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Roll Out the Barrel

my Wisconsin upbringing has fostered a tenderness toward polka

All the Wyoming folk left the dance floor, dumbfounded but too polite to laugh. Meanwhile, my entire family of Wisconsinites flooded the space, as if to say "Finally." That’s when I felt nakedly aware of my own culture ...

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The Rear End

What Happened on New Year's Eve?

an adventure in waking up at 2am on the first day of 2011

I had passed out sometime before the clock struck twelve. I’d missed the countdown to midnight. I’d missed the shouting and the whooping and the popping of the corks. I’d missed the kissing of the wife, the toasting of the toasts ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 20, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by Ruth Lundblad

“The Snow View was painted in watercolors with some fun acrylic “snow” added. The bright red of the cardinal always attracts attention in our winter landscape as he views his snowy kingdom. Capturing the light, color and beauty of nature is ... "

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Opening Shots

The Next Seventy-Two Miles

husband-wife duo release sophomore album

“We do not strive to deliberately blend these odd elements in equal form, but occasionally infuse these different sounds ... to offset the balance of the song, in hopes of keeping a ‘fresh’ sound.”

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Willy Porter Comes Back

the Heyde books one the Valley’s favorite folksters

Willy Porter performances have been called “dazzling,” his recordings exhibit a “genre-defying maverick,” and he has been pinned a “master.” He is an accomplished finger-style acoustic ...

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4 on the Floor

we’re taking notice of these Twin Cities blues rockers

Since playing the Ramble Round Pub Crawl last summer, 4onthefloor has started to become a semi-regular player in Eau Claire’s music scene. This four-piece blues-rock outfit from Minneapolis has ...

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The Lumber Baron

original musical production focuses on local history, wood

When she was unable to uncover a mystery on which to base the plot, she deviated from her usual research of the Valley’s past and created an original enigma that will prove challenging for any audience to crack.

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Bottoms Up

historical fiction author has four books, two more on the way

“I’d always wanted to write about history. I decided, way back when, that I wanted to write a book. Around that same time, I was working for a magazine and thought to myself ‘This is all current content. You can’t write about history for a magazine."

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Save Big Money (on Books)

local author increases impact of book through Menards

Local author Bill Callaghan has seen amazing success with his latest book, Raised With Praise … How My Parents Made Me a Happy Soul, and in an unexpected market – Menards.

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Visual Art

Superhero Film Contest

new CTV film contest offers sit-down with Batman big-wig

“In a dark world plagued by the filthy existence of a dark lord trying to conquer all the lands, the unsuspecting hero, Maximus Cypher, feels a strange tingle calling him to duty.” That’s one way to start your entry to the 24 Days of Film contest.

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Local Look

County, I Shrunk the Board

how one man’s petition made us rethink county board sizes

Instead of waiting for a resident to get a petition together, the board supervisors agree a reduction must take place and is deciding for themselves how many seats to cut. The debate is over the magic number ...

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Shortcuts | Jan. 20, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

UW-Eau Claire recently selected a construction company for their massive student center project, and they expect to begin building in late winter.

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Thanks for Asking | Jan. 20, 2011

our local jack-of-all-facts tells you how it is

I’m curious about the road that runs through the east side of the park, Putnam Drive. I once heard a rumor that this trail was originally cleared by soldiers, including a young Jefferson Davis. Is there any truth to that?

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Food / Drink

The Supper Club

a closer look at one of our most iconic cultural institutions

This restaurant-as-destination attitude is one that simultaneously celebrates Wisconsin’s natural beauty (something we love to do whenever we can) and America’s fascination with driving ...

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Special Sections

Pinkies Up

the health benefits of drinking maté tea, as opposed to soda

Raise your hand if you drink soda. OK, put your hands down and consider an alternative – an alternative that may inspire you to raise your pinky in fine fashion – and that can give you ...

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