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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 6, 2011

For the last several years, when it gets to be the end of December and a new year is coming, everything about Volume One – the mental weight of all our projects, events, ideas, successes, and failures – starts to compound substantially in my head.

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Opening Letters

Cold Flashes of Brilliance

how being from Wisconsin means instantly being resourceful in winter

Winter is the most demanding season. We have no choice in the slippery matters as they arise – we must tap our seldom-used skills of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativity.

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The Rear End

2011: A Year in Review

a few highlights from the first year of a whole new decade

As is the case with many decade-openers, 2011 was packed with tons of amazing and quirky happenings in the Chippewa Valley. All I need to say is “Judy Clark and the jetpack demonstration,” am I right? Anyway, here are some of the other highlights!

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 6, 2011

learn about this issue's cover art by John Houseman

“Company is done in gouache (opaque water color). The three figures in the background are anonymous, while the face in the foreground is a friend. The hat he is wearing is my design. I’ll bet it would sell like hotcakes were somebody ... "

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

The Year in Area Sports

the annual Athletic Aesthetic Facebook News Feed Year In Review

To recap the happenings in the local and regional sports world in 2010, I have created a rundown of what such events would have looked like had they been marked by the players’ and teams’ hypothetical Facebook accounts. Come back with me …  

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Classical and Fantastical

UWEC profs release album on national classical label

Two accomplished assistant music professors at UW-Eau Claire are celebrating their release of a CD of piano music with a major classical record label.

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Remembering the Four Teens

an Eau Claire barbershop quartet from yesteryear made it big

With so many talented musicians in the Chippewa Valley now, it’s no surprise that our history would also be filled with a diverse array of musical talent.

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African Acrobats International

big-time Kenyan performance group comes to the Heyde

Members of African Acrobats International hail from Kenya and describe their show as “part Cirque du Soleil, part Harlem Globetrotters.” Based in Las Vegas, the group has performed for Walt Disney Parks, the Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show ...

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Fancy Horse Whisperer

Kristi Schumacher releases first of a trilogy of children’s books

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that beauty lies within. In the newly released The Legend of the Fancy Horse, local author and Eau Claire native Kristi Schumacher gracefully reminds us of those messages.

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West of the Sand Forty

Don Gilbertson’s third book examines family life during tough time

Some of the stories, such as the time his eighth grade classmate drove his father’s ’42 Hudson to school, are funny. Others, such as when he pleased his father by perfectly reciting his confirmation hymn, are moving.

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Visual Art

Candace Hennekens

local artist bridges gap between art and prose

Ten years ago when Candace Hennekens picked up a brush and set of watercolors, she realized she could find an artistic and activist commonality between painting and her first love: writing.

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Local Look

An Engaging Education

new charter school seeks go-ahead from school board

As soon as Jan. 24, the Eau Claire School Board could decide to accept or deny the contract for ENGAGE Charter School. And some officials are saying the future of the school not only hangs in the balance, but also potentially the future of the ...

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Questioning the Locals | Bob Lesniewski

Get to Know Your Neighbors!

Bob Lesniewski has been ingrained in the Chippewa Valley through his 36-year directorship of Special Olympics. He has also officiated basketball and football games for high school and college teams regularly for the past 30 years.

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Volume One's Fresh Factoids

things we learned while making the magazine

One’s “Sad Ales Coordinator” on Facebook, as no one should know we have one of those. Mentioning the Ad Sales Coordinator is OK, though.

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Shortcuts | Jan. 6, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Alright, so it’s not a bed and breakfast or a cultural center, but the city is still considerably pumped that 2 S. Barstow may finally rejoin the tax roll.

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The Bootleggers' Ball

State Theatre to celebrate 85th birthday, organized crime

For the State Theatre, the new year seemed like a good time not only to look forward but to rewind, taking the Eau Claire community back in time to the 20s, where gangsters, flappers, gambling, and prohibition reigned.

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Food / Drink

On Broadway

popular Minnesota pizzeria branches out to Eau Claire

I ordered the Island Pizza – described as “a unique, tropical pizza feast” featuring “premium Canadian bacon, herb-seasoned chicken breast and chunks of pineapple.”

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Kid Culture

Chill Out with Parks & Rec

you might as well enjoy yourself while you’re out

We completely understand your desire to hunker down in your home with a fluffy sweatshirt and hot mug of your wintry drink of choice, but if you’re brave enough to weather the Wisconsin winter, you might as well enjoy yourself while you’re out.

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Special Sections

2011 Reception Location Guide

detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley

A detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley.

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Reception Locations

2011 Reception Location Guide

detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley

A detailed profiles of places available to rent for wedding receptions in the Chippewa Valley.

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