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things I didn’t know about coaching little league

I could see what little amount of confidence they had instantly drop from their scared stare, as if to say, “Oh, so I have to worry about this now, too. Thanks, Coach. Thanks a lot. Now I have a complex. And I hate you.” It was a very vivid stare.

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The Rear End

Here Comes the Mud

keeping it clean is not what nature intended

“In man’s quest to conquer nature, our culture has developed an unhealthy aversion to the natural messiness of life.”

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Mar. 31, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Charles Davis

“The work Be Bop Jam portrays a typical jazz group of the 1940s when combos of four to six players began to spin off large, orchestral dance bands. ‘Be Bop’ emerged as a style all its own, emphasizing improvisation and allowing for more solo ..."

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters

Reader Letters | Mar. 31, 2011

"But the elephant in the room is all the crappy teachers and how they’ve hurt us and changed our lives. There are the ones that can’t write a note home without a grammatical error ..."

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Athletic Aesthetic

The Bracket Racket

becoming more conflicted about the NCAA tourney brackets

Watching my RA compile updated standings after each round, seeing how my picks were faring against my classmates and friends ... I got hooked.

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Jazz Fest Hits High Notes

UWEC’s high caliber music event returns

The Eau Claire Jazz Festival is celebrating its 44th year, taking over local venues to feature more than 100 live Midwestern bands. Not to mention free interactive clinics and thousands of jazz-loving fans.

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Hip-Hop Group Gets Organized, Rleases Album

The exported Eau Claire hip-hop group Organized Ryme (now in Madison) comprised of Blaze, Lucci, Manny, and Tmo have been at the grind, releasing their debut album Amerika’s Skaryland last month, with another release slated for later this year.

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A Game of Boggle

Frozen Tundra member creates ‘mind boggling’ solo project

Eau Claire’s Mr. Pizzy wanted to make a record that would cause a whirlwind of thoughts, imaginations, and feelings. What he eventually came up with is the Mind Boggle Experiment, a break-off solo project from his group Frozen Tundra.

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Prospector Hits Pay Dirt

former local graces Sports Illustrated video and Louis episode

After years of playing in various bands, Eau Claire native Ryan Hines decided to make the move from Madison to New York City.

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Stephanie Nilles

one part Ella, one dash Waits, seven cups of awesome

On paper, she’s an acclaimed classically trained pianist. At first glance, she’s an adorable little twentysomething. In sound, she’s been compared to Ella Fitzgerald ...

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They Write the Songs

Mabel Tainter draws together area singer-songwriters

The Mabel Tainter Theater is set to hold an amazing evening of music featuring western Wisconsin singers and songwriters, hosted by Tom Martin-Erickson.

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Harvey Hall Overhaul

95-year-old Stout theater gets a deserved remodel

Stout’s headquarters for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Harvey Hall, is also the home to the Harvey Hall Theatre. Over the past fall and winter the theater and surrounding lobby have undergone a $5.6 million renovation.

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Fashion Without Fabric

UW-Stout’s amazing showcase of outlandish outfits returns

There’s a handful of area events that are annual institutions. Things like Decadent Cabaret, OAFA, the ski jump, Taste of Eau Claire, International Fall Fest, and Rocky Horror. Well, I finally made the trek ...

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Your Book is Granted

UWEC staff member publishes grant writing book

Two heads are better than one, as they always say. And this is a sentiment continued in the new book, Collaborative Grantseeking: A Guide to Designing Projects, Leading Partners, and Persuading Sponsors, authored by UWEC professor Jeremy Miner.

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Visual Art

Sparkly Kari Tarr

Menomonie artist scores Martha Stewart show visit

“I’ve always loved glitter, and it was just so gorgeous and sparkly. I always knew I wanted to do something with the glitter, I just didn’t know what that was.” – Artist Kari Tarr

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Documentary Dives into the Power of Plants

Herbalist? Gardener? Medical practitioner? Plant lover? Concerned about human and environmental health? Check out Numen: The Nature of Plants, screening at Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire, and sponsored by Sunbow Farms, on April 17 at 7pm.

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Progressive Film Festival

Eau Claire Progressive Film invades campus

In an effort to raise awareness on current social issues, the Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival, now in its fifth year, and founder Bob Nowlan, UWEC professor, present 30 films covering topics like ...

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Local Look

Out of the Running

uncertain times and looming budget cuts repel UWEC faculty candidates

Uncertain times and looming budget cuts repel UWEC faculty candidates ... “These are the people that we’ve brought to campus ... and they’re turning us down after giving them a job offer.”

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Questioning the Locals | Statue of Adin Randall

get to know your neighbors!

Although providing an outlet for generations of college hijinks may seem to be his primary legacy, the original, non-bronze man’s philanthropic contributions to a budding 19th century Eau Claire helped make the city what it is today.

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Shortcuts | Mar. 31, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Five South Middle School students and six Roosevelt School fifth graders recently won a statewide competition that will send them to a worldwide competition at the University of Maryland.

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Special Sections

"Scrambling" on Christmas Eve

My family was scurrying around, rummaging through dressers and closets trying to find belts/ties/shoes that matched our brown/black/navy socks/pants/skirts. Mom and I were sequestered in separate bathrooms, singeing our foreheads with curling irons.

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With joyful ring. All caroling.

Hidden Treasures organizes carolers to take holiday cheer to the streets around the Valley

If you are looking to share some holiday magic, consider warming others’ hearts in the cold winter weather. For the second year, Hidden Treasures invites you to sing Christmas carols around the Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, or Foster area.

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Hire local singers or musicians

area schools and the university make it easy to book a group for the holidays

Instead of throwing in a totally familiar Andy Williams album at your holiday party this year, consider adding some extra vigor with live (and local) musicians.

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Oh Snap!

last second ideas for your holiday card

Go to Hope Gospel, Savers, or Goodwill and find bad holiday sweaters, turtlenecks, vests and/or large prescription glasses.

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A Buy Local Gift Guide (2010)

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home.

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Local Letters to Santa

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy

You’ll have to forgive us BECAUSE WE ARE A LITTLE ON EDGE. It’s just, you know, when your absolute destruction is coming, but you just don’t know when … THAT GUY HAS FIREWOOD – WAS IT PURCHASED LOCALLY?!?

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What Local Kids Think Santa Does

what area third graders think Santa does at the North Pole each day

“I’ve got to win because Santa has never won, but not this year because I’m going to dominate! You’ve got to be ready for this day or you can die!” – Alex on the Santa's annual snowball fight

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The best one-liners from kids’ letters

kids say the darnedest holiday-related things

Why does he deliver presents? If he has ninja elves the ninja will be quicker than Santa so he must let the ninjas deliver the presents for him and Santa can go to bed and rest. – Johnny, Locust Lane Elementary

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Breaking the Law Never Felt So Fresh

the guerilla gardening movement

Last spring a group in Stevens Point got arrested on a four-acre downtown lot that has sat unused for 15 years. Their crime? Trespassing and trying to build a series of raised garden beds.

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Buying a Home? Read This First.

helpful tips for the first-time home buyer

Buying an existing home or building a new home may be the largest purchase of your life, therefore it should be entered into cautiously – especially for the first-time home buyer.The first step would be to contact a lending institution...

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Moss Graffiti

also illegal, and also green

Dubbed “the next big thing” by Juxtapoz Magazine in January, Moss Graffiti or Green Graffiti is a new movement that is just like it sounds.

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Recession Chic

rethinking your home’s interior in a down economy

Most people might assume that during a recession, an interior designer might feel pretty discouraged. No one is remodeling, restoring or upgrading, right? Not so, says Bonnie Feltz, owner of Department of Interiors in Eau Claire.

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Other Stuff

No Brand Con X

our very own convention of sundry geekery turns ten

Before Milwaukee. Before Madison. Before Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Before any other city in Wisconsin and Minnesota. There was NoBrandCon.Now in its tenth year, NoBrandCon is the longest-running animé-centric convention.

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