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The Prairie B*tch is Back

Little House’s pigtailed brat has a one-woman comedy show

Whether you laughed when she was pushed down a hill in a wheelchair or thought it was unjust that she got a fist full of mud to the face, there’s no debate that Alison Arngrim is back with a vengeance.

Where the Wild Things Are

the travels of videographer Steve Ambroe

“It is a real privilege to be able to go to so many incredible places. ... The other added perk for me is to be able to travel with and learn from National Geographic photographers.” – Eau Clairian Steve Ambroe, a world traveling nature videographer

Found Footage Festival

the fifth touring celebration of the weirdest video tapes ever made

When UW-Eau Claire college buddies Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher served up an eclectic lineup of out-of-touch instructional videos, community television tapes, and other obscure audio-visual candy for live audiences, little did they know their video..

Menards Hops on the Kubb Wagon

If you haven’t heard of Kubb, then you should probably educate yourself. The “Viking chess” game is one of the most popular lawn games in the Chippewa Valley, and its popularity is growing rapidly.

Junior Links

a great opportunity to get youths involved in golf

The re-tooled Chippewa Valley Golf Association Junior Tour is only in its second year, but those involved believe it’s on track for greatness. Which is easy to see given the low price and great courses...

A Facelift for the Brickyard

Stout-area disc golf course gets a $30,000 revamp

The Brickyard disc golf course at UW-Stout will be getting a face-lift this season with the help of the Stout disc golf team and a $30,000 budget.

Either Oar: Oceanic Rower

Last year, a 22-year-old woman from Ohio oared her way across the Atlantic Ocean in 70 days to bring a spotlight on the worldwide need for clean drinking water. Now she’s coming to Eau Claire to stress the importance of the same issue.

On the Cover | Apr. 14, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Amanda Olive

“I shot this photo on a recent trip to Gilman, Wis. It struck me so profoundly to see so many people manually taking on this massive project of re-siding their barn. It was refreshing to see that this level of dedication is still given ..."

Rockin' Rosie

Rosie Flores, queen of rockabilly, comes to the Heyde

Rosie Flores is coming to the Valley with her high-octane show of country-rockabilly sounds in tow. The Texas-born, California-raised singer/songwriter has added her flavor to numerous compilation CDs...

Documentary Covers the Legacy of Aldo Leopold

At 7pm on April 19, the UWEC Environmental Adventure Center will showcase the film Green Fire, which chronicles the life of Aldo Leopold – one of the greatest conservationists and Wisconsinites of all time.

Justin Arnold

singer-songwriter returns to the valley with new material

After a year away, Justin Arnold is returning to his home stage. Like the best singer-songwriters, Justin has always relied on life stories for his music. And given the tumultuous rollercoaster ride...

A Basket Case

having fun doing the last thing I thought would ever be fun

It’s not so easy when your daughter hands you a basketball and asks you to throw it through the “hoop thing” while other fathers (wearing Adidas gear and not jeans) are watching.

Climbers Find Their Bliss Cliff Side

a beginner's guide to rock climbing

My first outdoor climbing experience was at Barn Bluff in Red Wing, MN, a mecca for Midwestern climbers in need of vertical spaces. I watched as my friends went ahead for the first climb of the day ...

Local Fishing Gear

believe it or not, great tackle is made right in our backyard

Shorty Mueller custom makes wooden rod handles for any kind of fishing possible: muskie rods, bass rods, fly rods, carp rods, etc. Get your order in for his custom-made rods by calling ...

Weekend Getaway Adventure Spots

four highly recommended locales outside the Chippewa Valley for recreation hounds

The warm weather is almost here (god willing), and that means a few specific things for Wisconsin residents. The floods of melted snow will begin, sunscreen sales will begin to skyrocket ...

What Record Store Day Holds in Store...

On April 16, vinyl collectors will have a rare opportunity to get their hands on the newest, most exclusive albums. Revival Records will open its door at 8am for Record Store Day, a national holiday that store owner Billy Siegel says is his Christmas.

Aesthetics vs. Cost

are those cool-looking bricks worth the money?

“It’s not just cheap cheap cheap – that wouldn’t serve the public well – we have to be good stewards for the long-term interests of the city.” – City Council President Kerry Kincaid on choosing amenities for public projects

Thanks for Asking | Apr. 14, 2011

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

Wisconsin’s flirtation with the KKK was short-lived, but nonetheless scary at the time. Between 1922 and 1924, membership grew to more 40,000. Chippewa County alone had 1,300 enrolled.

Shortcuts | Apr. 14, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

The evening is a way for victims and their supporters to tell their stories, offer encouragement, and mostly to put a stop to sexual violence. The event is free to the public and will feature live music, open mic, food, and several guest speakers.

New Developers Take Over Phoenix Park Phase II Projects

Phase II of the Phoenix Park Neighborhood construction has had some minor sway from the original plans. Up to now, construction was handled by Moeding Partners, by they’ve decided not to partake in Phase II. Essentially the city is considering...

City Council Seeks to Fill Thomas Kemp's Seat

April 12 marked the last meeting for progressive city council member and UWEC economics professor Thomas Kemp, who has taken an economist position with Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transportation.

A Breath of Fresh Threads

new apparel company in Chippewa Falls

Breath of Life, which is partnered with Menomonie’s Ambient Visions Ink, offers apparel with designs created entirely by the local trio. As of now, they offer T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and hats, but plan to add jeans, shorts, dress shirts...

Indie City Index

study shows the Valley is behind on independent retail

A new study intending to rank the nation’s metropolitan areas in independent retail strength resulted in great news for the coasts, but not so much for Eau Claire and the Midwest.

Note from the Editor | April 14, 2011

The people who regularly distribute the magazine are often the “face” of Volume One in the community, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to fill that role.Both Norman and Willow were always jovial and proud to be a part of our community...

Stomping Out on Their Own

North High School percussion squad ditches the tom-toms

“We use trash cans usually for most of the pieces, buckets sometimes. We’re going to hopefully perform a song where we use brooms.” – North High Stomp Crew leader Sara Nicolai

A Breed Unknown

fast-rising Eau Claire metal band releases EP

“Chug-chug-chugchug-chug-chug-scree!!” is as familiar to metal maniacs as John Williams’ score for Jaws is to beach bunnies. And on A Breed Unknown’s new EP, Afterlife, you can rest assured that not one ounce of beer will be lost...

Art in Motion

'Before the Frost' hits Eau Claire city buses

Since 2000, Eau Claire area schools and artists have been participating in the Art on the Bus movement where they help to beautify public transportation. Coordinated by Paula Gorski, Art on the Bus ...

Bringing Art Closer to Home

A historic home in Menomonie is now a house of art, thanks to local art enthusiast and commercial neon designer Cheryl Witt. Witt has taken the home on 1232 Douglas St. and opened a gallery where local artists will be shown an at-home appreciation.

New Show a Fusion of Photography and Watercolor

An artist working from photographs is not a new concept, but rarely is the final product exhibited with a snap-shot of the inspiration. Intended to illustrate how painters interpret their photo references, the Chippewa Valley Watercolor Artists...

Twin Cities Film Goes International

For all of you movie enthusiasts, the Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul presents the 2011 International Film Festival. Co-programmed by Tim Grady and Al Milgram, the festival runs April 14 through May 5 at St. Anthony’s Main Theatre in Minneapolis