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Strung Out: local violin maker

local man turns passion for violins into full-time gig

About 30 violins hang from the ceiling of Scott Hootman’s workshop and more adorn the walls and lay in cases on the floor of the converted garage. Scraps of wood and paper cover various desks ...

Wisconsin Film Festival Wants Your Celluloid

Calling all filmmakers! The 13th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival (presented by UW-Madison Arts Institute) is now accepting narrative, documentary, experimental, or animated film submissions of any length.

New: The Local Store

Volume One unveils a new retail space – The Local Store

The Local Store is a very natural extension of what Volume One is already doing. Think of it like the pages of our magazine or website manifesting themselves in an actual physical space.

Reader Letters | Nov. 4, 2010

"I might not share The Pickle owner Jed Hart’s sentiments when it comes to the Muslim faith but I applaud him for standing up to the members of the Student Life and Diversity Commission who have apparently appointed themselves the arbiters of ..."

Get by with a Little Help

our community foundations need your involvement

The foundation then identifies current and specific needs in their area, and sends over a check. More money goes to the cause in the long run and the entire community benefits. People are happy. End of story, insert rainbow.

Questioning the Locals | Grant Schultz

questions for people who live in the same place you do

What’s the most obscure job you’ve held locally? "Most obscure job? Not sure. Maybe the giant knife thing."

Hastings Way Design Chosen, Now on to Barstow

A mere matter of days after SEH Engineering announced the preferred alternative for the Hastings Way project, the city council officially kicked off the Barstow Street reconstruction by awarding a $100,000 design contract to Ayres Associates.

Shop Fabulous

fashion boutiques stake claim in downtown EC

In the age of mass-retail department stores and fast-paced consumer culture, an intimate, local, and trendy boutique may be just what today’s fashion-conscious woman is looking for.

Shortcuts | Nov. 4, 2010

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Leah Remini of King of Queens recently spent some quality air-time on the talk show The Talk highlighting personalize-able pans that are made right here in the Chippewa Valley.

Dead Dogs

local quintet mixes blues and jazz (for starters)

They’re nearly impossible to label. They’ve got a name that attracts regular flak. And if you hear them today, you can almost guarantee it’ll be different tomorrow.

World-Famous Trumpeter to Toot at Regis

The Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra is honored to welcome Wayne Bergeron to Regis High School for what’s shaping up to be a thrilling performance involving Memorial, Regis, and North’s big bands as well.

Pop Go the Flowers

local author releases photo book of wildflowers in 3D

The 3D market is exploding. After the success of Avatar, filmmaking in 3D has practically become the norm. So why not books about flowers?

Elk Mound Author Releases Short Stories Collection

Elk Mound author G.R. Revelle has worked to embrace his mother’s Scandinavian and his father’s southern heritage equally, a struggle which formulated his newest book, When Catfish Swim With Lutefisk.

Local Artist: John Houseman

local artist mixes still life, portraits with the surreal

According to John Houseman, some things you just know how to do. And Houseman knows how to depict reality (and the surreal) with gouache – an opaque paint that can be thinned to ...

Abstract Art Fills the Library Gallery's Walls

I would bet most people, without knowing it, will gauge their interest/liking of an abstract piece of art based on the complexity and combination of shapes and the color combinations used therein.

Every Buddy's Bar

new Chippewa Falls tavern wants to be your friend

es Partlo, a Chippewa Falls native, has always dreamed big. Partlo always found himself hoping that someday he, and others like him, could have a place that highlighted music he often felt was overlooked.

New Downtown Bar: Playmakers Bar and Grill

Downtown Eau Claire is about to get a new place to enjoy a game and a cold one. Playmakers Bar and Grill planned to open October 31, with a grand opening on November 5 and 6.

Fanny Hill Creates Casual Dining Menu

A chef that Fanny Hill hired over summer is heading up the famous dinner theater’s new restaurant venture, called Riverview Grill.

Yes, It's Really Jeff Daniels

funny man brings guitar to Chippewa Falls’ Heyde Center

Well, what some may not realize is that actor Jeff Daniels (of Dumb and Dumber and The Squid and the Whale fame) is also a musician and the Chippewa Valley has the golden opportunity to ...

Underneath the Lintel

Saved by the Bell actor returns to EC for one-man show

Whether you know him as Mr. Dewey on Saved by the Bell or from his appearances on dozens of other TV shows (including Monk, West Wing, ER, Married With Children, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and movies such as Catch Me if You Can and The Curious Case o

Night of Gluttony

The Art Cartel organizes another outside-the-box event

The upcoming Night of Gluttony really has little to do with food. It’s more like gorging yourself on creativity.

The Woodturners Guild

local group prepares for its annual extravaganza of wood

The 2nd Annual Wisconsin Woodturners Expo will be held November 13 and 14 at the 29 Pines Conference center in Eau Claire.

Sports Hero for a Day

every year at a celebrity softball game, I get my big shot

I’m the one who dropped simple pop flies during Little League tryouts in ’88. I’m the one who whiffed an easy kick during a soccer game in high school gym class. Yep, I’m that kid who got picked last.

Big Thanks

five things I’m happy we have

I’ll just say it: we’re on the verge of canceling Thanksgiving. So before it’s too late, I’d like to give thanks for some of my favorite local stuff. First up: Giant inflatable lawn ornaments.

Freedom of Expression

new dance class encourages youths to improvise and create dance movements naturally

It’s a chilly Monday afternoon as six children leap, spin, and crawl across a sun-drenched studio room, freely swaying their arms, thumping their feet, and slinking their bodies to fluttering music.

The Rocket Slide

nostalgia and history surrounding a long-gone piece of Carson Park equipment

“I used to visit Eau Claire as a child and the rocket was one of my clearest memories. I spent the first year of college in Eau Claire trying to locate it, only to find out it was gone ...”

History Quest

Chippewa Valley Museum lets kids step into shoes of historical Northern Wisconsinites

In the rush of day-to-day life, how often do our kids think about or appreciate life’s modern conveniences?