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Pickle Fest

Boyceville’s annual vegetable fest to celebrate the town’s 150th birthday

Locals look forward to the small town fellowship of it, with former residents returning to visit old friends and parade emcees cracking jokes about the locals in the crowd and on floats.

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Editor's Notes
Opening Letters

(Sun)Burnt Out

you Wisconsinites tire me out with your make-hay-while-the-sun-shines approach to summer

Every weekend has an activity, from family outings to any number of weddings, and if there isn’t anything planned, someone will surely fix that with a trip to a friend’s cabin or a spontaneous gathering – no one can fathom just sitting inside watching mov

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The Rear End

Fighting for the Right to Be Right

even as a young lad, I knew beyond all reason how right I am

Unfortunately, I seem to lack the ability to realize how wrong I am until I’ve spent considerable effort explaining how mind-bogglingly not wrong I am.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Are Minnesota Teams Cursed?

Minnesota sports teams continue to blow it ... I almost envy Wisconsin fans. Almost.

However, when the end result of a season is always a loss, or a place finish below first, you come to expect such endings. In a way, this is more realism than fatalism, since the reality for fans of these teams is always failure, to one degree or anothe

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Decade of Dungeon

Eau Claire Mecca of basement punk turns ten

If you’ve been there, you know. The cut-and-paste Xerox posters. The spray painted sign at “the gate.” The police tape on the stairway. The skulls.

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Growing Solo

Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey releases solo album on Jagjaguwar

He fused jazz’s improv with the traditional structure of chorus and verse, and mixed that with the rhythmic pulse of classical percussion minimalism. ... Rather than seeming disjointed, each song sounds like a mad experiment gone awfully right.

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WHYS Bluegrass Festival

annual fundraiser pushes local twang levels into stratosphere

Bluegrass fans in the Valley still have a chance to hear some great music this summer at the 3rd Annual WHYS Bluegrass Festival at Lake Altoona County Park.

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EasyChair Reunion

former Eau Claire mega-favorite to reprise songs of yore

After a four-year hiatus, the über-likeable Eau Claire-based rock-and-blues outfit EasyChair is paying tribute to their past with a one-night reunion show.

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Visual Art

Once Abarn a Time

local couple produces functional art from reclaimed wood

“Sometimes you just look at a scrap and think, ‘Wow, that would make a great table.’ So you build one. We just try and work with what we’ve got.”

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Confluence of Art

juried show at The State has art from around Wisconsin

“Different situations and different places produce different art. We are looking to bring in new ideas for people that they may not usually get to view.”

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Married to the Project

Eight Foot Squid now shooting romantic comedy

“They have this drunken scheme that they want to get married. But they don’t have their own wedding; they try to infiltrate somebody else’s wedding by jumping onstage just as they’re saying ‘I do.’ ”

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Local Look

Gone but Not Forgotten

university removes living Kent State memorial, plans sculpture to replace it

On May 4, 1970, gunfire echoed across the grassy knolls of Kent State University in one of the most infamous massacres in the country ...

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Food / Drink

Summer Snow

local business and weather anomaly taste delish

It is now August, and summer is quickly coming to a close. If you are scrambling to finish a summer to-do list, you must make time for a snowball.

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Big Daddy’s Barbeque

Wissota meat market sets up shack for carnivores

Basically, it’s a simple, Wisconsin roots-driven idea that is done deliciously and is affordable besides.

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Special Sections

A Trip Down the Chip

a five-day adventure with camping, fishing, canoeing, and biking (a fictionalized account)

What follows is something I’ve come to call the MANLY TRIP Log, a diary of my epic outdoor Chippewa journey.

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Other Stuff

The Prairie Enthusiasts

volunteer-run group nurtures fire-dependent ecosystems

Less than 250 years ago, elk and bison roamed the Chippewa Valley where, according to Bill Hogseth, they had more than 7 million acres of prairie and oak savanna to call home. Since settlement, those ecosystems have dwindled to less than 10,000 acres.

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