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Union Made

Growing up with Schlitz-drinking, Lazy @#$%, Trailer Trash, Redneck Communists

After reading an article online about the hullabaloo in Madison, I made a mistake. I clicked the “Read Comments” button. Armed with the courage of anonymity, hundreds blasted union members, teachers in particular, who they viewed as taxpayer parasite

About the Referendum

ECASD prepares to ask public for $55 million

While debates still rage in Madison over state funding for education and teachers, a similar struggle is being fought here in Eau Claire (and likely will be directly influenced by the hubbub in Madison).

Questioning the Locals | Robert Giede

Get to Know Your Neighbors!

Robert’s roots began in Menomonie via UW-Stout. His interests currently include outdoors activities like hunting and fishing, which have inspired his unique jewelry pieces with Elk Ivory.

Shortcuts | Mar. 3, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

The Eau Claire Police Department recently released the 2010 statistics, with crime instances totaling 2,396 compared to the very low 2,198 in 2009. The upswing may be credited to rises in burglaries (408 compared to 249), thefts (1,446 from 1,403)

Kenzie's Still Climbing With Sophomore Album

Junior songstress Kenzie Joy has penned a whole new CD of originals. Joy, now 14, busted on to the scene last year with her self-titled album and a sweep of coffee shop and outdoor appearances.

Straight Outta Boyceville: Madilyn Bailey

young musician hits it huge on YouTube

“Her career is not a matter of if, but when.” – Music promoter Daniel Blackman on Madilyn Bailey

Rock Fest Announces Next Fest's Headliners

Where can you go this summer to find the best music, the craziest party, and … Sick Puppies? Yes, Rock Fest back at it again with another killer lineup of bands scheduled to play from July 14 through July 17 at the festival grounds in Cadott.

Animated Fans

former locals have run Packers animations site since 1995

Former locals Scott McClean and Norbert Nesvacil – aka BeerScout and BeerKid – are fans of the late World Champion Green Bay Packers (insert excited cheering and applause here). Their website, PackerPalace, proves it.

Ride the Divide

special screening of award-winning biking documentary

On March 8, Ride The Divide, the award-winning feature-length documentary about the world’s toughest mountain bike race, will be screened at the Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls. Ride The Divide made its television premiere in September...

Donkey-Sized Ambition

pizza fans launch frozen food venture from Banbury

Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of a frozen pizza? Most people keep one waiting in the freezer. Well Eau Claire’s frozen pizza selection just got better and more local.

Ralph’s Red Apple Grill

new Chippewa eatery latest to go ‘all local’

So it’s a Saturday night and you need a new place to eat. Ralph’s Red Apple Grill just opened up in Chippewa Falls so you give it a shot. You might walk in and think you see a homey version of an Applebees. But look closer.

Take Part in a Whirlwind of Stage Creativity

Artists draw inspiration from a plethora of experiences and directions. Ideas big and small are filtered through a creative process that can take weeks, months, even years to complete.

Up for Seconds

improv comedy has brought Jacob Shuda to Second City

“I definitely think improv is what I’ll be doing for a very long time.” – Eau Claire native Jacob Shuda, now working with Second City in Chicago

The Next 24 Hours

UWEC Players restart the clock on their 24-Hour Project

There are few, nay, no performances quite like the UWEC Players’ 24 Hour Project. In fact, there isn’t even a word that properly labels the event. If I had the lingual authority to make one up, I’d call it a theatriconcerdancartshowcase.

Bro. Stephen & Co.

Meridene & Adelyn Rose join Indiana-based band

The Grand Little Theatre has always been a fantastic place to see high-quality entertainment. And on March 8, it will not disappoint. Performing is the Bloomington, Indiana-based musical group Bro. Stephen.

Ecstatic Dance

new dance classes span improv, spirituality, and therapy

According to local spiritual healer Jean Kowalski, Ecstatic Dance takes place all over the country and has evolved from various historical cultures, particularly those that embraced Shamanism. She mentions that cave paintings displayed dancers ...

To Root or not To Root

I’m supposed to hate the Packers, but found myself cheering them on

As per the Code Of Fandom, I, as a lifelong solid Vikings fan, cannot openly desire my team’s archrival to win a championship. Rooting for the Packers to “win it all” would be like a Red Sox fan hoping for a Yankees World Series win, an unfathomable

Whining 'Til the Plows Come Home

there is no good alternative to current city snow removal met

There isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room in the field of street-plowing strategy. That said, I think the city should sell all of its snow plow attachments and buy (or build) dump truck-mounted flamethrowers.

On the Cover | March 3, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Laurie Bieze

“We seem to study the history of our world through art and war. Why is it that the overwhelming energies and money are drawn to the destruction of humanity? And, Art, the creation of love, art and communication is basically ignored! The creation ..."

Village of Terror

the Valley hasn’t seen anything this massive for Halloween

Some of the most respected haunted house critics say if you want to truly experience a place, you have to go on the first and last nights.

Haunts of EC Bus Tour

UWEC Players combine scares with improv comedy

If there was one thing Sam Raimi (director of Drag Me To Hell and the Evil Dead series) did well, it was balance.

Spook Houses, Tours, and Trails

The most popular haunted house in western Wisconsin expects to attract about 10,000 people to the town of Roberts, roughly an hour from Eau Claire, for this zombie-infested abode complete with a Kids Zone.

Case 1031: Bridge Street Investigations

join a real paranormal investigation

This Halloween, those fascinated with the paranormal have the opportunity to join a real investigative team, searching for answers behind one of Chippewa Falls’ most notorious supposed haunted locations.

Haunted House 101

tips on creating your own scary experience from others who have done so locally and nationally

To start things off, you’ll need a location. This bit can be tricky. Fortunately, a big venue isn’t always needed – the focus here should be on quality, not quantity.

Haunted Listings

costumes, décor, pumpkins, and more

Enjoy FREE hotdogs and soda if you are sporting a costume. Judging by local celebrities will start at 7:30 with great prizes for the winning child, family, and adult.

Hauntings 2010: An Introduction

I remember my first scary Halloween experience vividly. I was 7 years old, and my best friend invited me to the haunted house ...