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The Other Eau Claire(s)

our quest to prove we’re the coolest of the Claires

If you’ve ever typed Eau Claire into a search engine, you know that ours isn’t the only one out there. That got us thinking: What makes us unique? Are we even the best Eau Claire?

When Creativity Attacks

future success around the world will be built on imaginative minds

While IQ scores continue to rise an average of 10 points with each passing generation, researchers are finding the opposite is true of creativity scores. They’re going down.

V1 Classic: Who the heck is Bryan?

the man behind the lots of Xmas trees and pumpkins

You’ve noticed his name carefully painted on wooden signs in high traffic areas. You’ve perused his pumpkins on the corner of Menomonie and Clairemont. You’ve ogled his trees on the corner ...

Questioning the Locals | Eleanor Wolf

get to know your neighbors

I farmed for 25 years … milked cows. I raised my family on the farm with my ex-husband, south of Monroe, in Green County. That’s not obscure, but it gave me a great deal of admiration and appreciation for farmers.

Symphonic Celebration

CV Youth Symphony celebrates 30 years

If you keep your ears open around town, you know that the Chippewa Valley has some seriously talented kids.

Locally Made iPhone App Gets a Reboot

Bleep! A bright orange alien head … Cha-ching! with a pickle hat … Quack Quack! in an undersized shirt for a large blue belly … Pling! and space boots for feet … Swoosh!

Holiday Play Roundup

the Chippewa Valley’s dramatic yuletide offerings

Check out the Chippewa Valley’s dramatic yuletide offerings.

Back to the Back Stage

Back Stage Concert Series kicks off second season with S. Carey and Peter Wolf Crier

The Back Stage Concert Series is a collaboration of V1 and The State, and although the name says “back” stage, the concert will be right on the stage; the band, the bar, the audience – all on stage.

Strange Brew

downtown coffee shop books electronica/indie folk lineup

Coffee shops and live music go together like bees and honey, but it’s not every day you walk into a java joint and get an earful of pealing, ambient electronica mingled with indie folk rock. Kids, hang on to your stocking caps ...

George Winston

famed Peanuts pianist brings seasonal flare to State Theatre

Exceptionally talented pianist George Winston is scheduled to perform at the State Theatre for a holiday concert to celebrate seasonal favorite melodies.

My Holiday Wish List

what sports fans like myself hope for this holiday season

I’ll take a 1982 Brewers powder-blue road jersey, a Bucks 1983 Sidney Moncrief home jersey, a Dolphins 1983 aquamarine Dan Marino jersey, and a 1986 Astros “tequila sunrise” jersey.

When Winter Attacks

with the SnoTool XXL, you’ll be more than a match for Old Man Winter

Is winter attacking you from all sides? Does it feel like a giant, evil Frosty the Snowman is cluttering your path with wintery obstacles? Do you feel anxiety, fear, and depression every time it snows? Sometimes, I feel this way, too.

Landlords’ Pet Peeves

a smattering of things that grind area landlords’ gears

“Not getting along, and being petty about what the neighbors are doing. In a duplex, say if they’re running down the hallway too fast … don’t call the landlord.”

What Landlords Look for in a Renter

personal qualities and background info that’s important to landlords

“We hope for people interested in the property as a place to live, not just camp.

Tales From the Rental

local landlords share their odd and horrific tenant stories

"When they were moving out we went to the basement and when we opened the furnace it was filled with empty beer bottles and plastic cups filled with urine."

Deciding What & How to Rent

Deciding between a home or apartment and Deciding between mom-n-pop or rental company

If a fire were to break out or a burglar entered your place, an apartment has the added safety of extra eyes/ears to prevent or stop them.

Renter’s Cheat Sheets

Here are some helpful tips for the serious renter. Cut them out. Laminate them. Place them in silver, heirloom frames and pass them on to the next generation.

On the Cover | Dec. 2, 2010

learn about this issue's cover art by Christine Style

“Mischievous Heart is part of a series of woodcuts that refer to inner stories of the heart. As with other works in this series, a figure is shown opened up and on display, referencing the vintage medical diagrams I collect ..."

Green Businesses

A few of the area businesses doing something to be more environmentally conscious

Geo Metro

an Eau Claire couple gives geothermal energy a whirl