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Growing Pains

convincing myself to garden, and other lessons in regret

I made the mistake of Googling gardening. Not one person said raising a garden would be easy. In fact, most gardeners seemed to take pride in saying just how hard raising a garden was going to be.

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The Rear End

Topping It Off

will my search for a bike helmet take me to Awesome Town or Dorkville?

While the depth of my expertise in personal grooming is indeed quite deep, headwear is my one weakness. The Kryptonite to my Superman ... the raging pimple to my senior class prom attendee.

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Opening Shots

A Calm Panic

as if foster parenting isn’t challenging enough ...

My own experiences had not been in vain – they had given me the tools to help get this child through a tough time.

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folk group prepares to lead the next generation of the local music scene

If there’s one trend that we can pull from these crops of local and semi-local musicians and make it more than a passing fad, I hope it’s the sense of community that all of these bands instill ...

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Unwind Gets Hot with Chill

I was surprised when I put in the new DJ Unwind EP Far From Here and heard “chill” music coming out of my speakers instead of bass and beats and raps about a poorly knit sweater.

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Show Before the Show

Sounds Like Summer Concert Series adds openers

Following five years of sweeping success, the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series will be bringing you 20 more minutes of music each Thursday evening.

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A Benefit with the Blues

‘Magic Deb’ benefit concert taps titans of local blues

When it comes to blues in our area, one name always comes to mind; one name stands out; one name is synonymous with the blues genre: Luedtke.

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Seventy-Two Miles CD Release

married couple comprises new folksy duo

Seventy-Two Miles is an emerging husband and wife duo from our beautiful Eau Claire producing succulent airy sounds of the joys of romanticism, with a little pain behind the music.

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A Grimm Show

Eau Claire Children’s Theatre stages classic fairy tales

The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre aims to compile five Grimm tales into one conglomerate play.

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Visual Art

Sweeter than Wine

local man using OAFA to break into art community

“My biggest supplier is Savers. It’s just the best place to look for art supplies.” – Artist David Kristufek

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Local Look

The Impossible Building

a place where great ideas seemingly go to die

“Whoever ends up taking it, is taking a huge risk. … I understand the city’s hands are tied, but they’ve got to take on some of that risk as well.” – Nate Vernon

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Kid Culture

Nature Valley Grand Prix

Menomonie hosts stop on huge, two-day bike ride

History will be made on June 20th in Menomonie, as a nationally-sponsored, highly-anticipated annual bike race enters the borders of Wisconsin for the very first time.

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Eau Claire Triathlon

first-ever local endurance event may become an annual happening

On June 13, Eau Claire will host its first sprint distance triathlon. This new event, aptly titled Eau Claire Triathlon.

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