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Ill-Fitting In

firmly stuck between recently ended college life and ... Eau Claire

I’ve outgrown campus, but apparently haven’t grown into the real Eau Claire either. ... I’m wondering if it has enough to offer a young, contemporary lady such as myself.

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The Rear End

This Percussive Life

passing a love of sweet drum solos on to my children

My living room is home to a growing collection of lilliputian musical instruments, from a little tambourine to a tiny triangle to a wee pair of cymbals. Seriously, I have maracas coming out my djembe over here.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Sweet Smell of Success

I’ve finally gotten a whiff of victory – thanks, Express

We – Eau Claire – had won it all, right in front of me. Meanwhile, the crowd clapped along to the first song played after the final out: Dancing On The Ceiling? I’m sure even Lionel Richie would be surprised by that choice.

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LISTEN: Something Like Blood

Meridene’s second LP is the best stuff they’ve done

“The one thing I was surprised about was how proud I am of the record. I really do wear it like a badge of honor.” – Meridene frontman Trevor Ives

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Kaptivating Condemnation

hard rockers Kaptivating Kate release debut LP

Say what you want about Kaptivating Kate, a band that has made it very clear since their start in 2008 that they play to a very specific audience.

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John Prine

State Theatre scores major show with folk superstar

Dylan called his songs “Midwestern mind trips to the Nth degree.” His lyrics have been covered by Johnny Cash, George Straight, and 10,000 Maniacs.

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Montreal metalheads on tap for big House of Rock show

When DRI takes the stage, we have a tantalizing wayside stop in the shape of Montreal’s Blackguard.

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Back to Mack

the crazy-voiced comic from northern Wisconsin returns

The northern Wisconsin native will bring her unique musical talents and her skewed observational humor to the stage of the Heyde Center.

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Visual Art

The Vision and the Word

local collaboration between art and creative writing returns

Since their conception of The Vision and the Word, every three or four years several area artists and poets develop artistic relationships where they talk, share, and create works through a union of their expressive media.

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Local Look

At the Center of It All

UWs Stout and Eau Claire to expand student centers

The $19 million renovated student center will adjoin the new $43 million science building – Jarvis Hall – to create a “central hub” on Stout’s campus.

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Wider Scope

A Hero in All of Us

international group the Real Life SuperHeroes

One glance at Rascón Córdova – overweight, middle-aged, and by all means slower than a speeding bullet – and it’s clear that, by traditional standards, he’s far from super.

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Special Sections

A Change Will Do Us Good

the city-approved plan to better the streets for bikes, pedestrians

Invite a bunch of bikers to advise the city council and you’re going to see some lasting results.

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Bikes Don't Grow on Trees

cyclists put them there because there aren’t enough bike racks

Local businesses have the ability to appease a whole bunch of irritated bicyclists, increase their traffic, and even save trees with one simple act: adding a bike rack.

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Hastings Changings

It’s time to reclaim some of the concrete previously used for cars and dedicate it to creating an environment friendlier to multiple modes of transportation.

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Radical Idea: No Park

progressive utilization of rarely inhabited fire hydrant spaces

As the population grows and automobiles continue to be a primary mode of transportation, we are forced to come up with more inventive solutions for our green spaces as well as more nuanced approaches to reducing the impact.

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What Does It Take to Make These Changes?

a blunt conversation with a city official

“We have to be much more open-minded instead of automatically saying ‘You can’t do that.' You can do it; it just takes more work and it’s different.” -Public Works Director Brian Amundson

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Driving How We Get Around

these are the people shaping the transportation landscape. you got a problem, talk to them.

While you may think calling a public figure to give them your two cents on infrastructure issues will do absolutely no good, you’re dead wrong (at least on the local level).

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Pedestrian Mall Madness

the benefits of widening sidewalks or creating pedestrian plazas

(Cities) have experienced a 50 percent increase in visitor traffic since the designation of pedestrian areas. Sales, too, increased – by 25 to 40 percent – in stores whose owners initially opposed the change.

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The Car As a Guest

the proposal for a “woonerf” on Thorp Drive

“The concept is to create a common public space – not a road. … The environment needs to change the motorist’s behavior.” - Public Works Director Brian Amundson

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Rules of the Road

a recap of the laws for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians

There's confusion among cyclists and motorists as to what their place on the road is. We're here to clear things up.

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Taking It to the Streets

the progressive start and controversial end of local Critical Mass bike rides

“Riding a bicycle down a public roadway should not be considered suicide, and as long as it is I think there is a place for Critical Mass in Eau Claire and elsewhere.” -Jeremy Gragert, participant in Eau Claire Critical Mass

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"I've Never Seen That. I Hate It."

instant reactions to the “new” are often misguided

Do you remember when roundabouts were first introduced in Eau Claire a few years back? People were up in arms about these freaky European solutions to problem intersections.

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Success Story #2

how a street obstruction trained drivers to see pedestrians on Water Street

If you’ve ever tried crossing the street at the intersection of Water Street and Fourth Avenue, it can feel a bit like Frogger.

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Get This Show on the Road

the nation is starting to join the worldwide trend to increase investment in friendly streets

“This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.” -Ray LaHood, DOT secretary

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Where the Money Comes From

a quick list of some funding options

The City of Eau Claire has an annual budget for capital improvement projects and street maintenance, but a roadway vision above and beyond the norm may require additional funding streams.

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Other Stuff

Roll Out the Oktoberfest

Germaniacs flock to Chippewa Falls festival for 8th year

It all began with a royal wedding: Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Theresa of Sachsen-Hildburghausen were married in Munich in October of 1810.

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