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Erik’s in Eau Claire

Erik’s Bike Shop opens local store

For all of you biking enthusiasts in the Chippewa Valley, a new bike shop just opened in Eau Claire. Erik’s Bike and Board, a small chain founded by Erik Saltvold with 14 stores in Minnesota...

Big Cleats to Fill

the Express roll into a new season as league champions

How do you top a title? That is the question that confronts the Eau Claire Express this season. For at least the next three months, they will be known as the “Defending Northwoods League Champion Eau Claire Express,” and with any luck ...

Keep Your Shirt On

for some kids, going swimming is no day at the beach

For some kids, going swimming is no day at the beach ... "Luckily, I came up with a silver bullet solution: the humble t-shirt. Seriously, why not just wear a shirt while swimming? Yep, genius."

The Bluebirds On Our Shoulders

Girl Scout’s national Bluebird Festival tradition started right here in the Valley

Our local Girl Scouts help the area with a lot more than our Thin Mint quotient. It’s true. Seriously. In 2007 Eau Claire troop leader Shelly Volk founded the Bluebird Restoration Project in honor of a lost friend.

Start Being So Dramatic!

a Chippewa Valley summer theatre camp bonanza

Blaine Halverson of Menomonie Theatre Guild declared that the programs offer “legitimate teamwork and experience in building community.”

Castle Rock Organic Farms

farm operation outside Osseo keeps it organic

Ever wanted to watch as milk becomes that delectable Wisconsin treat, the cheese curd? You can, every Tues. at Castle Rock Organic Farms in Osseo. The dairy plant’s storefront features a giant window, complete with step stools for the little ones...

From Flowers to Art

florist Brent Douglas plans to open new art gallery

Sculpture Tour Forms

locals bring set of sculptures to downtown EC

An exiting new program, Sculpture Tour Eau Claire, is aimed at beautifying Eau Claire, supporting its arts, and bringing its residents to the downtown area. This interactive art project educates as well as inspires urban vitality and economic ...

Phil Cook & His Feat

one third of Megafaun releases 'Hungry Mother Blues'

“This whole project happened during the middle of the busiest time in my life,” Phil Cook said, referring to his latest solo release, Phil Cook & His Feat.

Joe Neeb

“basement and campfire musician” cuts a record

On the Cover | May 26, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Debra D’Souza

“This body of work focuses on the spring wakening of the Tulip. This spring-flowering bulbous perennial caused frenzy during the 1630’s, known as “Tulipomania”. My artwork is a tribute to the fortunes won and lost during this unusual time ..."

Wheelin' to Work

national Bike to Work Week runs June 6–10

We all know biking is an enjoyable pastime for anyone and everyone. It’s good exercise, fairly inexpensive, and can be done alone or with as many people as you want. In addition, it’s relaxing and ...

We Like Bikes

Eau Claire scores “Bike Friendly” award

The City of Eau Claire is now among the top cycling friendly cities, according to the League of American Bicyclists.


local collaboration leads to Eastbound EP

Kalispell is the name of the band, and on the recording Leonard is joined by Eau Claire music scene veterans Ben Lester, Jeremy Boettcher, Steven Hobert, and Jamie Hanson. Leonard enjoyed working with this group of friends and says ...

Double the Tunes

local musician starts outdoor music series in Altoona, Chippewa Falls

Szydel envisioned something bigger. He saw the City Park setting as a great venue for other bands looking to expand their base, and he reached out to the local music community.

By the Numbers | May 26, 2011

a closer look at 2010 Wis. tourism statistics

A closer look at the 2010 Wisconsin tourism statistics recently released by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.

Shortcuts | May 26, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

LE Phillips Memorial Public Library is in talks to get 50 iPads to help expand access to the books and resources already available ...

Hail the Cab

Eau Claire Bike Cab pedals into business

The pedicab style of traveling has grown in popularity in recent years, becoming part of the landscape of major-market cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. For weary travelers seeking transportation ...