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Talk Derby to Me

the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls stake their claim as our area's first roller derby league

Jessi was responding to a blog post on that noted how the similar-sized community of La Crosse has two established roller derby teams (plus regional ones in Minneapolis and Madison), so why not Eau Claire?

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Opening Letters

Scare Tactics

there’s nothing quite like building a haunted mine shaft

Most of us were pretty average kids with access to resources, the willingness to ask for financial help, and many unstructured afternoons on our hands.

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The Rear End

School's in Session

the kid is off to school and my anxiety is off the charts

What if they have a total breakdown and start screaming? What if they have a total breakdown and start crying? What if they have a total breakdown and start pelting their classmates with bottles of tempera paint?

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Right on Target

I finally got to visit the sporty magnificience that is Target Field

Earlier this year I traipsed around the stadium a few times, but this was the first journey past the gates. The nerves built as the ticket scanner prepared to check my ticket. I stepped across the threshold and into the stadium – I was in my new baseball

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Wrapped in Glass

local hard rock band sounds mainstream

Have you ever heard a song and gone, “Wait a minute, I know this?” And I mean instantly. You know this song, and what band it belongs to is on the tip of your brain … but you can’t place it. That’s every song on Wrapped In Glass’s 12-song LP Left in the C

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Gordon Lightfoot

folk mega-star croons his way to Eau Claire

Over the years, the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center has brought the Chippewa Valley some of the best local and national touring performances this area has ever had the privilege to see.

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Brandi Carlile

State Theatre draws acclaimed singer/songwriter

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile will make her debut in Eau Claire as part of a national concert tour in celebration of the success of her career and most recent album, Give Up The Ghost.

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Family Stays Afloat

Fanny Hill fishes for warm fuzzies with On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond, the touching comedy about marriage, family dynamics, and the lasting power of love is currently running at Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre.

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Visual Art

In-Residence Artist Making Sculpture for UWEC

nternationally renowned environmental installation artist Roy Staab has come to Eau Claire. As an artist-in-residence at the university, Staab has chosen a project that will draw attention to the natural beauty of the Chippewa River as it runs through the

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A Remake Worth Seeing

the Olsons have big plans for local movie houses

Excitement has been running high for area cineastes ever since news broke a few weeks ago that Gene Grengs would be selling his three Eau Claire theaters to Mike and Connie Olson of Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls.

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Menomonie theater to re-open

Downtown’s State Cinema 4 coming back in November

State Cinema 4 in downtown Menomonie is still undergoing interior work, but Manager Dana Neil said she wants to open by November. After being closed for more than a year, they are painting and will be getting new carpet and seats within the next months.

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Local Look

Seeking Clearer Waters

students take pollution action on The Chip

While the intent of the university’s service learning requirements and First Year Experience classes is to get students out in the community, it is ultimately up to them to take the first step. This class, however, forces that step.

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Glimpse | A Museum for the Birds

The historical Clark Bird Museum, located inside Phillips Science Hall at UW-Eau Claire, is set to re-open soon, following renovations. Once advertising posters are completed, a scheduled reception will be announced, likely to occur this month.

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Shortcuts | Oct. 7, 2010

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

Menomonie local and recent UW-Stout graduate Tricia Thompson is going to Australia. For a week. With Oprah.

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Food / Drink

The Fire House

downtown Eau Claire bar takes on new life

“We’re trying to get a beer from every craft brewery in the state, and I think we’re getting close.” – Becky Glass, co-owner of The Fire House, which has 28 craft beers on tap

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Kid Culture

Playing Around Town

local mom takes son on tour of Eau Claire’s neighborhood parks

“Overall, we found the neighborhood parks to be clean, well-maintained, and underutilized. They are truly hidden gems in our town.”

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Skating By

Eau Claire plans several skateparks around the city

The skatepark idea really “got rolling” in October of 2006, when the city council and the Waterways & Parks Commission voted to start fundraising for a facility near Lakeshore Elementary.

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It Takes a (Scary) Village

Renaissance fairgrounds become Halloween-packed village

re you ready for 30 acres of fright? Cause the Village of Terror is just the scare you’re looking for.

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Special Sections

Shadow of a Doubt

local hunting product may sound weird, but it’s picking up momentum

There’s no shortage of infomercial gimmicks for hunting apparel and products nowadays. With their clever names and hilarious advertisements, they suck you in for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Make Like an Outdoorsman and Leave No Trace

tips to minimize your impact in the bush

Leave No Trace is not just for outdoor hippie extremists. The national and international program educates outdoors-lovers about the impact they have on nature as well as provides tips on how to prevent and/or minimize such impacts.

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There and Back Again

a four-day biking trip from Menomonie to Bayfield

It happens every mid-August; panic sets in. I realize that summer is almost over, three-fourths of the home projects are not even started, the garden is overflowing with veggies that need canning, and there’s a ton of yard work to be done.

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