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The Rear End

The Night Before Easter

the Easter Bunny and I go way back

I know Easter is still a month away, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about something that happened to me while I was visiting my grandparent’s house one Easter a long time ago. And by “happened” I mean to say ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Mar. 17, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Jesse Johnson

“Something I’ve been thinking lately, about Photography. I love how in portraiture, the camera has the neat ability to express those emotions that couldn’t otherwise be said. Shooting the light of your friends, the people around you, captures ..."

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On Banbury

Banbury Place, the Eau Claire River, and Bateman’s swan

At Banbury Place, the palace of brokenness, I see questions written in the language of squares. There are green squares, brick squares, and boarded up squares of Building G. It is my frayed quilt of building, no longer giving warmth.

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LISTEN: Do It Yourself Daisy

idiosyncratic duo delivers debut garage rock album

The album’s construction hearkens back to the days of vinyl, where sides A and B built up tension before release and resetting again. Each song is distinct from its predecessor, yet startlingly cohesive.

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Syndrome Won't Be Bullied

local hip-hop act gets national attention, promotes school safety

Local rapper Ryan Steinhoff signed with independent record label Tof Sound Records based out of New York about five months ago, and his song, The Untold Story ...

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Eau Claire Uprising

a local effort to promote metal shows and happenings

Is metal in need of a savior? On a global scale I remember reading how Gojira were going to save death metal and Enforcer were going to save traditional heavy metal, even though both styles have been doing just fine.

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The Greenhornes

Cincinnati-based trio of highly credible rockers headed to EC

The Greenhornes are about to enhance the March concert calendar in a big way. On March 28, the Cincinnati-based trio will tally the Valley as one stop on their extensive three-month, 45-show tour promoting their new album “****” ...

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Keeping Your Cool

Lucas K & the Cool Hand Saints funk up the Sheeley House

When you get a look at the instrumental lineup for Lucas K and the Cool Hand Saints, your mind might not automatically jump to awesome funk rock. And that’s understandable, because...

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Chippewa Falls: The Musical

locally produced musical tracks big year of history

Shortly after the Civil War, Chippewa Falls, full of enterprise and interest, became incorporated as a Wisconsin city. And now the Heyde Center is bringing that history to the stage with an entertaining twist in Chippewa Falls 1869: The Musical.

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Dancing Around the Issues

2011’s Danceworks show interprets everyday worries

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” is the theme of UWEC’s popular and celebrated annual production of DanceWorks, an event that every spring involves students from nearly every department come together to perform routines ...

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Visual Art
Local Look

Arts on the Radio

WPR’s Al Ross promotes area art like no other

“I’d like listeners to come to feel as if they are ‘meeting’ and ‘talking with’ the people who are gracious enough to spend some time with us. We simply love to have people eavesdrop on our chats.”

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Visualizing the Budget Debate

during a divisive time, we pause to seek commonalities

Our Facebook page alone totaled more than 15,000 words of comment on the topic. That’s equal to roughly half of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Or 13 times the length of Edgar Allen Poe’s ...

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Shortcuts | Mar. 17, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

We’ll know on March 26 if Stout is destined to repeat as Rube Goldberg champions as they defend their title in the national championship at Purdue University. Last year’s Egyptian-themed machine has been replaced by a southern ...

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Wider Scope

Something In the Air

the glory and tradition of air guitar competitions

“Expect the unexpected, unless I do something you’d totally expect just to fool you.” – Magic Cyclops, air guitar rival to champion Romeo dance Cheetah

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Food / Drink

Tasty Home Invasion

two local chefs will bring the gourmet eats to you

CJ Long has lived in Eau Claire for three years operating Chef 4 A Nite, his primary business stemming from in-home gourmet dinner parties. His specialty is Italian food, and he often surprises customers with his first impression ...

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Spirited Away

local wine lovers become local wine makers

The Red Table Wine is a blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes. Matthew Rick describes the wine as “slightly dry, yet fruit-forward with a hint of peppery spice.”

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Special Sections

The Rocket Slide

nostalgia and history surrounding a long-gone piece of Carson Park equipment

“I used to visit Eau Claire as a child and the rocket was one of my clearest memories. I spent the first year of college in Eau Claire trying to locate it, only to find out it was gone ...”

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History Quest

Chippewa Valley Museum lets kids step into shoes of historical Northern Wisconsinites

In the rush of day-to-day life, how often do our kids think about or appreciate life’s modern conveniences?

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Kids: A Part of the Arts

fostering kids' creativity through the arts is more important than ever

As labor jobs continue to move overseas and the economy continues to scare, experts in economics and education are increasingly saying creativity is our best hope of competing in the global market. “Creativity is one of the last legal ways ...

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Making Visual Art

the reinforcement power of learning through creating art

Whether or not they realize it, people of all ages benefit from art-rich lives. Especially when it comes to learning. Just ask an area art teacher about what a classroom lesson can do for enhancing other subjects. Long-time art teacher Pat Binder ...

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Stepping Into Dance

the communication power of expression through movement

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dance helps children in four specific areas: physical development, emotional maturity, social awareness, and cognitive development. Children involved in dance classes from an ...

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Strike a Chord

the literary power of music lessons

Bruce Hering, the band director at Eau Claire North High School, understands the importance of kids being involved in music at a young age.

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Set the Stage

the communication power of theater

Between the Educational Theatre Association and the American Alliance for Theater and Education, not to mention the loads of research studies out there, there’s some striking proof that involvement in theater builds communication ...

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