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FEATURE: Kubbtown, USA

how kubb, a Nordic lawn game, swept Eau Claire and made us a national hotspot

“I have big plans for Eau Claire,” said Eric Anderson, coordinator of the U.S. National Kubb Championship in Boyd Park on July 17.

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When Am I Local?

at what point do you embrace university students as one of your own?

How can you complain that students often leave the community upon their graduation... if you never let them feel they’re a part of the community in the first place? The truth is, students are everywhere in this town.

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The Rear End

Unrolling Summer

everything I know about summer in Wisconsin I learned from laying sod

Within the scientific community, it’s generally believed that nature designed gnats to drive me insane.

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Of Air Shows and Heartache

mixed emotions roaring across the sky of the Chippewa Valley Air Show

For the last few days, however, my peaceful neighborhood has “enjoyed” the thunderous spectacle of the Navy’s Blue Angels.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Color Commentary

debating the strengths and weaknesses of our local logos and uniforms

You admire the classic look of the Oakland Raiders and Penn State, and you cringe at the Yankees’ pinstripes because of the dominance they symbolize. See? The aesthetics of athletics DOES matter to you.

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EverGreen Grass Band

bluegrass band breaks from the norm on debut disc

It is always reason to celebrate when a favorite band releases their first CD. Bluegrass and string band fans in the Valley will find much to enjoy on the new CD from EverGreen Grass Band.

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'Grass on the Chippewa

first ever festival brings seven bands to Durand

This is the first year for Grass on the Chippewa, an event that is looking to follow in the footsteps of the already well-known Blues on the Chippewa (which takes place in August).

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Letters From Earth

local space rockers unleash original blend of music

Letters From Earth is, even as the band admits, hard to describe.

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Jeweled Visions

Stout professor releases 15th poetry book

“I want my writing to be a fresh impression that’s immediate and alive in the moment.” – Menomonie poet Robert Schuler

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Visual Art

Rocking from Stage to Screen

Decadent Cabaret documentary chronicles 31 years of rock

Thirty-one years ago, staff and students from the university’s art department planned a unique concert. It was one band, one night, and they called it Decadent Cabaret.

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Local Look

Blinded by the Light Poles

streetlight debate pits utility against character

“Either we’re gonna do it all, or not. It’s decision time.” – City Council Vice President Dave Duax

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Special Sections

Where the Rabbits Roam

pets trim up and provide fertilizer for lawn

Most homeowners do everything they can to keep rabbits off their lawn, not to mention their gardens. Remember Mr. McGregor?

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