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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | May 12, 2011

As it starts heating up in May, so does our to-do list. All at the same time we pull together the Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic plans, the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series plans (while keeping in mind the Cinema Series and Chalkfest plans hot on...

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The Rear End

On Facebook & Phones

living in and loving a world of digital doohickies

Raise your hand if you’re on Facebook. OK, raise your hand if you have a smartphone. All of you? Good. Now, if you feel kind of guilty about using Facebook or your smartphone, leave your hand up. Most of you? That’s what I thought.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 12, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Mark W. Anderson

“Urban Development was inspired by numerous trips to New York City, where observations were made and recorded through photography and sketches of graffiti that appeared on subways, buses , train stations, and anything else that could be vandalized."

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Opening Shots

Jim Pullman Band is Up to Something

The Jim Pullman Band plans to drop a new album (titled Jackals and Wolves) in August. The album contains nine new tracks (10 if you get it from iTunes!) and an epic line-up of guest contributors.

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The Tent

Wisconsin’s magical music destination: Big Top Chautauqua

“It is a public place that can feel like you own it. Bring your best, genuine attitude and participate in the act of appreciating life with the grounds, the sound, and the visuals as a party just for you.” – Phillip Anich, a UWEC grad and Blue Canvas

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Rock-N-Roll Kickball Classic

big summer kickoff includes Roster McCabe, Brass Monkey, EverGreen

Looking for the perfect way to kick off summer? Kickball, bands, beer, and barbeque; how can you go wrong? Volume One and Leinie’s present the Rock-n-Roll Kickball ...

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Working It

local stage adaptation of Studs Terkel book couldn’t come at a better time

Perhaps one of the most timely theatrical pieces for today’s audiences, Working is set to make its local debut at the Mabel Tainter Theater this month.

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Wisconsin Gangster Guide

local paranormal author/investigator goes gangster on us

The man who made his name as a seeker of things that go bump in the night is about to exhume the pasts of people who could bump you off. Chad Lewis is returning to the region with tales that tread the realm of the natural despite his predilection...

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Local Poet Wins Statewide Competiton

Local poet Jessi Peterson won third place in a prestigious statewide poetry contest for her poem Century Farm. The contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine, affiliated with the Wisconsin Academy of Science & Letters.

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That's the Spirit!

new book on cooking with alcoholic beverages

Karen Burrell’s new cookbook, The Spirit Within: Cooking with Fermented and Distilled Beverages, takes the art of cooking to a new flavorful level. With more than 200 featured dishes, Burrell incorporates one alcoholic beverage per recipe...

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Visual Art

Stout Screenprinters Score National Acclaim

You’re probably not familiar with flexography, thought you see it every day. It’s a printing process that uses a flexible plate to transfer an image to packaging. Stout seniors Aaron Brice and Ashley Raymond have won state and national awards...

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Local Look

Fight for Your Rights

progressive apolitical event FightingBobFest comes to Chippewa Falls

“We are not campaigning for anyone. ... (Speakers) are not there for their party; they are there for their ideas.” – Jim Dunning, an event coordinator of FightingBobFest

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Thanks for Asking | May 12, 2011

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

There is a really cool building in Menomonie that I have always been curious about. It is on Wilson Avenue West, down the hill behind the Acoustic Cafe, on the right side of the street. Please help me figure out the history of this building.

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Shortcuts | May 12, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Summer is almost here (finally) and it’s time to go camping. To celebrate National Great Outdoors Month in June, will post e-coupons starting May 15 to allow customers a 20 percent discount on participating campgrounds...

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Food / Drink

Menomonie Community Garden Still has Hot Plots

Last year, two AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers from Stout helped establish Menomonie Community Garden in partnership with students, local businesses, and city/county officials. This year Trevor Peterson, current Stout VISTA representative, has high hopes

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Lazy Monk Brewing

beermakers blend a local mission with old tradition

Talking with Leos Frank is a pleasant experience. Laid back and easy going, he brings a refreshing, positive feel to the word “lazy,” like he’s granting an unspoken permission for you to ease into an exhalation...

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Kid Culture

Kid Tip | May 12, 2011

KIDS BOWL FREE! Running May 1 through Sept. 5, your kids (15 and under) can bowl up to two free games per day at Wagner’s Lanes in Eau Claire – all summer long. Organized by the Eau Claire Family Resource Center, simply ...

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Menomonie Regatta

speedy boat race zooming towards Lake Menomin

Outboard hydroplane racing has gained fame over the last decade in suburbia with the popular video game Hydro Thunder. In arcades all over the country, preteens love to cruise at outrageous speeds in tiny virtual boats all over the waterways...

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Special Sections

2011 Reception Location Guide

detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley

A detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley.

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Other Stuff
Reception Locations

2011 Reception Location Guide

detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley

A detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley.

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