaming, and more

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s The Eau Claire Comics Hobby Expo! On September 17, comic fans, hobby enthusiasts, or just plain anyone who’s interested can enjoy ...

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