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On the Cover | Feb. 17, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Steve Tomashek

“This piece was made specifically for a group show about unicorns.  I carved the figure from two pieces of wood, then staged and photographed it in a setting that I constructed out of wood, paper and paint.  It is an over-the-top idealistic ..."

Reader Letters | Feb. 17, 2011

"Whilst perusing your feature article [Jan. 20] on health and wellness the other day I noticed that you chose not to include information on the social and environmental benefits of eating food rich in animal fats and protein."

My Super Bowl Snack Time

while much of Wisconsin chowed down on cheese doodles, I had a different plan

If I was going to sit down and watch the most important football game since the late nineties, I was going to do it while munching on toasty little horns o’ plenty – plenty of salty goodness, that is.

From Fanboy to Filmmaker

a talk with the man who brought Batman to the silver screen

Mark your Bat-Calendar for March 8, because UWEC is bringing Michael Uslan, the executive producer behind the modern Batman movie franchise (and yes, that list includes both Batman and Robin and The Dark Knight, and no, I don’t know how that works ei

Roster McCabe

local funky favorites to jam at the House of Rock

Let’s get past one thing right now: This Wednesday night business. Wednesday nights do not regularly inspire thoughts like most excellent concert experience or whiskey a-go-go, but both are happening at the House of Rock on March 2.

Hunter Gatherers

BareBones goes primal with dinner party play

The improv ensemble that has been making a ruckus with its comedy shows, BareBones Ensemble Theatre, is once again taking the stage and this time with Ben Richgruber in the director’s seat.

THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret 2011

annual festival of rocking tributes returns to House of Rock

Decadent Cabaret exemplifies itself in three ways. One is that they have the best adjective-noun combinations for describing an event. Just take a second and think about what you expect from a cabaret that is decadent.

UWEC continues ‘Monologues’ tradition

It’s time once again for the annual production of The Vagina Monologues. Every spring the VDAY organization on the UW-Eau Claire campus produces this show to raise awareness about violence against women and donations to help fund local groups and she

The Magic Flute

Mozart classic to debut on UW-Eau Claire stage

“What I love about opera is the collaboration between such a large number of artists from different disciplines who all work together to make one final, exciting product.” – Mitra Sadeghpour, director of UWEC’s production of The Magic Flute

The Hills Are to Be Alive at the Mabel Tainter

Despite the fact that the original Sound of Music first debuted on Broadway half a century ago, it is still herald as one of the most popular musicals of all time, and lucky for us, it’s coming to the Chippewa Valley.

Teddy’s Tube Steaks

this isn’t your ordinary hot dog shop ...

It’s the weekend. You’ve been at the bars, and you’re hungry. Where to go? If you’re gracing Broadway Street in Menomonie, the only logical answer would be Teddy’s Tube Steaks (617 S Broadway).

Kim Chi Café

new eatery offers up a taste of Korea

The Dol-sot bi-bim-bap is served in a hot stone bowl with a half-cooked egg on top. When it arrives at the table, you must stir it in with some flavored sauce and that makes it crackle and snap as the egg continues to cook in the bowl.

More Like ArtsBEST!

annual juried show exhibits best of the Valley and beyond

Never let local talents go unacknowledged (and boy, do we really have it in this area). Now in its 32nd year, the annual ArtsWest juried show at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library is about to be underway again, featuring a wide range of local artists

Urban Critters Focus of Art Exhibit/Concert

In a unique concerto, the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra will team with a different kind of soloist. At the upcoming performance at Grace Lutheran Church on February 26 artist Joe Maurer will exhibit a small series of work featuring urban critters.

Lone Not Alone

local artist relying on comic book community for support

“If you’re thinking about drawing, what I’d say to do is just go to as many conventions as you can and ask them what you can fix. I’ve just been amazed at how many of these guys have got your back.” – burgeoning comic artist Mark Lone

A Taste of Appalachia

the Stoop Singers deal in old time, roots music

There is no doubt the Stoop Singers have found “IT” – the new recording showcases some of the finest fiddling and clawhammer banjo this side of Clinch Mountain.

Local Radio Show Throws Together Indie Showcase

If you’re new to Eau Claire’s indie rock/folk scene, have liked what you’ve heard so far, and are ready to go fully into it, an upcoming showcase is a veritable EC Indie 101.

Electrolyte Empire

Eau Claire rockers release Underfoot EP

“I love my family, I love my kids, but sometimes I need to jam with my friends, sweat, and have a blast playing rock ‘n roll.” – Justin LeMay, drummer for Electrolyte Empire

Volume One's Fresh Factoids

things we learned while making the mag

An estimated 7 million people take a vacation day the Monday after the Super Bowl. Another 1.5 million call in sick.

Shortcuts | Feb. 17, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Not surprisingly, the Eau Claire school board has officially announced that there will be a referendum on the April 5 ballot. A referendum has been rumored since before last fall, but on Feb. 7 the board officially set the date.

What Should EC’s Downtown Streets & Riverfront Look Like?

The Eau Claire Downtown Riverfront District plan being discussed by city officials, Ayres Associates, and interested residents is starting to take shape. So if you haven’t made your own opinion heard, now’s as good a time as any.

Thanks for Asking | Feb. 17, 2011

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

Somebody called me and said he’d read on the internet that the first snowman ever made was made in Eau Claire. Could it be? No, it could not.

Mixed Use Menomonie

downtown revitalization ideas swell in Menomonie

There is a trend, a movement across the land, to revitalize, reclaim, and reconnect to what was once the heart of every community – it’s downtown. Downtowns are rising up.

Walking into Winter

the frosty reflections of a ‘clean’ commuter in the wintertime

There is an outlaw feel to being a winter pedestrian/biker in America. To not drive is to strike out and be different. People are outwardly supportive, but I get the feeling that many wonder why I don’t just get back in my car.

Note from the Editor | Feb. 17, 2011

I continue to be amazed at the Menomonie fashion scene. I know that might sound ridiculous. To put the words “fashion” and “scene” together in reference to any of the communities in our coverage area is probably amusing to anyone in the know.