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Note from the Editor | June 9, 2011

Here’s something I’m a big fan of – Eau Claire is seeing a small upswing in cart-based cuisine. Bigger communities around the country have huge populations of restaurants that are based exclusively around a mobile unit of some kind.

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The Rear End

Troubling Trees

I find myself concerned by the city’s leaf-bearing citizens

I have a tree in my backyard that’s damn near dead. Roughly one quarter of its branches are sporting leaves this summer, while the rest are barren and brittle. There’s a huge crack down the trunk and ants have moved into it like ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 9, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Brenna Signe

"I like to think of art as a collaborative thing, just in the sense that your ideas are never just yours; they are a culmination of everything you see, hear, and experience. Being able to start ..."

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Opening Shots

Pedals Plus

local music scene veteran opens own music shop

... but now Thompson has moved on, just across the river to the Phoenix Park Neighborhood for a more Pedals-centric take on music stores with Pedals Plus.

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Brand New Improv Group

local boy/Second City comic Jacob Shuda cranks it up

Jacob Shuda is once again spreading laughter across the Chippewa Valley, this time with an organization of his creation: The Eau Claire Improv Company. The intent of ECIC is to bring ...

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Drawing on the Past

Menomonie cartoonist writes comedic memoir

Norm Rockwell, a Menomonie resident whose day job is being a well-known cartoonist, recently released his seventh book. An illustrator for 25 years and, before that, an art teacher at Eau Claire’s North High School ...

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Visual Art

Shades of Grey

graphite portrait artist Amber Russell

Whoever said being a successful artist requires formal training has met neither Amber Russell nor her portraits. Russell, a 26 year-old Eau Claire resident, has been drawing ever since her ...

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Local Look

More Than a Building

LGBT Community Center may be closed, but its purpose will go on

“The center’s priorities haven’t really changed over the years … the community’s needs have changed.” – LGBT Community Center President Jessica Janiuk

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Thanks for Asking | June 9, 2011

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

“Tough, strong men with energy to burn – sometimes not much to do with it, except sit around with an old hound dog in the evenings and brag about who was the greatest lumberjack of them all ..."

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Food / Drink

Mahli Thai

‘hot’ new Thai restaurant opens in Chippewa Falls

When Mahli Thai owner Terri Wilson first discovered the former Bridge Street Station in downtown Chippewa Falls was an empty lot for sale, inspiration and possibility burst from her curious mind. It was early 2011 and she and her husband Tom were ...

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Kid Culture

Kidsy Summer Classes

educational camps for local kids

The University of Wisconsin-Extension is proudly offering several camps for local kids, though these are a bit more unique than most.

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Not Your Average Go-Kart

the Midwest Karting Assoc. takes it to another level

These aren’t your standard theme-park karts. They are well-oiled machines, and though the karts are technically capable of reaching 100 mph, top speed is determined by the curvaceousness of the course.

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Unprofessional Fishermen

local web video series brings fishing shows down to earth

“The guys out there on TV with all that stuff just aren’t representing a lot of us,” says Chance Orth, an Eau Claire native and one of the founding members of the web series Unprofessional Fisherman.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix

huge bike race rushes back to downtown Menomonie

The Nature Valley Grand Prix is a five-day stage race that traditionally takes bicycle racers all over Minnesota, and features some of the top competitors from all over the world.

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Special Sections

Kids: A Part of the Arts

fostering kids' creativity through the arts is more important than ever

As labor jobs continue to move overseas and the economy continues to scare, experts in economics and education are increasingly saying creativity is our best hope of competing in the global market. “Creativity is one of the last legal ways ...

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Making Visual Art

the reinforcement power of learning through creating art

Whether or not they realize it, people of all ages benefit from art-rich lives. Especially when it comes to learning. Just ask an area art teacher about what a classroom lesson can do for enhancing other subjects. Long-time art teacher Pat Binder ...

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Stepping Into Dance

the communication power of expression through movement

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dance helps children in four specific areas: physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness, and cognitive development. Children involved in dance classes from an ...

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Strike a Chord

the literary power of music lessons

Bruce Hering, the band director at Eau Claire North High School, understands the importance of kids being involved in music at a young age.

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Set the Stage

the communication power of theater

Between the Educational Theatre Association and the American Alliance for Theater and Education, not to mention the loads of research studies out there, there’s some striking proof that involvement in theater builds communication ...

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Out-of-the Ordinary Massages

A breakdown of some unique locally practiced therapies

Massage therapy has many options to offer, from ancient styles originating in the East to more modern Western styles that incorporate body movement. Massage can be done with the hands ...

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TRX Suspension Training

Learn fancy tricks with this fitness phenomenon

Raise your hand if you dislike going to the gym. Raise your hand if you are even less likely to go to the gym during the summer because you’d rather be outside.

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Body Miseducation

How the Alexander Technique retrains you for efficiency

As I walk into Toni Poll-Sorenson’s UW-Eau Claire office, she is seated on a large, red exercise ball, perfectly poised and excited to tell me all about her passion for movement, kinesthetics, and mindfulness

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Ancient Ayurveda

Creating radiant health

Ayurveda, often called the sister science of Yoga, blends ancient wisdom with permission to trust our own intuition about our health.

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