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A Tale of Lost Lunch

a shining moment for my wife in an otherwise not-so-shiny situation

As our daughter shrieked on, I noticed that much of the table was slathered in a weird goo. “That’s odd,” I thought.

The Swampers Return

annual show from Chippewa’s most famous topical band


I’ve dealt with some really weird local people on Craigslist

Then there was the guy who bought one of my board games. The game was $10 and he gave me a $5 tip. For “delivery.” Which I think translates to, “I really like those knee-high boots you’re wearing.”


unfinished Dickens novel a choose-your-own stage adventure

According to The Dickens Fellowship, only half of Dickens’ final work, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, had been published in monthly installments at the time of his death. The unknown ending to this murder mystery has tortured Dickens’ enthusiasts ever since.

Geo Metro

an Eau Claire couple gives geothermal energy a whirl

Green Businesses

A few of the area businesses doing something to be more environmentally conscious

Ultimate Man

local Frisbee-er helps U.S. win world title

During their march to victory, Pat and the CLX played against teams from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada (the finale).

It's All Coming Back

local boomeranger helps U.S. win world title

Eau Claire resident and boomerang thrower extraordinaire Dan Johnson recently returned from Rome, where he competed in the World Boomerang Championship.

Everything or Nothing

student filmmakers shoot full-length thriller in EC

"It’s about a girl who starts getting these creepy letters. She follows their directions and finds a box in the woods. After that, she gets more letters and develops an obsession over finding out what’s inside."

Birthday Hot Spots

four unique venues for your kid's next birthday party

These places in the Chippewa Valley offer kids today the joy of a custom-made birthday no matter what their style.

Chalkfest Profile: Tyler Moen

Chalkfest returns in August with previous award-winner

“I might have an inkling of what I’m going to do, but I don’t grid it out, and then recreate it. I just draw. I feel it out as I go, and just tweak it as needed.” – Tyler Moen’s artistic process for his creations at Chalkfest

Sculpture Exhibition Explores Female Viewpoint

Susan Sveda-Uncapher creates a small exhibition where a woman’s view of relationships is emphasized through conceptual sculptures offering open-interpretation.

What Lies Beneath

local writer inserts moral lesson into “adult fairytale”

For what is perceived by most as inappropriate subject matter, Finisterre seems to take erotica to a higher intellectual level, introducing a lyrical tale of open-mindedness.


local metal act releases four-track rampage

Eau Claire’s Defenestrator has released a four-track, 12-minute lightning strike to your soft parts.

The Barn

Clear Lake barn offers country retreat and recording studio in one

“When I get here, it has to sound as good as it does anywhere else. It’s not, ‘it sounds pretty good for in a barn.’ I’ll play it for anybody.” - producer Chris Mara

Longtime Local Musicians Create Duo Project

The Morris Garage Band is an acoustic project that features cover tunes by the Moody Blues, Neil Young, Jethro Tull, Jim Croce, and James Taylor as well as various hits from the 80s and 90s.

Police Reports | July 29, 2010

lessons we learned from local police reports

Scheels sells an item called a “Power Bracelet.” Unfortunately, these supposedly magical bracelets do not bestow the power to avoid arrest.

Shortcuts | July 29, 2010

Throw your Menards glove-encased hands up and celebrate, Chippewa Valley!

Glimpse | Moose Among EC's Migrant Retail Species

Colorado-based deli franchise to open w/ local owners in Phoenix Park

“If you build it,” residental renters will immediately move in, but risky initial costs amid a scary economy will make commercial investors drag their feet. Eventually, though, “they will come.”

Rumblings | Local PFLAG chapter?

LGBT Community Center considers reopening local PFLAG chapter

PFLAG is a national organization which, among other things, seeks to provide knowledge and support to those who have questions about LGBT issues.

The Castle Playground

how a neighborhood made something massive happen

Beside the fact that Menomonie’s River Heights Elementary playground is the most unique and arguably “the best” in the Valley, it’s also an example of community building and grassroots movements at their very best.

Reader Letters | July 29, 2010

It has recently come to my attention that there has been some significant talk by city officials to eliminate the fountain in Wilson Park.

Antiques Geek

a new-found affection for antiques is justified through “green-ness”

I really should be into something tough and manly, like hunting or woodworking or back-alley bare-fisted bar brawling. But I’m not. I’m into antiques.